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Tuesday, December 7 2010

Sharks, The Mossad and The Scotsman Make for Sexy Headlines

UPDATE 1:55 pm: See HonestReporting UK's response to the Scotsman:

Egyptian Shark Attack: Jews Not Jaws?

* * *

Newspapers are always treating wire articles as pulp content. It's accepted practice for editors to trim down stories and change headlines because of space limitations.

But once in awhile, I compare the original story with what was printed in a local paper, and wonder, Why did someone edit like this?

Case in point: Reuters, The Scotsman, and a deadly Red Sea shark attack.

Here we have an otherwise ordinary Reuters dispatch by Mohamed Zaki.


Now see what The Scotsman did:


Mentioning Mossad along with sharks makes for a pretty sexy headline, but why does The Scotsman give unwarranted credibility to one official's anti-Semitic allegation with a headline like that?



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What wallies the Jocks are if they believe this piffle in their august organ The Scotsman (never knowingly undersold when it comes to anti-Israel/Semitic content and comment). What next? The Loch Ness Monster kidnapped by Mossad? Or deep-fried Mars Bars - the nation's national dish after offal wrapped in a sheep's bladder - revealed as part of an international Jewish conspiracy to kill the Scots with cholesterol? And once again, shame on Reuters for even putting out a story so utterly inane, it defies credibility.

What's under his kilt?

Amazing the things Arabs get away with, because they know they have the world and stupid media like the Scotsman on their side. They can say anything, and because they lack any kind of imagination, they must resort to ridiculous lies. All they have to do is whine or complain about Israel, and the world is at their doorstep to pat them on the back. Sickening...and to have such nonsense promoted by half-wit journalists is disgustingly perverse!!

This is so absurd a story that it calls into question the sanity or, at least, the education of the writer and editors at Reuters for carrying it. Sharks are notoriously difficult to transport, much less to train to attack humans.

The sharks are not named so it is difficult to know what type of attacks were sustained much less the severity of the attacks. The ridiculousness of this story only reflects the bias or worse of the author and the news service.

That stupid Jock forgot to mention the Mossad-run academy for the training of sharks. Prior to being dumped off Sharm-el-Sheikh the sharks were deliberately starved for a week then permitted to smell human blood, taken from Muslim babies. These charges are very serious, so how could that kilted clot overlook such damning evidence?

Fie on you, Macgregor.

Nat the Shark Worshiper

WE must not forget that when the Tzunarmi hit and caused deaths and destruction, the haters said that Mossad planted an atomic bomb under the sea, so that it would cause the tzunarmi.

And of course, no Muslim would do what was done on 9/11. It waas mossad.

What a bunmch of wankers to write such rubbish and yet people believe these stories.

I wonder what journalists are paid to write "hate Israel, hate Jews" stories .

Being a journalist today, must be very lucrative.
The bigger the lie, the more they must be paid.

Maybe the Scotsman was offered lots of whisky so they got real drunk and wrote unimaginable rubbish.

wait till they see the killer bunnies!

People are stupid and need to look into all the facts so they are not taken in by more important stuff.

I am amazed at how naive The Scotsman newspaper can be. It is obvious that the real reason for the shark attacks was that a shipload of haggis was dumped into the waters off Sharm el Sheik. I am even more amazed that the sharks fell for such tripe.

I am a Scot and I cringe at the Scotsman comments.Like the rest of the UK, Scotland is open season for anti Israeli propoganda, and the media in the UK propogate plenty of it.I am very much pro Israel and do not believe anything the media write or broadcast against Israel, as I KNOW in my heart it is media garbage

Forget the killer bunnies. That wildman leader in Iran had his security men out hunting and actually capturing squirrels, because they were zionist spies.
I don't think it could get any weirder than that.

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