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Wednesday, December 29 2010

No Time For Israel: An In-Depth Analysis

When Time magazine published its September cover story, "Why Israel Doesn't Care About Peace," we were stunned by the article's fundamental misrepresentation of Israeli attitudes. We wondered whether that article was a one-time failure of objectivity or if it represented a prevalent bias in Time’s reporting on Israel.

So HonestReporting reviewed Time’s reporting on Israel over an entire year November 2009 – November 2010. Click the image below to see the long-term study.




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I'm surprised at your surprise at finding TIME magazine to have the attitude it does towards Israel. This is nothing new, it has been this way for a long,long TIME.
I don't believe NEWSWEEK is much better.

I wouldn't give this publication the time of day!

I had been a subscriber to Time for close on 40 years even though I knew of the editors being biased against Israel. After reading the article about Israel not caring about peace, I wrote a letter to the editor cancelling my subscription and giving my reasons for doing so.
All I got in reply was a terse letter saying that my subscription was being cancelled, without any comment as to why.

I'm impressed with the extent of the report. I'm sure glad I haven't wasted any time reading Time in the past 50 years. Rich

Time cares only about selling magazines, and while the stereotype is that Jews have the money, we are only 10 million against 1.5 billion Muslims. Of course, the stereotype is that Jews are smarter than most, which can be the reason why we shouldn't be reading their rag.

I can say with confidence that none of my friends buy time magazine so I was unaware of the anti semitic articles,we have known for a long time it is antisemitic ,also if time had desecrated an islamic symbol the way it did the star of david suicide bombs would have been outside its premises.

As my subscription to Time recently expired, I did not renew and just sent Time the following in the return envelope:

I am 63 years old. I have been a reader or subscriber to Time magazine since the 1960 when my parents first subscribed. To the best of my recollection, the first issue I ever read was the American Scientist being Time’s person of the year for 1960. I have always looked forward to receiving and reading the magazine cover to cover each week.

Nevertheless, I am not renewing my subscription. This is entirely because of your September, 2010 Cover Story and image concerning Israel, which I found to be misleading, self contradictory, inaccurate, unrepresentative and guilty of anti-Semitic stereotyping. Indeed, your regular coverage of the Arab-Israel conflict is routinely factually and historically inaccurate and biased in the extreme. One of the few advantages to being my age is having lived through many of the facts that you report inaccurately. Time is certainly entitled to its editorial biases, but not to its distortions, omissions and errors of fact.

I will miss reading Time, but cannot in conscience renew my subscription. Accordingly, I cancelled on line a few days ago. I also asked my doctor not to have time in his waiting room as I was greeted yesterday at his office by a copy of the offensive September issue.

While the media is certainly biased, much of it appears to me to be simple laziness. It is just so much easier to say "1967 Borders" for example than to explain that the 1948 armistice lines were never intended to be permanent. It is just so much easier to say "settlements" than to explain the 3500 year presence of Jews in the land. It is just so much quicker to say "illegal" or "Palestinian Land" than to actually recount the legal underpinnings or historical lack of any Palestinian nation, Land or People. Then, simple and easy becomes "Truth".

I also stop buying the Time magazine, a bias, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and racist articles supported or sponsored by this magazine. Only the smart one will boycott it.

Denial of the Holocaust!

This report is terrific, thorough and nicely laid out, and completely supports my own long-standing gut reaction. We unsubscribed a couple of years ago when we saw the bias was unending.

Will this be available as a .pdf or reprint, as well? I’m sure many of us would like to pass it on to friends. However, if/when you do, please consider give it another going over to polish its professional image even further. A spell checker is not enough to catch such errors as homonyms. Some examples that jump to this veteran editor’s eye: Ratzon is “bizarre,” not “bazaar;” and “the economy in the West Bank is improving … DUE to” the work of the PA; and “Is this photo essay reporting the news OR serving as propaganda for the Palestinians” (also needs a question mark there).

These are just nitpicks in a really well done piece. Thank you!

What TIME "reports" concerning Israel are nothing but their biased opinions = lies.

What TIME "reports" concerning Obummer are nothing but their biased opinions = lies.

What TIME "reports" on other issues, I suspect is their biased opinions = lies. I don't buy it and never will. The sooner TIME is eliminated as a news source, the better.

Who cares about Time? it doesn't serve any purpose,
not even in a bathroom!

I do not understand why this Time "report" deserves mentioning. TIME is just constantly, never failing anti Israel, spreading absolute lies, half truths and propaganda anti Israel. And this has been going on for at least 40 years. Much longer ago we subscribed to TIME but stopped when we could not stand it any more. NEWSWEEK is even worse but we are not talking about that now.
How often can one be surprised about one and the same issue? TIME does not speak the truth about Israel, it just wants to write popular rubbish. Once upon a TIME it was a good magazine. If it goes on like this it will write itself out of existence. Readers will understand that a magazine not telling the truth about one issue (Israel) cannot be trusted on anything else either.

Great job!!!!! You guys are the best! Your ability to break down this dispicable magazine into unemotional statisics is truly breathtaking. Please remember to ask me for money next year!

Given that Israel has "given back" the Sinai and Gaza I hardly think that they don't want peace. What have the so-called palestinians given up for peace. Now I know why I stopped buying Time.

Irrationally antisemitic sums up this report!
Everything is twisted to get people`s sympathy for the arab view which is nauseatingly deception and lies!

The mass media of the West (including ex-Christians) are corrupted by their fundamental core antisemitism, just like the Muslims. They are lazy and refuse to do their homework! The Muslim mass media are not worth talking about!
Curiously enough, Asians and Indians (> 50% of world population) have no problems with Jews. Is that peculiar and not a reflection on the Whites and the Muslims?

I am outraged by the utter lies and liable attitude towards Israel in this article. To be comptely honest I would never spend a dime on a times publication again and I am thinking about using the article for toilet paper as were it belongs. THE END

Time magazine has been a source of anti-Israel dishonest rhetoric for a long time. I cut them out years ago.


In high school, some 50+ years ago, our history teacher used to tell us that Time's politics were as Red as its cover. Things haven't changed much since then, it seems, with the far left.

It is very difficult for me to try and understand why a so called "renowned and respected" publishing enterprise, the Time-Life Corporation, would allow such misrepresentation and anti-Israel bias to be put on the printed pages of Time Magazine.

I am 82 years old. I've been a subscriber to Time magazine all of my adult life. I've always known they were anti-Israel. After the September,2010 issue I cancelled my subscription and told them in a letter I knew they were anti-Israel , but now I know they're also anti-Semitic.

It appears that Time moves in a Medieval mentality of Islamic oriented blood-letting. Ironically, there are even more archaic annals lying about that profess principles of longevity of purpose instead of blood curdling commands to clobber their neighbors. The Hebrew Scriptures suggest to one and all that not only Israel CAN WIN but that Israel WILL WIN because of the unique origins of its destiny. Time to do some homework, Time.

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