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Wednesday, December 22 2010

Dishonest Reporter Award 2010

It's our annual recognition of the most skewed and biased 2010 coverage of the Mideast conflict.

HonestReporting readers showed they have a long memory of the year's coverage of Israel. Who did they choose? See Dishonest Reporter Award 2010.



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Very good summary! HR,you are doing an admirable work. Go on!

You Tube worked overtime on this. There was a video called WE CONNED THE WORLD that reached over 3 million viewers. As soon as it it hit 3 million, they pulled it. I am enclosing a new link:
The video starts 3:09 mins to the video. Enjoy and good choices.

Another year of some shameful journalism added to so many others that have lost the core value of what journalism is all about i.e. Truth, Objectivity and Insight. Amidst an insane world and until journalism takes its part of global reform I thank you Honest Reporting for your 2010 Dishonest Reporting Award. Please keep going!

My friends- and I do think of you as friends- please get some editing on your articles! I tried to peruse the Dishonest Reporter of 2010 and simply couldn't get to the meat of it- WHO got the award. Shorter and sweeter, please!

Time magazine definitely deserved your Dishonest Reporter award. Well done, HR.

Those who unilaterally demonize israel while giving a complete 'pass' to palestinian/arab/muslim misdeeds are even more guilty of 'anti-arab racism' than of 'anti-semitism'.

Why? Because they treat arabs like idiot-children, endlessly unaccountable for self pertpetuated suffering.

This is indeed an insidious from of "racism- by- patronizing".

Keep up the good work in holding such "bliss-ninny" journalism's feet to the fire

I agree with the Ari Dale comment above.

Time Magazine definitely deserved the Dishonest Reporter Award, but you buried the lead.

UNHRC Report on Mavi Marmara incident

We await publication of the Israeli and Ban Ki-moon investigations

Love your work....thank you....when are you going to re-take on the NY Times....Friedman,Cohen, Kristoff and others have become spokespersons for the


I was a Time subscriber for over 20 years and never wrote to them except after seeing that front cover.

They coounted my letter as part of the 1,000 negative letters they got on that front cover.

Whilst the BBC eased its anti-Israeli bias a little- They still have my vote -
I still await the publication of the Malcom Balen report- commissioned by them purely on the grounds of their anti-Israel reporting methods.

Most dishonest award? Should go to this website for it's spin on people who are telling the truth. Keep poisoning the well, fellas.


Time can neither report nor count accurately.

"Bronner's Zionist rag"

Surely you jest. Bronner's paper is, of course, the New York Times; and it may be a rag, but it's quite the opposite of being Zionist. The Gray Lady is infamous for its one-sided unfavorable coverage of Israel and its consistent whitewashing of the Palestinian terrorists.

Perhaps you should read the NYT more often and see for yourself -- or, alternatively, become a regular reader of, which covers the Times's anti-Israel bias frequently.

Dick Weltz
SysOp, CompuServe Jewish Forum

Thanks for including Paul McGeobbels' achievement of a Walkley and a Dishonest Reporting Award in Australia. Word is that he won the first by default in the absence of any nominations other than by his bosses who sponsor the award but he sure deserved the latter "honour".

Thanks from Down Under.

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