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Tuesday, November 30 2010

Wikileaks-Israel Roundup

Dos2 Here's a roundup of some revelations, thoughts and fallout on Wikileaks and Israel. I'll post more as people sort through the mountains of info.

Before Operation Cast Lead, Israel asked the PA and Egypt to assume administrative control of Gaza after the conflict. Both refused, and the PA already denies having any advance knowledge of war plans.

• The US independently assesses that Turkish PM Erdogan really does hate Israel:

"Our discussions with contacts both inside and outside of the Turkish government. . . tend to confirm Levy's thesis that Erdogan simply hates Israel," the cable said.

• The leaks are "devastating" to the Walt/Mearsheimer netroots claims that Israeli neocons goading for war with Iran. Meanwhile, Fisk's being Fisk again.

• Not surprisingly, the Arab  media plays down revelations that their own leaders' support for an attack on Iran:

Many of the same Arab governments that called for an investigation into U.S. war crimes based on the WikiLeaks Iraq war log continue to ignore revelations in the latest trove of leaked documents that show Arab leaders pushed the United States to use military force against Iran . . .

Most mentions of the WikiLeaks documents in official Arabic news outlets were scrubbed of any reference to the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, focusing instead on U.S. attempts to control the damage to its diplomatic relations.

UPDATE 2:05 p.m.: I just posted Part 2 of this ongoing roundup.



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