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Friday, August 6 2010

Dead Photojournalist Waiting To Happen

Imagine you're a soldier facing sniper fire from across the border. In the heat of combat, you see someone with equipment that is either a gun or a camera. You have only moments to determine if the figure is hostile, and make life and death decisions.

Despite all that, imagine the outrage if Karamallah Daher -- the Reuters photographer who snapped this picture -- had been shot.

An Israeli soldier takes position at the Lebanese-Israeli border during a tree-pruning mission near Adaisseh village, southern Lebanon, August 4, 2010. The Israeli army moved a crane back into a tense frontier zone with Lebanon on Wednesday to complete the tree-pruning mission that led to the deadliest violence along the border since a 2006 war. REUTERS/Karamallah Daher

What do you suppose was going through this soldier's mind as he looked at Daher through those binoculars?

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Well done. I get it and am having serious doubts about reuters.

Of course it was planned. The IDF told UNIFIL about the brush clearing. UNIFIL told the Lebanese army as they should have. The Lebanese army took this as an opportunity to show that they are on the side of Hitzbollah which they are. They called reporters and photographers to record their bravery killing an IDF officer supervising the brush clearing by their sniper trained by the US. Maybe we will know if the slug is American or not soon. In short Obama has Israeli blood on his hands. The whole thing stinks to high heaven particularly since the state department's Crowley sees the situation as OK with no particular problem. I do not expect anything different from the US state department. They have always been Arabists to the core. November is coming and I will vote any Obama supporter out.

Not only has the media & Obama always targeted anything conservative, this pairing has cripled the economy & now toys with the fragile relationship of one of our closest allies, for over 50 years. The importance of a close, stable relationship with Israel, is grossly under-valued. That relationship, if it survies, will prove to be of paramount importance in the future to everything good, democratic, free and American.

Reuters was bought by a group of Arabs several years ago.

I dislike bias issued in the name of objective neutrality and professional representation of news.

If Reuters does not speak "for" the public they cannot be trusted to speak to the "Public". I will avoid them and discount their reportage.

I don't want news that is merely prejudical views.

So that's it with Reutere.

They were bought by a group of Arabs several years ago.

Not surprising - their twisted journalism and disinformation

MAybe the Israeli soldiers should do what US marines are taught kill them all and let st peter sort them out

Reuters news gathering leaves much to be desired. With computers and digital technology, anything can be massaged to portray what one wants. So the image can be altered in the name of news gathering and journalism. Alter the facts, then watch the reaction.
As was indicated by another commentator, Arabs bought Reuters, how coincidental!

Why do the captions under the photographs only mention the dead and injured Lebanese, and not the dead and injured Israelis?
Why do they say that the two armies "exchanged gunfire," what about the sniper who started it all?

My message to Israel and the israelites is " be strong you are not alone".

Some of us residing afar from Israel have through honest reporting been able to grasp the other side of the shilling are not going to stand aside and look as the Arab world and their cohorts attacks you. We will stand by you. Just keep the faith and stay blest.

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