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Wednesday, July 15 2009

Unanswered Questions


Breaking the Silence released a booklet of anonymous soldiers' testimonies about the Gaza war. Unfortunately it raises more questions than answers.

• What do the people at Breaking the Silence really expect me to make of their booklet of allegations?

• How am I supposed to trust a report based entirely on anonymous testimony?

• Given the vague details in the incidents described -- no names, units, or locations are identified, nor are any incidents put in a perspective of a date -- how are IDF investigators, journalists or human rights activists to look into these claims?

• Why is so much testimony based on hearsay and word-of-mouth?

• Did the Breaking the Silence make any effort to independently verify the stories themselves before going public with such explosive allegations?

• Why haven't these allegations already come up in numerous investigations already undertaken by the army, media, and non-governmental organizations? • Just why should I believe that these 30 soldiers represent the entire IDF?

• Is there any reason to believe Breaking the Silence has its own agenda?

• Did the EU and Britain -- two of the organization's donors -- fund this new booklet?

• Hasn't the media learned from Dani Zamir and the soldiers' testimonies that sparked a wildfire of hysterical coverage in March?

• Why didn't Zamir's reaction to the controversy get equal billing to the sensational headlines?

• Did Breaking the Silence's uncorroborated allegations deserve a double-page center spread like in today's print edition of The Independent?

• And why did The Independent see fit to post on it's web site the full copy of Breaking the Silence's booklet?

• How do we explain today's British media's fixation, while the US media (except for McClatchy News) completely skipped the story or used wire coverage?

• Did certain papers rush the story because it fits a pre-conceived storyline of Israeli brutality?



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"How am I supposed to trust a report based entirely on anonymous testimony?"

It's entirely consistant to the reports coming from the Gazans themselves. Why would these israeli soldiers lie in any case?

All of a sudden people believe what was and is happening in Gaza to the Palestinian people because a few Jewish or Israeli soldiers say so. This outrage has been happening a long time, indeed since the European Jews came to Palestine in the 40's. The palestinian people have been reporting the truth of Israeli evil since then. I am ashamed of israel especially since they consider themselves "Gods People". They could never be that because Gods people live up to that name in their everyday actions.

The IDF committed great atrocities in Gaza. It's catching up to them now.

charles chester: you are so misinformed that I don't know where to start. All I can say is that your terminology (especially the word "evil" and "Gods people") places you on the antisemitic side.

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