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Tuesday, June 17 2008

Idiot's Guide To Navigating BBC Complaints

Maze_3We've heard from quite a few readers in recent days that the BBC Complaints website is difficult to navigate and not the most user-friendly process. Unfortunately, the Beeb discontinued direct e-mails sometime ago.

Nonetheless, here are a few simple steps to navigating your way through the BBC Complaints process:

1. Go to the BBC Complaints site - - and select "Make a complaint", located on the left of the screen.

2. Select the "make a complaint" option and click Next and then select the type of BBC content you wish to complain about (TV, radio or website). Click Next.

3. Depending on the type of content, enter either the web address or the name and date of transmission. (Articles on the BBC's web site include the date.) Enter your feedback, remembering to be courteous and ask for a reply. Click Next.

4. Fill in your personal details. Contrary to popular misconception, you do not have to be a UK resident to make a complaint. Simply fill in your name, e-mail address and country of residence and click Next.

5. You will then be given the option of reviewing your complaint before submitting it to the BBC.

Click here for more information on how the BBC reviews its complaints. While it may be slightly more complicated than a simple e-mail, please make that extra effort to hold the BBC to account. Coverage of the Mideast is only one area where the publicly-funded BBC has been held up to scrutiny; we cannot afford to relinquish the pressure.



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I am born of Jewish parents, raised as a Jew, raised to respect life, and defend truth and honesty. After the kind of reporting of the recent conflict in Gaza, I am ashamed of the totally biased nature of the BBC's reporting, and that of so many other reporters. As a Rabbi friend of mine said, anti-Semitism is alive and well.

I just visited site and do understand that at least UK media regulated by OFCOM” licenses. Why don’t we start to concentrate on the ofcom BBC investigation enforcement by filing joint complaint?

In my common sense understanding OFCOM is a public or government entity of the UK and if they are corrupted by any means then our next step will be dealing with UK government.

I do not read the BBC. Having read the comments above I will not ever read the BBC. Why should I? Prejudised reporting is dishonest and unworthy of dispassionate human beings. The country of Winston Churchill is dishonered by this verbal manipulation. If you want the world to acknowledge you as a basstian of freedom as you were in the past this must stop.

My blood runs cold when I read and hear BBC"s biased reports regarding Israel. It is obvious to me that Jews who defend themselves and ask only to live in peace with their neighbors, are anathema to the BBC reporters.
No doubt histrionics makes more exciting news and livelier photo-ops; Arab mothers screaming, children crying! Whereas, stoicism in the face of constant terror; our children bombarded daily by rockets; our homes, buses, restaurants, malls, the target of bloodthirsty killers, is boring. After all, who cares if a few Jews are slaughtered? Obviously not the BBC and its vicious anti-Semitic journalists.


BBC should change its name in MBC "muslim broadcasting corporation" but I'm afraid it will be soon the entire nation to live in the Islamic Kingdom .I'm sad and angry.
May Great Britain!

The one-sided reporting by the BBC in relation to events in Israel and Gaza is unnacceptable.

Why does the BBC refuse to publish the report on biased reporting / if there is nothing to hide let the report be seen.

Re your comments & illustrations on your blog of the 23rd March regarding Jeremy Bowen's & the BBC's continuous acts of distortions & propaganda.
Let's get this straight, Bowen is not an investigative journalist, he is nothing better than a propagandist for whatever the Arab world decides to do to Israel. His opening remarks on the eve of Israel's counter attack upon Gaza was to pour scorn on Israel's response by telling his viewers that Israel was replying to "rather crude rocket fire". That was it; no historic background as to the 6500 indiscriminately fired rockets into Israel on a multi-rocket fire per day, for something like 5 years. That's okay in his & the BBC's book, it was only Israelis living in terror. Doesn't count.
But nevertheless, this was a continuous war crime which Bowen chose to ignore. I wonder why?

unbalanced to say the least

inaccurate to say the most

I watch BBC news on television every evening and within minutes the disparaging of Israel commences.
There is never a day without their negative reporting.

Why? is every body so shocked at the BBC bias! take a look at the Staff!! It resembles the PLO,and all it's affiliates,retired and those about to! We should Redirect our efforts to the Recipients, of the BBC's Twisted,distorted reporting of History! for thats what they are doing! So lets show the World,on a Large,Well 0rganized scale,how BBC,Distorts,Make the comparisons,Show the Habitualy,uncooberrated stories that BBC,puts out!! N.Fisher,Vancouver,Canada.

As a former press photographer /journalist in SE England, I'd love to go to Gaza!
The problem though would be the age old one of editorial control.
What I saw and reported was so often not what was published.
This may be happening to BBC journos?
What comes around goes around?

The BBC has already lost much of it's famous credibility, it just does not seem to know yet.
The time was when the BBC was THE reliable source of info.
Long Gone.
Given the current style of reporting the unsubstanciated (the excuse is we must others will) the time will come when the BBC formally THE champion of truth and accuracy will be widely regarded by new generations as just another news media source.
I salute the BBC that was and am saddened by the BBC that is.

it is all so disappointing that the bbc reports the middle east conflict with such simplistic bias...a constant condemnation of easy to much more challenging to address the real issues of radical,thuggish political movements..the bbc is sadly not upto the job..

Shame shame shame !

I lived in the Middle East since London devided Mandated Palestine that they took from the Turks after WW I,
They gave 4/5 of Palestine to The Beduin Sheik Abdulla, gave him a title "Emir" and created a "White Book" restricting the Jews in tiny Eretz Yisrael and did not allow Jewish Refugees to enter but sent them to Cyprus ! When they themselves were attacked they used Arabs as Shields
ahead of the train to Jerusalem !

Even now, when Fanatic Moslims bomb their subway train they have not learned a thing !

I feel that the British attitude towards Jerusalem being Israeli is hypocritical as long as Northern Ireland and Gibraltar are in British Hands! If you really think Jerusalem should be Arab, then apply the same logic "to your own established pocessions"! My comment and feelings are the same as David Rabinovitch in 3 july 2008. No changes in hypocritical bbc (in minuscles).

Nothing new about the BBc. It is anti-semitic and always has ben as has been Britain. The Balfour doctrine was given to Britain as a mandate for the Jews to have "Palestine" as their homeland but Perfidous Albion tore away the whole Eastern part and goave it to a desert tribe from Saudi Arabia whose rulers today forbid Jews from owning land their -ven if bought and owned by Jews. Never was a Palestinian people and after Israeldeclared a state all of a sudden there was now a Palestinian people - just grew like topsy. Nothing we write or say will change the mind of the BBC so let's forget them , pray for G-d to punish them and goon with our lives by saying - all of Israel is ours, G-d promised it to us and we will inherit it while all the other nations will disappear like - Egypt of Pharoh's time, Assyria, Babylon, Greece ancient times, Rome ancient times - where are all these great empires today? and where are we?

I am afraid the BBC have executed a great job in vilifying both Israel and America-
Whatever the people of the UK read they are bound to watch and listen to the BBC.
They have a ringed fenced tax exclusive to themselves in the form of a licence costing £146 per household with a TV (excluding those over 75)With near 70 million people at say an average of 5 per household that comes to a lot of GBPs
So they dominate the news. Just like Pravda in the old USSR- only not so much.
Now considering employment ads to work for the BBC only appear in the Guardian newspaper and considering that the Guardian is anti-Israeli and anti-American then work it out for your selves.

Shame on you - B.B.C.

I used to like and respect BBC , but not any more.
M.B. Australia

The BBC has learned nothing from past history.I wonder if the governing body of this legendary country is aware of its evil broadcasting entity and if it endorses the unabashed lies that its news reporter, reports and the station deems fit to endorse.So, who is to blame?
a.The reporter?
b. BBC?
c.the British people?
d.the government?
e.all ofthe above?

How sad to know that uninformed and uneducated people are now hired to report news via a vehicle that once was a prestigious news program. How terribly sad to see the demise of accurate fact finding reporting. How sad for BBC.

I notice that the British troops in Afganistan use air strikes against terrorists whilst the use of airsrikes by Iasrael to deal with terrosists are made by - ISRAELI WAR PLANES - Of course this is correct since you don't drop bombs from a kite! howeever the use of the ter ISRAELI WAR PLANES is a slanted and biased term which suggests uncalledfor agression . When you start using the term for the BRITISH WAR PLANES or AMERICAN WAR PLANES I will then accept that this is not biased reportage

aaron cohen Jerusalem

Biased B)Broadcasting (B)Corporation
Corporation (C) and anti-semitic news as well. Re-read your mandate - honest reporting?. Shame on you!

I have seen video of Moslems marching in London streets screeming obsenities and the 'Bobbies' doing nothing to stop the mob. The UK is buckling under the radical wing of Islam instead of standing up to this terror group much in the manner of the Australian response to Moslems.
Adapt to our ways or leave England, that is the proper response to terrorists. Turn the other cheek does not work with killers. BBC reporting of violence in Gaza is influenced by Moslem threats to get those who do not slant their reports
in favor of Palestinians. What a bunch of pussies in the UK. You will wake up one day without a country! Start learing to speak Arabic!

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