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Tuesday, June 17 2008

Idiot's Guide To Navigating BBC Complaints

Maze_3We've heard from quite a few readers in recent days that the BBC Complaints website is difficult to navigate and not the most user-friendly process. Unfortunately, the Beeb discontinued direct e-mails sometime ago.

Nonetheless, here are a few simple steps to navigating your way through the BBC Complaints process:

1. Go to the BBC Complaints site - - and select "Make a complaint", located on the left of the screen.

2. Select the "make a complaint" option and click Next and then select the type of BBC content you wish to complain about (TV, radio or website). Click Next.

3. Depending on the type of content, enter either the web address or the name and date of transmission. (Articles on the BBC's web site include the date.) Enter your feedback, remembering to be courteous and ask for a reply. Click Next.

4. Fill in your personal details. Contrary to popular misconception, you do not have to be a UK resident to make a complaint. Simply fill in your name, e-mail address and country of residence and click Next.

5. You will then be given the option of reviewing your complaint before submitting it to the BBC.

Click here for more information on how the BBC reviews its complaints. While it may be slightly more complicated than a simple e-mail, please make that extra effort to hold the BBC to account. Coverage of the Mideast is only one area where the publicly-funded BBC has been held up to scrutiny; we cannot afford to relinquish the pressure.



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I feel that the British attitude towards Jerusalem being Israeli is hypocritical as long as Northern Ireland and Gibraltar are in British Hands! If you really think Jerusalem should be Arab, then apply the same logic "to your own established pocessions"!

Your bias is unjustified. A company of your stature should really know better.

You probably don't know that the Koran acknowledges that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews. The prophet Muhammed said, "The Jews are living in the land that God gave to them, and which He has blessed." (Koran,Sura 17:1). The Palestinian Muslim's claim that Jews are occupiers is simply false.

is britain muslim,,if it so,,GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.

It would appear that the lions of Britain are toothless old hags who are in the bag for the Islamic fundamentalism that has swept their nation.
Time and time again, the BBC gets it so wrong as to be mind boggling.

Dear Sirs,

Having lived in the Jerusalem Suburb of Gilo for 23 years now, this is by no means the first complaint that we have made to the BBC about insisting on calling it a 'settlement'.

Before moving to Israel in 1985 we were residents of the beautiful Warwickshire town of Royal Leamington Spa. We mention this because unlike the picture conjured up by the word 'settlement', many similarities exist between Gilo and Leamington. Firstly the population of both is approximately 40,000, secondly both have wide tree-lined roads, beautiful parks and shopping centres. A British journalist who visited our house some years ago described herself as being in shock when she arrived in Gilo as she said she had expected a few half-built houses, caravans and dirt roads, not the beautiful suburb of our capital city that it is. When we asked her from where she had got that image she replied, "The BBC always refer to it as a settlement"

There is no doubt in our minds that this is deliberate, by describing the recent stabbing to death by a Palestinian terrorist of an 86 year old man as taking place in the 'settlement of Gilo' we have not the slightest doubt that you did so in a deliberate attempt to trivialise the incident by leading the public to imagine the area to be an illegal outpost (incidentally as you also know perfectly well Gilo is built on land that was legally purchased by a consortium of Israeli businessmen in 1948) and so diminishing the impact on your listeners,of the hideous crime that it was.

The link you provide for how the BBC handles complaints is invalid. It has changed. The correct link is:

The BBC is so biased, but they keep on doing stories against Israel. Unbelievable!

You people that with close eyes and supporting terrorism are salves of money and you are against human rights.
just compare the world with few years back and see how much right we lost because of these damed terrorist .
from traveling around in plane or train or even a bus and even living in your own neighborhood. you have to wait a long lines and go through so much hassle to show you are descent human being and not a terrorist.
these people you are supporting they changed the world for worth they have killed so many innocent people because of their crazy ideology and you are sleeping.
one day you will wake up which would be too late

Perhaps Britain shouldn't be reminded that they are in occupation of Northern Ireland, (according to those that oppose Britain itself, but not the British themselves) but instead be given an example they can relate to without guilt. After all, it isn't logical to slap a man's face, then ask him to agree with you.

Thus, I believe we should bombard the BBC with the questions, "What should Britain itself DO if say, some residents of the Isle of White should take up arms against Britain? How should the British people react to being randomly bombarded and indiscriminately murdered by several hundred explosive missiles launched from non-military locations within the "civilian" communities of this Channel island?" Follow this with asking, "How would you want the British government to go about disarming and pacifying the Isle of White, when its entire population supports the armed struggle that a minority are very actively engaged in? What do you expect Britain to do about protecting your children from continual mindless murder raining from the skies, while your government goes about this pacification?"

Now, ask the same question of the French and Spanish media, while using the example of murderous missiles flying into French or Spanish towns from Andorra or Monaco.

This should remind them of how they managed to survive WW2, and the murderous air raids over civilian targets that all combatant nations engaged in.

Seeking their advice while reminding them of their own intimate history, (thus forcing the Europeans and their media to give real consideration to the truth of the issues involved) is a far more effective approach than reproaching them for not agreeing with your own conclusions.

Perhaps a fearfully logical argument presented in the form of personal experience is the only effective way to reach the heart of a person that wants to live in denial to reality.

It is quite infuriating to hear consistently that the Palistinians are in 'grave need, and humanitarian crisis abounds'. Most people are quite unaware that vast millions of aid money have been handed to them, but instead of using the funds for structuring a worthwhile society they squander it on arms to "wipe out Israel". Can you tell when the Nazi machine stopped its activities to allow humanitarian aid to reach people, as Israel has?
Do people know that the Israel doctors have done countless operations to save Palastinian children, and when their parents have stayed in the hospital with them they have been astounded at the kind treatment they have benefited from ?
Come on BBC let's have some TRUTH - please!

The geezer near the top whom commented that britain has become a toothless old hag has summed it up perfectly. we have a spineless bunch of wimps in control of our once great nation, they have socially engineered this country throughout their term in office making it into a nation of tree hugging celebrity worshippers whom have no idea what is going on around them. Oh if only the people of England would awake before its too late.

It's not that the BBC is biased. It's worse than that. Until a story has been verified, it isn't a fact. Until it's a fact, it's not printable. That's what journalists used to do, determine fact and then print it. Now they offer a charge and a denial and there! It's up to you, the reader, based on his feelings, decides fact. But the reader is nowhere near the story, incapable of determining facticity.

So it's a fundamental perversion of journalistic principle.

We have lost our freedom worldwide since the islamic terror has started. But that is not enough, we are misinformed from the media and if a person like me who had no idea about politics would not have searched enough, I could have ended up as a Israel-hater. So there is something wrong and it has to be changed. Media channels should be carefully watched and reporters too! They should all be listed on a site or even on the specific news channel, with their past, background, religion, interests, activities and so on.
And THAT should be shown on every news channel before we listen to these one-sided reports. If one applies for a job, he has to write a CV. Why not the reporters? But they should be obliged to do that for US readers!

I think that it's important to stress that all the journalists are based in Jerusalem and as such the information used in ALL of the reports is based on the information from IDF and / or Palestinian withnesses. as a result one has to be very careful before condeming Israel for anything (am I the only one who still remembers 500 dead in Jenin?)

please make sure that it's stressed where the information is coming from, so we will have more clear picture.

thank you

Your comments on Israel are bias and I as a Jewish American will do all I can to no longer support your country if you continue. To use quotes from Palestinians in Gaza to describe actions of Israel at war leaves you no credibility.

Biased B)Broadcasting (B)Corporation
Corporation (C) and anti-semitic news as well. Re-read your mandate - honest reporting?. Shame on you!

The great England deserve what is happening with her. The spineless behaviour of the goverment, and the fear of telling the truth makes the country despicable.

BBC was a source of hope and truth for people opressed and killed in WWarII
Now shame on you -you became an antisemitic propaganda machine!!
Comparing Israel with Ruanda is that fair reporting???

I am concerned that the BBC continues to report inconsistently and in biased fashion over the Israel Palestine situation. I am equally also distressed by the (excessive) killing of innocent civilians in Gaza during this operation but I find that words like "massacred" are being bandied about too early. The final death toll (like all things Hamas) is unreliable and a significant number of those killed were actually terrorists aiming to maim and kill as many people as possible themselves. I am surprised you have not referenced the Corriere Della Sera report that these numbers were inflated and that the people involved were fighters. I do stress that Israel should act more responsibly avoiding flexing its military muscle so significantly but I think they (the Israeli people) would feel less hounded if there was a sense that the western media and Western people would notice Hamas' dirty tactics and condemn them fully for their non stop cowardly bombing of Israeli towns and cities. Since Israel pulled out of Lebanon and Gaza in 2005 there is really no excuse for this and it solely results in making conditions tougher for the population. (I.e. Stop the bombings and you will be able to live much more freely.) The problem being that Israel has acted as a government and is therefore held accountable and Hamas is acting like a terrorist organisation despite claiming to be a government. It would also be worthwhile to condemn Hamas for their practice of using human shields and thus showing a blatant disregard for the Palestinian population who in my opinion are innocent and caught in the middle of all this. To conclude, by all means condemn Israel for being too rough and using excessive force but look at the other side of the coin and condemn Hamas for its campaign (not just over 24 days but constantly over 8 years) and their use of their own population for protection.

Why is it that the BBC is obseesed with its hatred of Israel and I guess Jews in general. Is it so influenced by its controlling muslim colleagues or there is a hidden agreement with amnesty international another organisation whose chief is a moslem. UK is getting closer to an Islamist state when it happens you chaps will know what censorship is all about

I was DELIGHTED to find so many people are fed up and infuriated by BBC's onesided, short sighted, biased reporting. The accounts are sloppy, drip biased treacle and do neither the BBC nor the British Government any good.

To the International media at large
You'll use anything to target Israel with your smut.
From almost all western media we are informed that the IDF disallows ambulances to go through to where they are needed, they are more than often laden with hamas troops, and the UN paper tiger allows them to do it, you report on aid being disallowed to entre Gaza, the IDF must fight hamas to keep their hands off the "loot" and sell it to Gaza people.
You have not reported how the Gaza people hate hamas, you have not reported that hamas is taliban’s little brother, one and the same!!
People of Gaza are terrified of hamas and will report to you all the IDF atrocities in the presence of hamas, many of those you interview are hamas troops in disguise, those sweet-innocent faces of “fathers” teach their own children that a bomb is of greater worth than them.
You should hang your heads down in shame and embarrassment, the world is looking to you with disgust at you and that for which you stand; lies.
Maybe if a rocket is thrown into your office or home continually and loose a child, a wife, a house here and there; you'll sympathise with Israel.
Yaakov Ariel

Jew-haters ! Look up at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself time and again, why do I hate the jews ? Well, I'm affraid your alltimate conclusion is : its in my blood !! No logic what-so-ever. Just remember one thing : the dark middle ages era is OVER, and Israel in now FOREVER ! Now its your choice : Paradise or hell!!

bbc has always been biased about Israel. When are you going to stop that and work like an honest Journalist?

I wonder who are financing BBC to show all those true misery in the Gaza stip but not one word of the thousands of missile attackes on Israel for several years.Oh, I gues that is no news!!

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