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Wednesday, May 14 2008

Special Report: Exposed - Anti-Israeli Subversion on Wikipedia

HonestReporting exposes anti-Israel activists manipulating the online encyclopedia. Read more at HonestReporting's latest Special Report: Exposed - Anti-Israeli Subversion on Wikipedia



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Dr. Obler is right on with his comments about Wikipedia. I too have been blacklisted for making corrections to anti-Israel bias - the trouble is that I cannot find out who, or why, I was blacklisted.

this makes me sick. between what is happening on Wikipedia, Google, Google Earth, Youtube and Facebook, it is extremely clear that there is a cyber jihad in which Jewish Leadership MUST wake up to as we are FAR behind the times. I praise Dr. Oboler for his diligent work (as always) as well as Honest Reporting for covering this important issue. Please continue to keep up the good job of keeping people informed on all the various problems throughout the web, as all of the pro-terrorist and antisemitic material out there is truly overwhelming! It's going to take ALL of us to get involved to fight it and FUNDING! Why isn't the ADL doing more?

It's important that people make their voices heard on this issue. Write to the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales:

Hitler blew his head off, however, some of his followers, evil beings, who hate freedon and can not respect, fellow human beings, should do what their leader, Adolph Hitler, did, blow their heads off !!!!!Mutual respect, is the key to the survival of humanity !!!!

As a jewish male, I certainly feel for Isreal. With that said, why is it that anyone with a differing opinion to this website and who is not pro Isreal suddenly bad. They are as entitled to their opinion and land as we are to ours. It amazes me that for all that we have claimed for our own and have worked to protect, that somehow Isreal has denied legitimate access to the non agreeing groups. If you want to make the middle east work, we must first learn to share. The other religions have no less right to access then we have as Jewish people.

The false reporting concerning Israel will continue and only get worse. It would seem that the hatred of all Jews is on the rise once again. If anyone thinks that any Arab,Muslim statement about driving Israel into the sea and wipe them off the face of the earth has changed, well wait and see what any Muslim nation will do once they obtain any Atomic Wepons? Once a war starts with some Arab nation against Israel, Believe me when I say, that will be the start of the end time spoken in both the Old Testament as well the New. WAIT AND SEE.

Very good article on Wikipedia. What should we be doing about this and other instances of this type of warfare?

Dear Honest Reporting,
Congrats again and again for the noble job you are performing. The reason for this feedback is that I believe you should try to address your reports in at least 2, if not 3, levels. Reports as the refered on the url (Exposed - Anti-Israeli Subversion on Wikipedia) is extremely important to share not only between my jewish circle, but also with my none-jewish circle, which I believe is even more important to share this type of information. However, if I forward an extense and rich report as the one you wrote on the subject, almost NOBODY will have time and dedication to read it. Therefore, I believe you should try to at least present it in the following 2 levels:
- An executive summary, with links to any detailed information.
- The detailed information as is presented in your report

Probably, you should think also what is more important in the detailed report. It is my personal opinion that for the vast majority of those of us who regularly read your reports, it is more important to go to concrete facts, than to detail "they said, we made" details. This would mean, for example, that the subsection "COMMON FORMS OF ANTI-ISRAEL BIAS ON WIKIPEDIA" is in my personal opinion more important than all the first detailed and long section.

A 3rd level of information would also be very relevant, and this tends to be the one you should think to include in order to make it an interesting reading ALSO (and MOST importantly) to none-jewish potential readers. Each of us, jewish supporters to your efforts, has a large group of none-jewish relationships, which we could share this document. However, as it is today written, it is extremely pro-jew. And don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying it shouldn't be like that, but maybe an intermediate level of information that can be openly be shared without being demeaned as "to redbone jewish" could be a very good contribution to multiply the effort to share to our circle of none-jewish friends about the information and investigation you contribute.

If you want to discuss this matter, I'm available to do so on my email, or at my telephone (52-55)-1042-3308.

Best regards and job well done!!


FYI: The Wikipediots are amassing a spin campaign to "point out the errors in this article". See also

When searching for something in a search engine wikipedia and stories are usually the first results. It looks as if anti-Semitic moderators at these two sites are trying to rewrite history with anti-Israeli lies. It is important to do what we can in order to prevent jihadi propaganda from brainwashing billions of internet users. Do what ever we can to help win this war against influential misdirected moderators that control the flow of information.
I go into my experience with the dangerous moderation procedure at in my post

Perhaps those powers at Wikipedia might be swayed by the fact that shows that EI is linked to Islamic Jihad and Hamas. Then again, I'm sure those at Wikipedia who banned CAMERA have no problem with Islamic Jihad and Hamas. One man's terrorist......

Once again you are preaching to the choir. You and CAMERA should take it to TV discussions where millions can learn about this truth, and view Wikipedia with caution.

Also, you should take it to educators and students of all age groups, in schools and colleges/universities.

Wikipedia should ban editorial changes; especially changes done by users over sensitive matters such as the Middle East.

Wikipedia represents itself as an information site and not a blog site, therefore it should just stick to the facts (historical facts included).

If anyone opposes the facts listed on the site, that person can always email the editorial team with a request for change.

This way, no one group can abuse the site and push its own personal political agenda(s).

This is an excellent analysis of the inherent susceptibility of Wikipedia to agenda-driven content. The inherent problem is that Wikipedia is a gatekeeper system and is no stronger than the ethics of the gatekeepers. Like BBC which has a clear anti-Israel stance, he who rules the roost drives the approach. Consequently, Wikipedia has become the best source of cleverly masked, pseudo-editorials out there. This is college students quickly learn that to citing Wikipedia is the fastest way to get an F on their papers.

It is interesting to note that Google is considering an alternative to Wikipedia, with a much better business model. Each topic can have an unlimited number of authors, who can enjoy AdSense revenue from their documents.

The result is that those authors who produce the highest quality articles and reports on a topic will be favorited more often and therefore receive greater AdSense revenue. This system will favor professional writers over the biased amateur gatekeepers that have infested Wikipedia with unreliable and politically motivated content.

There benefit of competitive system such as this, is that it will highlight the fact that Wikipedia information consumers are not reading professionally written, edited and vetted content.

In this particular case, the verbiage of the Israel flamers as well as the slanted verbiage of any biased or poorly written article will continue to play to small audiences. However, the vulgarity will become self-obvious when compared with professionally written content. Yes, there will always be those who love hate and bias. Stupid is as stupid does.

If anyone in your organization has contacts at Google, please express your support to them for this alternative.

To whom can we complain about bias -- such that our complaints will be heard by relevant people and the offending article flagged as lies or biased?

Hi Razly Miles,

But who will be on that editorial staff - and how will their neutrality be maintained?

I think your suggestion can not be implemented.

I too have experienced negative and destructive reporting from Wikipedia. They too tend to shy away from the truth when it comes to Jewish religious matters. Sections on Cantors and Rabbis have much wrong information, and when you try to correct them, they will revert the changes back to the incorrect form and eventually throw you off. It seems that things which are good for the Jews, like when the Rabbis and Cantors visited with Pope John Paul II in 2005, kept being deleted as "unimportant."

Wiki cannot always be 'edited'. They have a block on many of their reports ! I've tried to correct many things many times and it won't let you. It is a Yankee Federalist owned and controlled online encyclopedia and has many things wrong on it ! It only allows the Elite Federalist point of view on anything !

Muslim Arabs have billions of petro$ for propaganda & disinformation.

The final quote of Dr Oboler is very, very important. Sitting back and complaining about wikipedia is pointless. Get yourself a free account and you can edit any article you want. As long as you source your edits academically you can make really positive changes. Bear in mind that there is a wikiproject Israel too - the advocacy works both ways, as it should. Instead of silently recoiling in horror, why not get stuck in and help out?

On the Media report ABC radio national this morning is a very biased account about the Electronic Intifada (EI), very depressing and again needs a response.
Gerry Bloustien

The 'world', the 'sea', the masses, the armies of Earth are simply fulfilling all end times Prophecy.
They will end up on Israel's borders so as to bring about the end of the times of the Gentiles, for the Glory of the Government of Israel over the Earth.

Yes, Dr. Oboler, right on with your research. And right on the spot, Honest Reporting again.
Google is notoriously anti semitic and actually it is clear the anti-zion and anti semitic views on wikipedia and pro palestine agenda. It is not a matter of disagreeing but of being untrue and unfair, and using all means to justify the end results, which the pro palestine do, ignoring and denying basic historic facts about the Jewish connection to the land and its language. Sorry for you male Jew. Respecting other's right to their opinions and their land is what Jews do too much,even to their own detriment. With all the respect that Jews and Israelis and Pro Israel people can demonstrate to the Pro Palestine cause, this does not make them, now or ever, heirs to the land of Israel, given by G-d to the Jewish people.

For further insight into Wikipedia's un-unbiased ways, one may be interested in this series of articles by Lawrence Solomon of Canada's 'National Post', regarding how Wikipedia steamrolls over any dissent from politically-correct climate-change "orthodoxy".

It seems ludicrous for a group (Ei) to complain about rewrting history, when in fact Arab history books are tomes of revisionism - whether it's Holocaust denial or the pretending to have historical connections to a land (Palestine)which was the unclaimed land mass of diaspora Jewry for 2000 years. Facts are facts, and appeasement of oil exporters at the expense of the Jewish homeland is after all, a farce.

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