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Thursday, February 28 2008

LA Times's "Parallel Protests"

Paper cannot see the difference between legitimate protest and Qassam firing. See HonestReporting's latest communique: LA Times's "Parallel Protests"



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When are the "so-called leaders" of Israel going to start firing their own rockets indiscriminately into Gaza? Are we back to the "oven walker" mentality of the ww2 era European Jews? It is high time to push the Gaza Strip and its contents into the Mediteranean Sea!!

I wish everyone would stop asking "doesn't the media get it?" Hell yes they get it. the are in LOVE with and BELIEVE IN and SUPPORT the ENEMY. They ARE the ENEMY! it's time to call a spade a spade!!!!!!! We are at war with our enemies. What do we do in WAR? WE WIN-PERIOD!

LA Times article says the protest was "mostly peaceful". They must mean by Palestinian standards.

I applaud your concern for media inacuracies and bias in reporting. But when are you going to show how your discoveries about media inacuracies and bias are unsettling to Mr. Olmert? and to Mr. Barak?
They are behavng as if none of the Siderot attacks are a problem ! When are you going to be pointing out that the indifference of these two men is just fine with the media.

Israeli people don't matter to Olmert or Barak any more than do the Israeli people matter to a biased media. Or don't you see that?

Have you not noticed "If" either of these two men are critical of the media - the media is not reporting that either.
If either of these two men were concerened or truly critical of the media about what happens in Siderot, would the attacks still be going on?...after how many shellings? after how many years? If they actually care then why did the people of Siderot have to march on the Knesset and block roads?

Why don't you put some of your own reporters in the news scrums to ask the embarrasing questions when Mr. Olmert is abroad?
Why don't you question Jerusalme online for lack of balance when they do not carry Brnjamin Netanyahu's opposition comments to Mr. Olmert and Mr. Barak?
Olmert and Barak, these men may be Liberals but why do they have to be like Liberals everywhere else appologizing to the world for their(Israels) existence and giving an uncaring world whatever it wants at Israels expense - but not at their own expense?
These men have no faith and no belief in anything but theri votes.
When you have no belief - their is no rationale or logic for morality or even accountability!
You have fallen asleep!
When will you people wake up!

When will the press show pictures of the almost daily rockets falling on Israel show the results on the Israeli side, not only the response to the rockets. They act as if they don't use cameras opn the Israeli side.Is that pure coincidence?
Wwhen will the L.A Times not refrain from reporting the attack on Israel. How woould those so called reporters react if 40 rockets were shot into L.A. last week?

This is brilliant.

A complaint against the media based on your mis-comprehension of the English language!

I'm embarrassed for you.

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