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Wednesday, December 26 2007

Pallywood Xmas Special

Wire service photos demonstrate the distortions of the media. See the photos and more in HonestReporting's latest communique - Pallywood Xmas Special



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Just check if the "solders" in the picture and the jeep is an Israeli or as I think all Palestinian.
Check well.

Just check if the "solders" in the picture and the jeep is an Israeli or as I think all Palestinian.
Check well.

This is an example of civil disobedience that the Israelis need to confront. i.e., let them pass thru barrier into Israel and then secure them in a non-visible area (i.e., trailer),strip them, and wrap a doll of a stuffed pig around their neck!

"It doesn't matter what the world is saying,(or filming). It does matter what we, the jewish people are doing".(or protecting)
David Ben Gurion

(The additions are mine)

No matter the truth, the "Palestenians" are big liars and tremendous propogandists - just like the Nazis in Nazi Germany. There are no such things as "Palesternians" it is a made up people. The meaning of the Hebrew word P'lishtim - or as in English Philistines means invaders. They were from Crete and invaded Israel or Canaan at the time. If these arabs call themselves "Palestenians" then they too are invaders from the Muslim countries surrounding Israel and should return from where they came - Libya, Saudi Arabia, etc. They don't belong here.

All of the commentary about Bethlehem "surrounded by Israeli fences and checkpoints" in the media- to try to make Israel seem evil- but Israel is what makes it safe for people to visit Bethlehem. How many people would feel safe if the Palistinians were in charge? The Christians haven't left because of Israel- but because of the Islamic fundamentalism of the Palistinians.

Santa did not have the typical Palestinian accent. His R's were sometimes American, sometimes rolled like in Arabic. I'm not an expert on accents to tell for sure, though, so I'm not going to make claims without a strong basis.

Correcting arab disinformation never works. We must produce our ouw stories first! Perhaps some will eventually make their way into the world media. Make them provocative and we will get more attention, free advertising.

The purported "distortions" seems to hinge on a tenuous parsing of the word "tackles".


As usual.

More Arab 'BS' as usual.

To their credit, the three major network news programs in the NYC/NJ area all covered the Bethlehem story in a positive light, emphasizing that the pilgrim turnout was the largest in years.

the point is that may be we should start producing truthfull stories about Israeli army. the only time we see Israel on TV in Australia is when this kind of propoganda gets on. we should tell the truth, make more documentaries about positive side of our lives, but it's not easy. i believe that someone like honest reporting can summond people to do so. then we can argue that network picked not only choice of show (anti-Israeli one and therefore more often anti-semite type), but really had a choice and made a decision.

wanted to watch your reuters video 'Israeli troops scuffle with Santa' but only receive a Mazda advert! have others also had trouble?

There is currently a battle at Wikipedia over the biography of Ed O'Loughlin Fairfax Mid East Correspondent) who has won a 2007 award for HR worst Journalist.

While the subject involves an Australian journalist the significance is much further-reaching.

(1) Even in the face of documented evidence of biased reporting Wikipedia has roving Administrative editors (such as in this case a fellow known as Eleland) who impose a politically-correct version on the Encyclopaedia. It seems to me that they are using coercive and dishonest means to achieve this.

(2) The O'Loughlin case has been well documented and therefore should be used as a sentinel case for future activity of (Please note The Age Newspaper study on HR's site(

Some commentary to Wikipedia from HR activists might prove of great assistance!

There was a fascinating debate on "World Have Your Say" on Monday night. The BBC host posed the question of whether it was all Israel's fault that Christians were suffering in Bethlehem or whether Palestinian Muslims were to blame.

The Christians, plus a really slick propagandist from Arab Media Watch (I think), put on an impressive show of unity and harmony with their Muslim brethren and, naturally, blamed Israel for all their ills. When it comes to bias presented as a reasonable stance, these guys are so good they could teach the BBC a thing or two.

One has to wade through tons of biased nonsense before it gets a bit more balanced with opposing points of view brought in through bloggers and callers, some quite forcefully pointing out the dismal state of Christians in the Muslim world:

Scroll down to "WHYS: 24 Dec 07: Bethlehem".

There are many Christians who support Israel and think it is good to receive the Honest Reporting, however, you need to be more sensitive as many Christians find "X-mas" offensive.

An essential and extremely effective tool in any tyranny is propaganda, which by it's own nature is more often false. And the lack of coverage of Palestinian tyranny instituted against their own people coupled by their false propaganda directed against Israel is now become a fashionable affectation by the miserable potentates of the media, who seem to have habitually lapsed into deliberate falsehood against Israel and the Jews.

It is time for Israel to clamp down on this evil phenomenon and yes, I agree, send the so called Palestinians (they are Arab invaders after all) back home to Arabia etc.

Enough is enough, in the memorable words of Isaak Rabin.


I got the Mazda ad as well using an outdated Internet Explorer browser, so that could be the problem. Reuters, like MSN and others, turns its nose up at the older browsers, and generally displays a message to that effect. However, using the latest Firefox browser I was able to see the video.

You might like to try Googling Israeli troops scuffle with Santa

and click on the other video links.

It couldn't be more obvious that in the first picture, the Israeli soldier is actually a Palestinian dressed like an Israeli soldier. It's about as easy to spot an Arab as it is to tell the difference between night and day.

Honest Reporting Editors,

I was very disappointed, and offended, to see the title of your article "Pallywood Xmas Special ". Both in the title and throughout the text you refer to Xmas. This is not "Honest Reporting", and it is offensive to your Christian supporters such as myself. I am sure that I will never see any references, in your reports, to Xnukah for Chanukah, or The Xover for The Passover. So why do you write Xmas for Christmas? Christians celebrate Christmas, and "Xmas" is nothing but an insult to us, and to the one that we recognize as the Messiah, or Meshiach, promised by God to Israel. While Israel does not likewise recognize Christ as the Messiah, it should at least be honest enough to report on Christmas, and not Xmas.

Aside from this, please keep up the good work.

Steven Rabe

I was in Bethleham on Dec 20th. I whizzed thru the checkpoint, both Palestinian and Israeli, with no more than a two minute delay, in each direction. There was no delay caused by the Israeli military. Claims to the contrary are lies.

My Israeli guide was not permitted to enter Bethleham. We had to have an Arab guide, who pleaded with us to spend money in their gift store. Fat chance. Upon departure my party was besieged by children begging for money...the only time during my 10-day tour I was targeted by beggars. I want to know what is happening to the billions in aid provided by the world community.

Doesn't anybody take issue with this line in the article:
"Like East Jerusalem, Bethlehem is part of the West Bank, not the State of Israel..." etc?

Agree with the Jan.5 post re taking issue with "Like East Jerusalem, Bethlehem is part of the West Bank, not Israel." But then I take issue with claiming Jericho, Hebron and indeed Judea itself as part of the West Bank "occupied" by Jews. "Judea" gives us our very name, and Bethlehem is the birthplace of a Jew named Jesus. But facts have never stood in the way of the fairy tales the Arabs so successfully purvey. If Israel does not figure out a way to beat the Arabs at PR, there will not be a country left in 25 years.

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