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Sunday, February 11 2007

Mughrabi Gate: The Real Dirt

This afternoon, we went to the Mughrabi Gate to see for ourselves the controversial excavations.


To the left is the Western Wall Plaza, with the Dome of the Rock in the background. In the center is the temporary wooden bridge structure. On the slope next to it is the where the previous ramp was located and where the current excavations are taking place.


In the background is the grey dome of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Israeli construction is taking place some 60 meters outside of the Temple Mount compound,


On Friday morning, Palestinians on the Temple Mount above threw stones on Jews worshipping at the Western Wall. In the background is the temporary wooden bridge. The scaffolding under the bridge is covered by white strips, probably for aesthetic purposes.


Mughrabi Gate itself. Tourists visiting the Temple Mount can enter only through this gate and only after going through a strict security check. This resulted in long waits in the hot sun for visitors. The new ramp will be more tourist friendly. The original ramp was badly damaged by an earthquake and snowstorms in 2004.


The Israeli Antiquities Authority is excavating the site before the ramp is built. This routine often delays Israeli construction projects, but such digging is known to turn up important finds.


The media waits for violence to erupt.



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I have never seen the name "Mughrabi Gate" before. Sounds Arabic rather than Hebrew. Is this a new (in the last 900 years) locally applied name?

Keep up the good work! Blessings upon you. PPM

Dear HR,
I was there at the Western Wall where they are excavating in Oct 2006 and wondered what the ramp and excavation were about. Thank you for clearing this up for me. I have pictures of the excavations and now how the appropriate information to put with them. Thank you again for all that you at HR are doing to keep us informed.
Carole Brown

I believe that the Palestinians should behave better considering that they are guests in israel. Obviously the contra is what they want the world to believe and why they demonstrate. The Palestinians were poor stewards for Israel's holy sites and their bases for legitimacy are highly improbable. Most scholars put Abraham's birth place to the north and west. Bob

The name "Mughrabi Gate" is an Arabic name; Israelis call it the "Rambam Gate" (just as the "Damascus Gate" is referred to as "Shechem Gate").
My son, who is in Jerusalem now for a semester as an exchange student in one of the universities, watched the Friday events from near the Kotel plaza and sent pictures and a detailed email account from the scene. He mentioned the cameras, there well in advance of the onset of the riots, no doubt tipped off to the upcoming "fun". Needless to say, the cameras were conveniently not taking any footage when the rioters (called protesters) were throwing stones and garbage on the heads of the Jews praying at the Kotel.

Is it possible for backspin to post images with high resolution like 2048x1440 or something like that. the pictures here are on maximum 640x853. Modern digital cameras fix 2048x1440 easy.

You are doing a great job.

But coping with mass Al Aqsa hysteria, as happened with those Danish cartoons, is unfortunately too much to contend with.

Truth then becomes subverted to irrationality, which in the case of the Moslems should be given a new medical definition - Moslemitis Hysteriosis.

The UN would do well to provide funds for research into this phenomenon.Help is desparately needed for those who follow blindly and resort to violence without checking the facts.

Has the world absolutely lost its moral compass?

Jerusalem is the one and only Holy City for the Jews. The Temple Mount is the most important place – here is the Holy of Holies. Set in the one and only country for the Jews – a tiny place the size of New Jersey or Wales, it is the focal point of belief and longing for every Jew in the world.

The Muslims, who have twenty two countries, have Mecca as their Number One holy city. Tens of millions of Moslems turn to face Mecca as they pray every day. Millions make the Haj (pilgrimage) to Mecca. Millions more dream of making the Haj. They have a second holy place – Medina – where their prophet Mohammed is buried.

And way down the list, purely for political reasons the Muslims have a very large complex including a mosque in Jerusalem, built 1400 years ago on top of the 3000 year old site of the First and Second Jewish Temples. When the Muslims were in exclusive control of the Old City of Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967, nobody suggested making a Haj to Jerusalem! They built nothing: all they did was destroy 58 synagogues and repress the churches.

The WAQF – the Moslem authority, has control of the whole Temple Mount. Jews (and Christians, who remember this site as where Jesus taught in the Temple) are not allowed to set foot on the mount without their say-so. No Jew is allowed to pray on the mount. He cannot even carry a prayer book. (Nor can the Christians)The one and only access is by an earthen ramp that was damaged with heavy rains and an earthquake two years ago. Since then access has been by a wooden ramp. Now that the Jews want to repair the original ramp, all hell breaks loose.


Because the Moslems see a chance to pervert the facts and stop the Jews and Christians accessing their holy place completely. One can’t help wondering if the fact that this is also the access route for the Israeli police when Muslims riot and throw stones down on the worshippers below does not have some bearing on their protests. What couldn’t they do up there, with a free hand and completely unsupervised!

The Israeli government must take some responsibility for this dissemination of lies. They kept silent when the WAQF authorised enormous digging projects on the Temple Mount, digging out and dumping tons of fill, together with priceless ancient artifacts (a Jewish project to rescue the dirt and sift it has revealed many objects dating from Temple times, of course not in situ, so their authenticity can be denied.) Undermining the Temple Mount has caused its foundations to begin to crumble on the Southern Wall. Repairs carried out by Jordan are now being done but they are not keeping up with the continuing damage. The wall shows more cracks and only the archeologists speak up. No one is listening to them.

Logic too seems to have no place in this furor. The Temple Mount is the holiest place for the Jews – it is inconceivable that the Jews would do ANYTHING to damage it. The archeology dig, outside the perimeters of the Mount, is simply a continuation of over a century of exploration. The British dug there under the Turks and then under the auspices of JORDAN and then Israel continued the work. Jewish history dating back thousands of years, way before the birth of Mohammed, has been discovered.

And isn’t that really the problem? The Moslems will do anything to deny Judaism so they must prevent anything that will prove a Jewish presence dating way back before they came on the scene. Of course, by denying Judaism they also very neatly and subtly deny Christianity too.

Does the world really not understand how significant this action is? The Muslims deny freedom of worship to other faiths – deny everything except the supremacy of Allah and Mohammed his prophet. How well they suceed in Jerusalem today, will affect the world tomorrow.

The media can only stress the tenuous link of Islam to the Temple mount. Never do they quote that Abraham's sacrifice of Issac was on this site, The Temple of Solomon. The
specialness of this mount to the Hebrew/Christian G-d(first sight of holiness for the Jew)

What a pity that Palestinians are unable to deal with truth. What a pity that PEACE is not in their vocabulary.

Thanks for putting this together and thanks for all the hard work for Israel.



The muslims sure don'T belong in this century. They cry and throw rocks like little children instead of adults over any little thing. I guess they aren't smart enough to work things out any other way.

I believe Israel can and should do better at managing the PR around these kind of issues. Israel continues to lose the PR war, every time appearing to be late rather than early. Surely they can predict that excavations near these Muslim sites are fertile grounds s for trouble makers? What is the matter with Israeli tactical leadership?

Thank you for being a voice of fresh air in the midst of an obvious resurgence in anti-semitism.

Shalom and todah for telling us the untold truth---blessings to each of you !Lbv

So the excavation is taking place 60 meters from the Temple Mount Compound. Does anyone know how far it is from both the al Aksa and the Dome of the Rock mosques? That would be very useful information to have, esp. as most non-Israelis have no idea what the Temple Mount Compound is and how it relates physically to the 2 mosques.

I hope someone will post that info.


In 1995 on my last day after 31/2 months stay with my family in Jerusalem I went up on to the Temple Mount. I was not interested in visiting the Mosques even they are beautiful buildings, I just wanted to walk where the Lord God said
"I will put my Name" It was a very moving experience. I knew the stuff coming out was a great beat up and shared this with those I spoke to about it. Thanks for your wonderful work. Amber.

The arabs are so stupid to go nuts over and issue that will actually help them. If this bridge is constructed, people will be able to visit it more easily. The arabs are so damn blind and stupid. And the media are even more stupid when they support them.

If the temple mount is under Israeli control, at least to some extent, why do they let the Islamic WAFQ have control over it? For WAFQ to destroy even one tiny fragment of Bible-time artifacts is untenable, although not unexpected. Please e-mail me if you know. Oh, and does anybody know of any hard evidence that Ahmadinijad (sp?) was positively one of the hostage-takers of Americans way back when? Let me know.

Dear Editor, It is not surprising that the international news media has chosen to use a double standard when reporting on anything concerning Israel and it relationship with the Palestinians. They called Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount in 2000 a"provocation" and therfore condoned the second intifada.

There is no entrance fee to the Islamic Wafq charged at the gate to the temple mount. I've been there many times. Check you facts. However, unfortunately, since the last intifada entrance is deniged to the "mosque" (Omar is not really a mosque). They used to charge for that, and make a little money, which is good. Now we cannot enjoy the beautiful monument, and they lose the income.

Either you are not telling the truth or the Daily Telegarph is lying:

Great photo's. Thanks for publishing the truth.
One error: people do not have to pay an entrance fee to the Mount.

keep on telling the truth

Most of the above are right. The muslims are childish and look for any excuse to point a finger at the Jews and Christians and away from themselves. ALL that hill is Israeli/Jewish ground, sacred to HaShem. Why Moshe Dayan and the Chief Rabbia at the time (1967) allowed the hooligans to stay there defies immagination. The victor takes ALL, esp. if it was his in the first place. The hooligans DO NOT worship the same God as us Jews and Christians and will continue every effort to deny us access until Messiah returns. THEN watch that space!

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