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Thursday, September 28 2006

No Excuses For Terror

David Aaronovitch, a respected journalist and commentator aired a documentary, “No Excuses For Terror," on British TV. Aaronovitch, who considers himself left-wing, criticizes how the anti-Israel views of the far-left and far-right have permeated the mainstream media and political discourse. Channel 5 went against the grain to broadcast this. The 45-minute documentary was posted on You Tube in four parts.

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

Part four:

(Hat tip: Harry’s Place)



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This needs to be seen by all politicians and journalists.
The Arabs are now doing to the world what they have always done to Israel.

Please send copies of this broadcast to the BBC. Attach note, "Victims do not apologize for terror."
The BBC has aided terrorists by promoting them as the victims and not the homicidal aggressors that they are.

Amen!!! I am so glad that someone is actually speaking out and saying truth. We should support Irael and support Iraqi's who want a democracy and peace. We should not condone terrorists. Irael will only have peace when the muslim mother's love thier children more than they hate Israel.

Hiya all
Its about bloody time the media started showing some balance and this is a step in the right direction. Iv emailed chan5 thanking them for makeing this documentry and showing it.
Cheers Lee

What a breath of fresh air this documentary is, not least because it comes from a man who (not so many moons ago) was not averse to criticising Israel himself in his Indy column. My one reservation would be that, with the exception of a 7/7 victim's mother and foreign officer Kim Howells, there were very few big hitters interviewed. Did they not want to talk or did they just disagree with David?

By cleverly using almost exclusively the arabs own footage, this film cannot be spun as 'propaganda for the great satan"!
Anyone who denies the truth after watching this is truly beyond recovery from the indoctrination of the so called liberal media.
Should be compulsory viewing for all educationalists.

At Last, At Last the truth is told.

"You shall know them by there fruit"

He is merely a zionist - from start to finish - in the form of a ' respected' journalist.

Because the general public see what appears to be a quite an uneducated, socially backward and devout group of people they don’t see the fact that the islamofacists are highly skilled in art of propaganda.

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