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Thursday, October 27 2005

NY Times on Abbas' response to terror

NY Times coverage of the Hadera bombing raised an important point we haven't seen acknowledged in other media reports:

Mr. Abbas himself criticized the bombing on practical, not moral grounds, saying that it "harms the Palestinian interests and could widen the cycle of violence, chaos, extremism and bloodshed." He has said previously that all responses to Israeli violations of the cease-fire must be considered collectively by the Palestinians.

But in a speech to the Palestinian parliament on Wednesday, he refrained from condemning Islamic Jihad. Even when Islamic Jihad has taken credit for terrorist attacks, like the suicide bombings in Tel Aviv Feb. 25 and Netanya on July 12, Mr. Abbas has not criticized the group by name.

Meanwhile, Mediacrity wonders if Times editors will delete the criticism of Abbas from the web site.



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Yup, THEY DELETED IT. See Mediacrity follow-up:

There is more than just "harming Palestinian interests".
"Analysis: Abbas's dilemma"
"Yet Abbas seems to be facing an even bigger challenge. The events of the past few days have shown that many of the militiamen belonging to his ruling Fatah party are operating openly together with Islamic Jihad in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Islamic Jihad operative Luai Sa'di, who was killed in an IDF operation in Tulkarm earlier this week, had been working closely with Fatah gunmen in the area.
Sa'di's cohort, Majed al-Ashkar, a senior leader of Fatah's armed wing, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, was also killed in the IDF raid. Sources in Tulkarm said the two men had formed a joint Fatah-Islamic Jihad cell responsible for a series of attacks on Israel over the past 18 months. "

I think it time that the NYT reports were taken with a grain of salt as they continue to be gulled by Arafatian spin and lies.

By the way Israel's channel 10 news on Thursday night showed that the Hadera suicide bomber's video was made before Sa'adi was killed, demonstrating the lie used to rationalise [for the NYT?] the bombing.
Abbas was most most probably more upset at losing his comrade in AMB.

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