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Wednesday, October 26 2005

Guerin's goodbye

GuerinTotally Jewish reports that BBC’s Orla Guerin (pictured) is leaving the Mideast in December. Her new post? South Africa.
(Hat tip: It’s Almost Supernatural).



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Overall I think HR was too harsh on Orla Guerin.

Her reports where by no means ideally balanced, and there were slips, but she did tried to reach to the Israeli side of the story, as with her report on the Israeli couple murdered at Eley Sinai, where she reenacted the brutal event.

There were by far, far far worse anti Israel pieces on the news then hers and Barbara Plett. Before them the BBC had here Hilary Anderson (Arabson is more accurate). Her news included and were outright propaganda, she quoted anti-Semitic libels such as Israeli army killing children deliberately as facts. That at time when the IDF was protecting the Har-Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem from shooting from Beit-Lehem and Beit-Jala, that without entering massively into those cities. To her those shooting were negligible.

During Guerin and Plett tenure in Israel the problem was not with BBC journalist located here, but mainly with their HQ in London. The best example is Nick Gawin. Historically, at the beginning of the Palestinian mass murder campaign his interviews with Israeli representatives where drilling kind of questioning, but with Palestinian and pro Palestinian representatives his questions were conversions that included the answers to his own questions.

Yesterday, for the first time that I noticed, following the mass murder attack in Hadera, he gave an Israeli representative the chance to explain our side of the story, truly yemot messiah I thought. But later he let it slip that the killing of Lwai Saadi was a murder. In fact, it was not even a targeted killing; it was a shooting that started by his gang at an Israeli unit. Only when it ended his body was identified.

The European culture is deeply soaked with anti-Semitism, it can be seen in the classic literature ('The merchant from Venice' for example) in the popular traditions like infant saints who were allegedly murdered by Jews, annually shows (in Poland) of Jesus' passion where Jews are described as evil tormentors. The Europeans are not ashamed with these traditions nor did they truly analysed or revised their way of thinking about the Jews. With this perspective the majority of the Europeans feel they are very tolerant to Jews in the post WW-2 era, they do recognize that something terribly wrong was done (by them) to Jews but they still
adhere to the old beliefs, to the old traditional Jewish stereotype, it simply is part of their culture, art, tradition and even religion. I think the bias in the European media toward Israel can be better understood bearing in mind these sad facts, a good person in Europe is inherently against the Jews because in his subconscious Jews are bad.

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