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Monday, March 28 2005

Canadian teachers praise terror

The Ottawa Citizen reports that two teachers at a local Islamic school have been suspended pending an investigation for inciting hatred against Jews. The suspension came when one of the students at the Abraar Islamic school wrote a story about two Palestinians ambushing and killing numerous Israeli soldiers.

On the cover page, the boy drew a burning Jewish star and a Palestinian flag atop the Dome of the Rock. The two teachers praised the project in comments written on the cover and margins.

"God bless you, your efforts are good," the teacher wrote on the title page. "The story of the hero Ahmed and the hero Salah is still alive. The end will be soon when God unites us all in Jerusalem to pray there."

On the margins inside the story, the teacher had written a note endorsing the boy's fantasy of a young Ahmed Yassin and his friend, Salah El-Dine, ambushing Israeli soldiers.

"Without thinking, Ahmed took his M16 machine-gun and threw the bombs, and he showered the Jews; this resulted in the killing of the soldiers," the boy's text reads. "Salah said: 'You killed them all.' Ahmed answered: 'Praise be to God.'"

The Citizen included a translation of the boy’s story.



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This is very mild, actually.
Typically, the Arab world supports the mass killing of Israeli civilians - not merely attacks on soldiers.

This schoolwork is politicaly correct by canadian standards. A US deserter is to be denied refugee status but terrorists are welcome as they my need to go on trial in their country of origin.
An arab rapist has his jail term reduced so as not to be deported without having a chance to fight against deportation. Mind this same rapist has served time in canada for other crimes.
canadas record on the nazis living in canada is the best in the world. The welcome mat has stayed out for them.
the US has something on mrs liberty about 'send me your poor, hungry etc.'.
canada says send us your terrorists, reprobates, murderers, sex offenders, child abusers & not only will we wecome them but we will pay them good public money for being here.
In the ottawa case in the end all will be forgiven as the terror suporting students are most proberly under age 20 & cannot be held responsable. You can also be sure that no inquiry will be held into there home background & the poison their parents teach them as this would be an invasion of there human rights.

I live in Toronto. Being a neutral Hindu, I may speak without prejudice. Toronto has a large ethnic mix along with much slander and biased talk and reports directed against the Jews who live here. Many blame Nazi groups for desecration of Jewish cemetries, buildings, etc. Many get the idea that these are white supremist groups. However for some reason the media would rather this be the stated scapegoat, whereas in reality it has become known that much of the problems stems primarily from Islamic youths, especially those from Morocco and Algeria. That is not to say that they are the only Arabs that are culpable. But can any one tell me why the media prefert to hear of white Nazis receiving the blame rather than the larger source-the Islam community? There seems to be a fear of the media and indeed the government in putting blame on Muslims. Even one government member of parliament, Sven Robinson was seen to spout slander against Israel when visiting Palestinian communities in that country. Indee Canada is becoming recognized as a sanctuary for those who have terrorist leanings in the guise of ordinary immigrants, many of whom have Canadian citizenship. Yet any criticism of Islamic misdeeds in Canada are held back and hushed up. You Jews do not stand a chance in such a society. After all wicked Islam entities in Pakistan are undermining India with terror in a bid to gain Kashmir for themselves. Therefore it is refreshing to see such a small state as Israel still thriving amid huge ravenous Arab populations that daily plot your doom. You indeed have all my sympathy.

S. Singh

Thank you Surinder for writing & believing in the truth.

Thank you Surinder for writing & believing in the truth.

Well said, Surinder. Mind you, all this already provokes a back-lash. Many ordinary people are somehow aware of (and resent) the 'untouchable' status of Muslim terrorists. Many ordinary people find themselves in basic agreement with Israel - somehow sensing that Israelis have far more in common with them than the Palestinians (despite the best efforts of many in the media to humanize Palestinians and to de-humanize Israelis).

Many ordinary people keep listening to the media yet somehow sense that Palestinian demands represent fanatics. It's not so odd, really. After all, blowing people up will inevitably be seen as barbaric fanaticism, no matter what excuses are layered on top of it.

The same goes for the slitting of throats: I'm sure that in Holland, following the van-Gogh murder, far more people understand the attitudes that Israel is confronted with, while being all too aware of the myriad politically-correct excuses, used as lubircants for swallowing more and more of these horrendous acts.

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