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Tuesday, March 8 2005

Israel recuiting for Al-Qaida

London mayor Ken Livingstone’s making the most of his newfound notoriety. Now he explains to the Jerusalem Post why Israel is a bigger threat to world peace than Al-Qaida:

"The threat is from the policies of the current Israeli government, which in its abuse of the human rights of the Palestinians, typified by the shocking image of the wall being built around them, raises the temperature of the Middle East to a boiling point – thereby creating threats to all of us," he wrote. "This policy acts as a recruiting sergeant to extremist groups such as al-Qaida who can pose as supporters of the Palestinian cause."


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So the suicide bombers who caused the Israelis to build the wall as a last resort don't rouble Red Ken at all. What a delightful human being?

Louise Ellman's response is exactly right. Livingstone looks at things with blinkers on. There are after all none so blind as those who will not see.

Livingstone's point regarding the separation barrier is unsustainable to those with the slightest bit of common sense. He is saying that a wall used in defence is more provocative than destruction of human life. This is nothing short of a thinly veiled threat. Nice man eh! And with even nicer friends!

when in doubt...blame israel

For one thing at least we should be thankful to Mayor Livingstone: he is certainly showing his innermost feelings with enviable energy. Would that all our enemies were so blatant in their antisemitism. I fear Red Ken much less than I do those "intellectuals" who cover their venom with pseudophilosophical veneer and so often manage to cloud fundamental issues.
A hate-spitting Livingstone is the best target: visible, obvious, brutal. I only hope his colleagues in hatred don't shut him up to avoid the embarrassment he has become. The man really gives antisemites a bad name.

It seems that Red Ken forgotten about 1994 when the palestinians already had autonomy in practically every area, and there were to no checkpoints, walls, and etc.

Yet palestinian terrorism continued, and Al Queda continued.

I guess Ken will have to go back to worshiping his idol A...

I agree with Alberto and with Robert. Nothing much to add, except that it is an act of malicious bias and distortion to refer to the barrier as though it is a wall when in fact, some 95% of it is a fence.

As usual, such people demonstrate that they need to lie and distort in order to put Israel in a bad light.

To me, the use of the term wall instead of barrier is immediately telling as to the bias of the writer. If Something is 95 percent fence and 5 percent wall, it is a fence.

It is similar to people who say that Israel was "only" willing to give up 96 percent of the West Bank. In my entire life, this is the only situation where I have heard the word "only" used in conjunction with 96 perecent.


True, so very true-only in Israel 96% "only"-groan!

"Red" Ken, as approved by David Duke and the KKK:

Melanie Phillips, who works for the Daily Mail, the paper said by Livingstone to be run by nazis, is described as a "Jewish supremacist".

It sure is a topsy-turvy world!

Why vilify 'Red Ken?'. Why be surprised at his attitude toward Jews and Israel? I remember that he support the wonderful, brave men of the IRA who just happened to murder innocent civilians by bombing and shooting them.

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