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Monday, March 21 2005

Google's neo-Nazi news

Joining the ranks of Google News’ legitimate sources is National Vanguard, a neo-Nazi white-supremacist web site. The National Vanguard is published by the National Alliance, best known for peddling The Turner Diaries. Last year, a barrage of criticism forced Google News to remove the equally anti-semitic site, Jihad Unspun as a credible source.

Click here to send comments to Google News.

(Hat tip: LGF)



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I sent a comment to Google earlier after seeing the LGF post. So far, all I've received is the "We'll look into it" auto-reply. I'm not expecting anything more. I notice they still use Electronic Intifada as a news source, too. Looks like it's Yahoo for me from now on, and I let Google know.

How exactly would you guys recommend I complain to google? In the request form, what exactly should I choose?

Anyway, I don't read google news, and I don't intend to. They used IndyMedia as a source, too, and I WILL NEVER, EVER read any news from them.

Haven't people made similar complaints about David Horowitz of WorldNetDaily? While I certainly don't like the source, I fail to see this as a problem worthy of boycotts. You can simply avoid reading articles from sources you find offensive, can you not?

Ah, sorry, I was confusing FrontPage with WorldNet.

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