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Monday, October 4 2004

Like a violin

From Mike Lester, Rome News-Tribune, Rome, GA:




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Off topic:

Remember those planes being forced to land in London and Ireland because of bomb scares? The London jet made an emergency landing with the escort of British fighter jets.

Well now the same thing has happened to a flight to Tel Aviv, which received a bomb threat, and was forced to land in Cyprus with Israeli fighter jet escort.

Bomb threat, sensible precuations, everything looking "normal", right? wrong.

Look at how the BBC covered this.

Headline: "Israelis force down Lufthansa jet"

Opening paragraphs:

'Israeli jet fighters have forced an incoming Lufthansa airliner to land in Cyprus after a bomb alert that German officials had not considered serious.

"We wanted to fly to Tel Aviv but the Israeli authorities forced us to land in Larnaca," said a Lufthansa official.'

The sick BBC wishes to make out like Israel somehow "overreacted" to a bomb threat. And worst of all, the reaction of Israel was identical to the reaction of Britain last week to the same situation.

This patent anti-Israel hostility should not go without comment.

URL of the article:

Comments here folks:

It's not just that the BBC were intimating this situation was an overreaction on the part of Israel; they were insinuating that this was a sinister act on Israel's part. Shameful.

I complained to the BBC about the two airline articles above and got a "live" response. Not very nice either.

"Thank you for your email. We based this statement on a quote from
Lufthansa themselves who made clear that they did not feel that the
diversion was necessary. This was not the case in the other incidents.
Thank you for your comments and your interest in the BBC News website.

BBC News Online"

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