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Friday, June 4 2004

Winning vs. the terrorists

Two further items to support our communique from yesterday:

* 'Is Israel Winning the War on Suicide Bombers?' Arieh O'Sullivan, JPost

Every night, soldiers and Shin Bet agents round up suspected Palestinian terrorists and fugitives in the West Bank in a quiet but effective crushing of terrorism. Intelligence from interrogations of detained Palestinians is key to thwarting attacks. There were three major suicide bombings inside Israel in the first five months of 2004 that killed 28 and wounded 120 people. In comparison, in the first six months of last year, six suicide bombings killed 54 people and wounded over 300. In 2003, there was a total of 23 suicide bombings that killed over 180 people.

* Security Fence Brings Stability to Jenin - Matthew Gutman, JPost

According to Hader Abu Sheikh, an official of the Palestinian Legislative Council, "there is 70% more nightlife in Jenin than a year ago." "We are talking about the resumption of traditional Palestinian nightlife," explains Abu Sheikh. "Weddings, men sitting in cafes late at night, women visiting each other....The point is, people are no longer confined to their houses at night, because Israel has left the city." According to the IDF, the security fence relieves the army of the necessity to regularly patrol the city.

"There are positive business indicators, as people are starting to think of capital and investment and commerce again," said Ziad Mifleh, director-general of the Jenin Chamber of Commerce. Even Palestinian Legislative Council member Sakhri Turkuman, a Fatah official, concedes that the security fence has "created some stability in Jenin."

Now why don't the major Western media outlets pick up these stories?



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Truth does not sell.

Not only that they are livid at this outcome ...
telling the truth would prove how wrong they were
and they dont want to be seen as wrong..wounded pride and all that..wars have been started through is the greatest enemy of mankind.

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