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Monday, June 21 2004

Hezbollah's 'anti-aircraft' missiles

Analyst Elliot Chodoff on NY Times coverage of yesterday's Hezbollah skirmish:

“Despite an Israeli military withdrawal from southern Lebanon four years ago, Israeli warplanes still fly over Lebanese air space and sometimes draw fire from Hezbollah.” (Israel and Hezbollah Clash, NY Times, June 21, 2004) The Times neglects to mention that sometimes IAF planes draw Hizbullah fire when they fly on the Israeli side of the border, and sometimes even when they are not flying at all.

The story of Hizbullah antiaircraft fire landing in Israel is a fine illustration of the truth but less than the whole truth, since antiaircraft munitions are designed to explode in the air, and not to reach the ground even if they miss their airborne targets. How is it that Hizbullah antiaircraft shells not only refuse to self-destruct, but always manage to land coincidentally near Israeli populated areas?



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Read the obituary for Haviv Dodan:

It isn't a coincidence. Hezbollah has been working to rewire their anti-aircraft shells to explode at lower altitudes. Hezbollah hasn't been listening to Thomas Friedman who claims that they have no designs on Israel now that Israel is withdrawn from So. Lebanon.

No, they hav no time to meet with Thom Friedman because he is too busy shaping his Saddam Moustache.

" explode at lower altitudes" Ahem. They have reconstructed them to use as regular artillery. Not the first time in history, by the way. Rommel's deadly 88mm antitank guns were really antiaircraft guns pointed at 0 elevation. There are other examples but one should suffice.

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