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Sunday, June 13 2004

BBC whitewashes Saudi preacher

sheikBBC reports on a guest preacher at the opening of a new London mosque. BBC presents the preacher -- Sheikh Abdur-Rahman al-Sudais, from Saudi Arabia -- as an unexceptional leader promoting 'community cohension' (sic) and 'building communities'.

But Harry's Place and MEMRI have the real story on Sheikh al-Sudais, who has made these public statements:

In one of his sermons, Saudi sheikh Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sudayyis, imam and preacher at the Al-Haraam mosque — the most important mosque in Mecca — beseeched Allah to annihilate the Jews. He also urged the Arabs to give up peace initiatives with them because they are “the scum of the human race, the rats of the world, the violators of pacts and agreements, the murderers of the prophets, and the offspring of apes and pigs.”[2]

“Read history,” called Al-Sudayyis in another sermon, “and you will understand that the Jews of yesterday are the evil fathers of the Jews of today, who are evil offspring, infidels, distorters of [others’] words, calf-worshippers, prophet-murderers, prophecy-deniers... the scum of the human race ‘whom Allah cursed and turned into apes and pigs...’ These are the Jews, an ongoing continuum of deceit, obstinacy, licentiousness, evil, and corruption...”

A fair report on this Saudi preacher's visit would have made reference to his wildly anti-Semitic views.

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UPDATE: AP has a similar report on the 'peaceful' preacher.



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Gee, I wonder what the good peace-loving guy thinks of all us non-Jews? Do we get a pass? NOT.

i think he is right to curse jews, throughout history they have caused trouble, in egypt, in germany, in canaan, in palestine, in america.

He is right. Jews only care about themselves and think that they are the only wholly owner of the world. If not why they ignored the UN order?.. em.. We should do something about this...

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