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Wednesday, November 26 2003

Evolution of an Outrage

In 1819, Francesco de Goya painted the grotesque "Saturn Devouring One of His Children" :

In January, 2003 editorial cartoonist Dave Brown of Britain's Independent penned this horrible allusion to the Goya painting, with Ariel Sharon eating a Palestinian child:

The Brown cartoon was then adopted by radical Islamic groups in India this summer as part of their vicious anti-America and anti-Israel campaign:

And now...the UK's Political Cartoon Society has given the Brown cartoon first prize in its annual "Cartoon of the Year" competition, winning out over 34 other entries!

From the pages of a paper, to the global political realm, to professional approbation - has the "Demonize Israel" campaign gotten so out of hand?!

Contact the Political Cartoon Society here.

UPDATE: Here's Israel's real attitude toward Arab babies: "A week-old Iraqi infant has arrived in Israel to undergo an operation to correct a congenital heart defect," the Associated Press reports. An Israeli organization called Save a Child's Heart brought Bayan Jassem to the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, south of Tel Aviv, whose director, Moshe Mashiah, came to Israel as a refugee from Iraq in 1951.

UPDATE: The founder of the Political Cartoon Society has written to us with this statement:

You have all taken this award completely out of perspective and context. Shame on you! We do so much good. If only you looked at our website properly you would have noticed that in fact we promote anti-facism and educate about the dangers of extremism.

Dr Tim Benson
Founder PCS

It's hard to learn anything from the PCS site (it's poorly done), but let's assume Dr. Benson is right and the organization has done "so much good" to fight facism. If so, we have here a prime example of how the European left has warped its moral compass when it comes to Israel, falsely ascribing to Israeli democracy the most horrific characteristics of totalitarianism, while downplaying the greatest threat to all liberal societies today: radical Islam.



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We have the Philadelphia Inquirer that also loves to put its jewish readers in a bad light also.

Anti-Semitism will NEVER be erased!

It is a money maker for far too many people.

You can have inter faith services from today to tommorow, but the feelings will never change.

Disgusting. This shows the intolerance of Jews in a supposedly "civilized" nation, Britain.

If this award is allowed to stand it is time for all Jews to abandon the UK and let theantisemites their see what ecconomic havoc would be caused there.


I thought at first that this was a provocation, that it couldn't be true that intelligent and I assume respectable and respected people could be so viciously antisemitic. Have you no shame, no intelligence left?
Shame on you, political cartoon society people, everlasting shame on you. You will live to observe the horror that you have planted in the minds of those who hate so very strongly and unreasonably. My only consolation - slight as it may be - is that should Islam win, you would be the first ones slaughtered by the hatred you unleashed.
Shame, shame on you!
Si Frumkin, 3755 Goodland Ave., Studio City, California 91604
(Formerly known as prisoner 82191, Dachau, Germany until liberated by the U.S. Army on April 27, 1945.How fortunate for me that the U.S. and Brirain were not at that time reluctant to fight fascism...)

Wake up Yidden! It's time to arm yourselves. If you don't, the next time they come for the Jews you will be just some more to be added to the six million. JOIN AND/OR SUPPORT THE JDL!

this is what i sent to the Political Cartoon Society today....
"your prize winning cartoon of ariel sharon devouring palestinian children was a grotesque display of european barbarism. maybe thirty years later, after you have learned and suffered in your own life, you will regret the racial incitement to hate and kill that you have contributed to the world today. yes, you have definitley "made a contribution." a million innocents thank you.


When it first appeared, I viewed The Die Sturmer-type cartoon with sick horror as a sign that the covert anti-Jewishness that I grew up with in the UK had at last become not only overt, but acceptable. The fact that it was so obviously unrepresentative of the nature of the Israeli people, including Sharon, made me believe that it would be universally derided as the work of a raving lunatic. But now that this despicable manifestation of racial bias has been lauded, it signals to all right-thinking individuals that anti-Semitism, whether Islam-or Nazi-induced has indeed raised its ugly head again.

Britain at the moment can't really see anti-semitism, as they try and excuse the outright racism with anti-zionism - with so many people calling for the end of the State of Israel.

In most anti-Jewish attacks people say it's because of the middle eastern situation and about how palestinians are treated, but if there's an attack against a Muslim, it's seen as racism.

The double standards are glaringly apparent now and I don't think it will be too long before the majority of Jews in the UK will be "legitimate targets" for the hatemongers, which right now, seems to be a large percentage of the population here.

Anti-semitism is trendy, fashionable and isn't anything to be whispered any more - it's out in the open... but if you're not an anti-semite you don't stand a chance of fitting in...

I am curious, since when did the Jewish public EVER assume the British were a civilized country?

They would like themselves to be... but underneather their stiff necked "proper" attitude is the same devilish hatred that got the Germans going... How they forget so fast...

Do you not realize how many Jews have been murdered because of blood libels, so clearly recalled in your "first place" political cartoon?

Actually, you probably do, because this is anti-Semitism at its worst. At a time when terrorists are deliberately targeting children, you blame their lead defender when he would happily give the Palestinians a state if they would only stop the killing.

You would never do this if Sharon were not a Jew.

That makes your organization a group of anti-Semites. Which isn't surprising; we know Europe's rich history of defending Jewish life.

Britain is racist, homphobic and anti-semitic and always has been.
We also have a 'Peace' movement that supports Saddam and the Palestinian terrorists!
And the media is dominated by the Left who dont know right from wrong.
I realy must get out of here before they come for me!

I did't see a stone in babies hands. I did't see his father who really killed jewish children.
Shame on you! But you do not know anything about the shame. Soon you will find out that terrorists became your neighbours but then it will be too late.

To the Political Cartoon Society:

This is not an enquiry, it is a comment. I am ashamed to be British and would want nothing to do with your society which is prepared to promote violent, disgusting anti-semitism to the masses, via your 'prize winning cartoon'. There is nothing clever about the cartoon. It promoted pure hatered and anti-semitism, reminiscent of 1930s Germany. It reflects the sick 'herd mentality' of those who know nothing of the realities in the Middle East. You are simply promoting hatred - may you collect your hateful karma. It represents not one molecule of the true situation here. Palestinians receiving mass social security payments from the Israeli government (the only payments of their kind - none in the Arab neighbours). Israeli taxpayers paying the massive costs of the many honour killings of wives and daughters and sisters by Arab residents. Israel always willing to send assistance when disaster strikes her neighbours. Arab children from counrties such as Iraq being treated by Israeli doctors in Israel funded by an economy that is being strangled by the global hatred you promote. Well done indeed! But it will come back to haunt you, soon enough...

My email comment to the "cartoon society" was: Gentlemen, Have you thought about changing the name of your "society" in order to reflect a more correct image (or should I say cartoon)of what your true "poltical" agenda is? I would certainly give it some hard, reflective thought after having awarded your 'annual' kudos to Mr. Dave Brown for his unmasterful, dehumanizing reflection of his own PAGAN(ized), NEO-NAZI(fied)political perspective on the Middle East. How very British of you to fall in line and shout "Hiel Hitler".

This is a bad example of Britains willing cooperation in the worldwide Islamic jihad. The cartoon, despicable and unoriginal, was the winner? Long term, Britain will be the loser as the terrorists start blowing up the British. The bombings in Istanbul are but a wakeup call. Wake up and join the fight against the Jihad. British western values are a target. The Islamic fundamentalists are your enemy. Appeasement does not work. Remember WWII?

It appears that the Europeans have yet to let go of their own anti Jewish Christian scriptures, which Pope John Paul took upon himself to remove from their religious doctrine. Coupled with those of Islam, as well as an increasing Moslem population spreading in great numbers all over Europe, makes the whole continent a hotbed of anti Jewish propaganda turning the European public opinion into a slandering hating machine. Let us hope forr sake that in time, Islam and Christianity will come to their own and understand that hatred can only greed violence backwardness.

How disgusting that the cartoon should have been published at all in the first place. An Iraqui Arab child was sent to Israel for correcting a congenital heart defect after you British and the EU refused to accept the infant. Who are the civilised people the Israelis or you hypocritical
hate filled racists?

Once again Anti-semetism is rearing its ugly head around the world. The level of anti-semetism in the world is higher than it was prior to the Holocaust, wether its disguised as "anti-zionsim, or anti-israel" it all boils down to baseless Jew-hating.

It is absolutely shocking that a dangerous and inciteful cartoon should win any prize. Civilized people should loudly condemn such a horrendously hateful and false piece of anti-semitism.

This cartoon is gisgusting, the author is no doubt just as disgusting.

Add another Jew-hating animal to the list. Everyone portrays what he himself would like to do.

The prize winning cartoon of Sharon eating a Palestinian child is revolting. I shudder to think that a "civilized" society such as yours would stoop so low as to chose this cartoon as it's first place winner. This is an example of anti-semitism at it's best. Who is the real hatemonger here. I believe it is those who would even publish this trash. Go on keep blaming Israel for all the "ills" of the Arabs. Israel took in an Iraqi Arab child with a life threatening congenital heart defect after Britain and the EU refused to accept the infant. Is this a racist society I ask you? Who really are the hate-filled racists here? Certainly not the Israelis!

When are you going to change...? Jews and Israelis save lives - and you "kill" them. Europe should live in shame...
Antisemitizm is in your blood and in your mothers' milk...
But rest assured: this old "malady" did not - and will NOT - bring honor to anyone!

So, did you like the Jews better when they couldn't defend themselves?

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