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Thursday, December 2 2010

Shattered Lens - Photo Bias Exposed in the Wire Services

Images have unprecedented power to mold public opinion. And the three international wire services -- AP, Reuters, and AFP/Getty Images -- have a central role in presenting images from Israel and the Palestinian territories to the world.

Until now, however, nobody has commissioned a study to examine the imagery produced by the wire services for identifiable trends that may indicate bias.

To find out if Israel is being treated fairly by the wire services, HonestReporting embarked on a three-month in-depth study of how Israel is portrayed by all three wires. Read the first part on the Gaza flotilla and see what we found.

Shattered Lens - Photo Bias Exposed in the Wire Services



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Lies, more lies, damnable lies. These prop, crop and disemblers seek after the father of lies, whom they will meet to their own destruction if they do not seek and turn to the TRUTH as found in the BOOK OF BOOKS.

Regretfully, my trust in mainstream is all but nil, and so, my TV may well be off until I hear they have put aside their bias and come back to the middle.

The problem is that you are "preaching to the choir". Why is this information not seen in U.S. newspapers and other media?
It seems to me that whoever handles Israel's P. R. should do a better job in getting this information out to non-Jews and to the general public, which is inclined to believe the untruths that are usually printed.

When will Israel learn to stop sitting on the fence and fight back verbally, there's such ignorance in the world today. The average man in the street really believes all the adverse publicity. What a state we are in!

Perhaps, the problem lies in the source of the pictures, i.e. the by-lined photographers...Said Khatib, Majdi Mohammed, Mahmud Hams and Nir Elias. All are probably freelance 'stringers', who sign up to a deal with the PA or Hamas to only provide coverage heavily tilted against Israel. Maybe, in the interests of journalistic transparency, it's time Reuters and their ilk added a 'credibility' warning to their photographs, stating the shots were taken only by snappers who'd signed up to various Palestinian propaganda offices' outrageous 'codes of compliance.'

I totally agree with Gloria and G.Horowitz. The PR coming from Israel sucks to put it mildly. Why not hire a good PR firm from outside Israel if needed. The Palestinians certainly have done this and are extremely effective.

L Morrell

I remember noticing a knife in the hands of one of the men on the ship as he moved on an Israeli soldier. This was in the earliest set of images taken from Turkish TV. Within a few hours that part of the image had been cropped out. I also was puzzled by the weapons in the hands of the Israelis because I could not identify them. It later was released that they were carrying paint-ball guns.
Most of the comments I made in various forums in the following few days were directed at refuting the false, and still repeated, claim that the action was "piracy"
because it took place outside 'territorial waters' against a civilian vessel. An overwhelming majority of both viewers and reporters had no idea of the meaning of a 'blockade' under international law.

How does one get the media to report on itself, as well as apologize for the deceit? The press controls itself under 'freedom of speech' which does not require accurate and 'balanced' reporting.
In these cases,would a law suit for slander be possible and appropriate?

This is isn't "Bias" it's Psychological Warfare.
Israel must immediately set up it's own PsyWar Division, where top psychologists, marketing experts, film, photo and print professionals work hand in hand with the military to carefully craft their own media counter attacks. No military operation should be undertaken without a detailed plan for Psychological Operations running concurrently.
"Whoever controls the flow of ideas...Wins"

Reuters makes a reasonable if unethical decision.

Get on the wrong side of the Islamists and they might beat, kidnap or kill you. Annoy the Jews and they might send a harshly worded letter.

I politely call this media indulgence where the press is prepared to allow its pages to be infiltrated by demonstrably proven lies and propaganda.
Perhaps you should read my article:
HonestReporting has now shown how images - besides words - are used in this campaign to undermine Jewish rights. Keep up the good work.

The media sources are very biased and must be corrected. I applaud Honesty Reporting for informing the public on how the news is being modified to forward a political agenda.

If the world wanted peace in the Middle East all they would need to do is cut off aid to the Palestinians completely until they agreed to a peaceful co-existence. Once broken (in other words, probably about 5 milliseconds after the ink dries and the money is received), then then the Palestinians should be sent to live with their Arab brothers somewhere in Syria and out of occupied Israel. Then eradicate the Roman slave term "Palestine". Israel is Israel and not the Romman slave word after the forced expelution of Jews.

Your comments are not as clear and concise as they could be. I was sometimes left in doubt as to what dishonesty you were exposing.

You referred to the attackers of the IDF as passengers or activists, which does not make clear that they were goons especialy put on board and armed to attack the Jewish soldiers.

You let the Arab liars talk about piracy and claims of deprivation by Israel, when all that Israel sought was a right of inspection.

You didn't try to invesetigate other pictures by the named photographers to determine if they had a history of dishonest photography.

You didn't get the name of the person who cropped the pictures to determine if he or she had a history of similar croppings, distortions or false labeling.

Pleading that Israel is "not guilty" is not an ideal response. Aggressively showing the dishonesty of the perpetrators media offenses against Israel in a clear and decisive manner is a better tactic

Israel is losing the PR war, and always has. Media can be your friend, if you let it. Israel should pick a reporter and photographer from a reasonable paper, from a European country, to talk with the commandos just before they leave on their mission. They should photograph their weapons, and be told what their mission is. If possible, they should go with the commandos, so there is a reliable representation of what happened. Israel should have its own photographers, like the Americans did during WWII. That is how we got all of those movies of Americans storming Omaha Beach, walking and fighting across Europe, and being welcomed by the Europeans they freed. If you want your story to be told correctly, you have to tell it yourself, and bring honest reporters with you.

It has been this way for 2000 years.
Whole Goverments, organization, Churches and there leaders have told lie's about the Jewish people.
Israel should get some good PR people from America
to counter this anti-semetic behaviour.

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