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Thursday, December 9 2010

Shattered Lens: Part 3 - Putting Palestinians Behind Bars

What could be more symbolic of suffering and mistreatment than the image of small children behind bars? Particularly in reference to Gaza, which is regularly portrayed as a vast "open air prison."

HonestReporting looks at how the wire services use bars in their images to promote the Palestinian narrative of suffering and the impression of Palestinians as "prisoners" of Israeli brutality.

Shattered Lens: Part 3 - Putting Palestinians Behind Bars




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I am glad that someone is finally reporting on this. Too bad news organizations like Fox - or any of the others, do not report on this too. I wish that it was on Cable news, Fox being the most watched.

The media for too long have honed in on the loudest whiners, the ones who have not kept one cease fire/peace treaty they have made and have given absolutely NOTHING for peace while Israel has given untold numbers of concessions. Many of their promises were broken the next day.

It is quite sickening that people do not wake up and realize this but we have a large moslem propaganda machine that is helped along by our liberal lefties AND all the MUslim Brotherhood organizations in the West (some notable MB front groups are the MSA/MSU (muslim Student Assoc), CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, NAIT, MPAC, etc). Why all of these organizations haven't been outed as being tied to the violent jihadist groups - I don't know.

I don't understand the arab mind...on one hand they're deeply ashamed of losing every war with Israel which shatters their self-image of superiority, and on the other hand they prefer to appear as the world's biggest victims.

How can they be both superior and inferior?

It is disturbing that people are so willingly to believe lies if they fit in with their perception of the world. Thank you for defending Israel, the Jewish people and informing the public of what it needs to know.

Reuters has developed a well deserved reputation for a total lack of integrity when it reports on Palestinian issues, and your pictures of Palestinians behind bars (their own) are a proof of your dishonesty and attempt to bias the news. My hope is that more and more people in the world will realize what dishonest and dishorourable scum you are.

Putting Palestinians Behind Bars-.. Why all of these organizations haven't been outed as being tied to the violent jihadist groups

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