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Monday, November 22 2010

Hariri Assassination: CBC Points Finger At Hezbollah

An impressive CBC investigation of the Hariri assassination concludes Hezbollah did the dirty deed.

Among Neil Macdonald's findings:

  • Cell phone records indicate Hezbollah responsibility for the assassination.
  • Hezbollah penetrated the UN investigation early on.
  • A Lebanese policeman, Capt. Wissam Eid, who cracked the case, was murdered by a Hezbollah car bomb after an ominous warning to back off the investigation.
  • UN investigators were slow to appreciate the significance of Eid's findings.
  • The slain PM's chief of protocol, Col. Wissam Hassan, hasn't adequately explained his whereabouts during the assassination, while a confidential UN memo labels him a possible suspect. Moreover, Col. Wissam was a liason between UN investigators and Lebanon's Internal Security Forces (ISF). He is now the ISF's intelligence chief.
  • The weakest link in prosecuting any suspects is the difficulty of converting the cell phone analysis into evidence that will stand up in a court of law.

I hope the BBC -- which timidly shelved its own documentary on the assassination -- watches this video.

This is the strongest media investigation I've seen of the murder.



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It's unbelievable the depth of malfeasance on the part of the UN.

They are inept on so many levels -- and folks wanted Pres. Bush to get UN approval for the Iraq war? After Saddam had snubbed his nose for years? How many UN violations?

What a joke.

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