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Monday, November 15 2010

Apologist for Hamas: See No Evil, Hear No Evil

A St. Petersburg Times correspondent stumbles blindly through Gaza ignoring the worst aspects of Hamas rule.

See HonestReporting's latest media critique: Apologist for Hamas: See No Evil, Hear No Evil



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Why does Israel permit naive people such as this reporter to enter Gaza from Israel? If they had to travel via Egypt, it would be more difficult and there might be more balanced reporting.

I suggest the newspaper to send the truthfull reporter to Burma, Iran, Syria and North Korea to promote these popular regims also to Sumalia in promotion of glorious poor Pirates,and when done strieght to Politzer prize.

She would look good with a green bandanna and an AK47 but not too many of the Hamas terrorists are blonds!

The St Pete Times is an ultra liberal rag that does not necessarily stick to the truth. I was once attacked by them based on a lie generated for political purposes. They never apologized or printed a retraction. They seemed to attack anyone who was not a liberal and who was heard by the people. They will never change.

I hope that Ms. Martin has seen this Honest Reporting article....

Commenting on Taylor Martin's article you ask rhetorically "Did Israel really destroy civilians targets in Gaza out of a *primitive* desire to punish the Palestinians or simply for the sake of it?"

In the 90's, Israel used a policy of punishing the Palestinians in the areas from which the terrorist acts were initiated. Israel may use these tactics again. Why do you call it "primitive"? Do you see a more effective approach to fighting terrorists in the civilian areas than inciting the local populations to resist terrorists out of fear of losing their homes?

Are you stunned, surprised, startled, confused by the blather of this Fla. reporter? For 2000 years, most of the world has hated Jews. First we were "Christ Killers", then "Jesus betrayers". Ask Helen Thomas. She'll tell you. She wants Jews to "go back where they came from."........They are THERE!!!

Since I can claim the honor of having brought this article to the attention of HR, I just want to state that this article was only the latest one of Taylor Martin's comments that paint Israel as totally evil and Hama and the PA as angels. Although she is based in Israel, she has NEVER written anything favorable about Israel or its Jewish poppulation. Why she is allowed to remain is a mystery to me.

Israel is not the only entity whose policy is to underwrite private visits by various people with the potential to influence voters, policy makers, writers, etc., and I would not be at all shocked to hear that HR eventually "follows the money trail" from Hamas &/or pro-Hamas organizations to shills like this nasty "reporter". As long ago as the '70's, for example, I remember reading a discussion in a local Texas Spanish-Language newspaper by a leader of a local group of Mexican-American labor organizers of the pro's & con's of emulating in Texas what they had just witnessed their PLO hosts doing against Israel in what was then Fatahland in Southern Lebanon during an all-expenses-paid visit there. (Fortunately, the "con's" won the day for that writer, based on a justifiable fear of what the reaction to PLO-style terrorism might be if anybody tried to pull that here in Texas.)

I have watched 60 minutes for too many years to recall, but it is easy to figure out when I stopped, November 14 2010. I just won't watch bigoted coverage from a self-hating Jew. It gives me time to talk with clients who are in need of my consultation. Such is life.

The actual title to the article should be: See no Evil, Hear no Evil, and Speak No Truth.

It is high time that reporters get an education and start reporting the truth rather then what they deem as the truth. Anti semetic rethoric
Educate yourself before you pass judgement on a situation that you have no idea of what you are talking about.
To me that is called blatant anti semitism.
Learn the truth and report such
One would expect an honorable editorial staff to monitor the varacity of the stories submitted by their reporters.
you are a disgrace.

Stop preaching to the choir. I am convinced that you are right. Since you have the facts written more clearly than I can express it please send a letter to the editor yourself, in an abbreviated form so that the newspaper will publish it. I find that letters sent by primary sources are more authentic and credible.

Russian journalists must understand that between the Hamas and Islamist organisations in Russia ,the ideology is the same ,the goal is the same(islamization of their country) ,the means are the same (terrorism and terror) .

I wish that the people who are blaming Susan would have to live in Gaza. What happened was a massacre. The Zionists have been stealing Palestinian land since the end of World War I. There is practically no land left for them. The IDF is brutal.
Children as young as 13 are in prison for throwing rocks. There is excessive force used against them. Israel claims to want peace, but to get them to the peace table, the U.S. just gave them $3 billion dollars to stop their illegal settlements for 3 months. Wow, that really sounds like they want peace. No, they don't. They want to expand their borders on Arab land; and with peace treaties in place, they won't be able to do it. The Zionist want land to the Latani River in Lebanon and all the way to the Tigrus in Iraq. Gaza is like a huge prison camp. They don't even have supplies to rebuild what was destroyed because Israel won't let them have concrete, etc. So why is she being called "anti-semitic? She is telling the truth, not most of the people who wrote comments.

Mr . Martin has written a biased article which does not consider Israel's position. This biased reporting is responsible for misunderstanding which leads to bitterness and feuds. Shame on you for causing peace to disappear.

According to the mainstream press, Israel can do no wrong, and the Palestinians can do no right, even though Israel is effectively carrying out a policy of genocide in Gaza. Hamas was democratically elected, to the consternation of the US and Israel; the Palestinians had the nerve to select an organization who they hoped would more effectively protect them from the depredations of Israel. Ever since, the US and Israel has vilified Hamas.
It's a good thing we have a "free press" in this country, so people are free to express their opinions, as long as they are the socially accepted ones.

For susan el-Zaatari.

And here I quote from the HAMAS covenant.

"Our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious. It needs all sincere efforts,
. The Islamic Resistance movement is but one squadron that should be supported... until the enemy is vanquished and Allah victory is realized. It strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine......."

"The prophet.... has said "The day of judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews, killing the Jews, when the Jews will hide behind the stones and the trees. The stones and the trees will say "there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him"...
There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavours. Palestine is an Islamic land".....

So you expect the Israeli to lay dormant whilst Hamas will do all in its power to eliminate Israel.

There is no genocide, mass starvation, or any mass graves. Its called white propaganda. Everyone knows whos propagating. Leftist, anarchist, NGO's that masks themselves as humanitarian groups, and the UN.

The press is free, meaning they can report whatever they think people will read regardless of the truth. Its about ratings, if it bleeds it reads. In my opinion, mainstream press plays a major part in fanning the flames of this conflict. More violence = more media coverage for them. Therefore, better ratings, more people watching or reading their prospective newspapers.

Taylor whitewash Hamas militaristic aggression and oppression. Why? She show the Fifth Column of democracy does not exist.

Expose her as a blot on journalistic reporting.

Taylor, like some other pro Hamas reporters that have come and gone,is dead scared of Hamas disapproval. She is too smart to not be well aware of what could happen to her if she dared report otherwise.If she reported honestly,either her job or her life would so subtley be jeopordized (through some strange coincidence).Wake up Taylor, you are helping a fire rage that could one day get out of hand and even consume your own people.Dont you see what is already happening in Europe? It looks like one of these days "God save the queen" will be replaced with"God save Hamas".

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