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Thursday, October 7 2010

'Squeezing Out Christians and Muslims' - Irish Times Blames Israel

Article claims Israeli policies "designed to cause animosities."

See HonestReporting's latest communique: "Squeezing Out Christians and Muslims" - Irish Times Blames Israel



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Israel, the size of New Jersey, represents the homeland for the Jewish people. It is surrounded by 22 hostile Muslim countries. Up until about 60 years ago Jews lived peacefully among Muslims in most of those countries. Suddenly in 1948 a small raf tag army of Jews beat back seven invading nations and the world can't deal with it. Get over it-Israel is here to stay. If you don't like it move out of Israel to Jordan or one of the other 21 Mulim countries--you have a choice. The 6,000,000 Jews who were murdered by the Nazis and their collaberators had no choice.


I would like to see an indepth article about the Arab Muslims and Christians living in Nazareth. I was there in July and was told by our guide that almost no Jews live in Nazareth yet the hostility from the Muslims towards the Christians is obvious. In a public park just a block from the Church of Annunciation is a large banner reading "And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers." We were told by the guide that the banner and another next to it were the Arab Muslim's way of intimidating the Christians. Additionally, there was an attack on Christians weeks prior to our arrival. Nazareth is not in the West Bank so what explains this hatred of Christians by Muslims?

Irish ? are they following the Guardian
I still remember Mc Millan the Mandat CHieftan distrubuting all British Tiger Buildings
to the Arabs, and punishing the Jews when they tried to arm themselves for Protection.
The British then were not friends of the Jews.

Now the Irish have something to querry ?

It is interesting that when Lebanese Moslems were massacring Christian Arabs (Maronites) in Lebanon, the Christian world was silent and did not momment, let alone condemn it. It is also interesting that whenever Christian Arabs suffer tragedies at the hands of Muslims, again the Christian world is silent.
BUT - if there is any way at all to blame Israel, it willo be either found or invented.
Next we will read that Christian Arabs are suffering from ingrown toenails caused by Israel.....

It sounds very much like the results of an addiction to Irish whiskey.

"Palestinian photographers quietly build up a bank of biased file photos."

This brief article, given the accompanying photo, is at best a bit of a stretch. Normally I agree with your articles, but this one seems to reflect a bit of paranoia. You can, and usually do better.

The Cost Of Moslem Intolerance

"October 6, 2010: One of the many tragedies of the war in Iraq was the expulsion of the native Christian population. Before 2003, there were 1.5 million Christians in Iraq. Now there are fewer than 800,000...."

It was no accident that during the 2nd Lebanon war Hezbolla's missiles hit heavily the Christian Arab neighbourhood of Haifa whilst many Muslim Arab towns were hardly hit.

I am ready to throw my hands up and give up on the what the Jew hating world thinks, let us do what is best for us and to hell what our enemy's spin is, they are always going to hate us no matter what we do.

Actually, the biggest blockade to peace in the Middle East and dare I say the world is terrorism committed in the name of and with the blessing of Islam against people of all faiths but more so than any other, Muslims themselves. This article points out, incorrectly, I might add, that "Palestinians do not differentiate between Muslims and Christians..." That is nothing short of a bald faced lie. Ask any Arab Christian you can find living in anywhere in the Middle East how they are treated by their Muslim 'brothers' -- they will tell you they are persecuted and driven out of their homes and neighborhoods -- that is why they are "less than 2% of the population.”
Arabs, whether Christian or Muslim, have a higher standard of living and education in Israel than in any other country in the Middle East. The Gaza Strip, once a haven of fertile farmlands and small businesses has been ravaged into pestilence by the unilateral withdrawal by Israel in 2005; it has become a nothing short of a terror training camp and launching pad for terrorist activity aimed at the heart of civilization in the Middle East, Israel and her civilians. That George Galloway sees the destruction of Jewish settlements and of all Israel , if he had his way, is a testimony of his hatred of Jews and anti-Semitism.

The first part of this radio segment on NPR,, made me furious. Listeners here in Oregon buy into this type of reporting for the humanitarian angle. I lived in Israel for 17 years until less than 2 years ago. I read into this that the Palestinians set up the scenarios for media purposes to do exactly what NPR has done here – get support for those poor Palestinians.

Then there's your feature, today about Squeezing Out Christians and Muslims in the Irish Times. The Christians don't attack and bomb Israel, so why would Israel target them? Again the Palestinians set the stage for slandering Israel.

I live in the US now and feel absolutely powerless when I tell my friends this point of view, one that most Israelis at least understand, even if they may not agree, they think I'm nuts – paranoid – lack human values. I left Israel because I had to keep up a level of anger in order to function daily in a tough society. And now I'm angry here because no one gets mad enough to fight this – even the Jews.

What is so sad in my opinion is that for years people seem not to face the very facts that are in front of their eyes. Each has their own vision of how the world should be...we Jews have always been on the short end of the stick. It seems easier to place all blame on the Jews and on Israel instead of dealing with what is the best for the world's safety, freedom of individuals, and for peace for all human beings. Hopefully God will lead all the peace loving humans to a better vision so our children will also have a future of peace.

In 1967 after the Arabs were defeated in the West Bank and Gaza, the Arabs were planning to depart but victorious General and future PM Moshe Dayan persuaded them to stay and offered them education, medical treatment and employment hoping to build bridges to the Arab world. It seems they would rather remain ignorant, sick and unemployed rather than live with the Jews Is this still the sibling rivalry between Isaac and Ishmael, if there ever was one.

Why do the Irish seem so disproportionally anti Israel? Perhaps they are just following the example of Irish President Eamon De Valera who on hearing of Hitler's death, went to sign the condolence book at the German Embassy in Dublin

There is an everlasting hatred for Jews by the arabs and most followers of Islam as the koran and their other holy books teach them to hate Jews, and now also the Christians come under this umbrella in these times.
Many Christians have left their homes in Israel, especially heavily populated arab areas where they are persecuted and attacked!
There will never be peace in Israel until the Messiah returns and changes the hearts of the islamic followers of this satanic cult when they realize they have been deceived!

Karma will come to the nation of Ireland for its support of evil. England and the rest of Europe are already paying the price for their years long support of Israel's enemies. They are no being overrun by muslims with their own native cultures disappearing.

its a socialist, pro-muslim newspaper-aren't they all?-so take action to repudiate their lies.if the muslims don't like it, they can go to jordan.

Israel needs to be shown respect by her neighbours and the international community. The Palestinians must not persecute Christians.

I think that all these ardent truth-loving propalestinians, from the TIME to the Guardian, should be brave enough to unite finally into one grand media company of "Der Stuermer International" - and then nobody would have any complaints about them: honesty is always commandable! Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

I was upset to read the post from Roy Tolchinsky demonising the Brits in the second world war as being pro nazi . As a child living in London at the time, as I remember, it was the Brits who were fighting the nazis, and being badly bombed and
killed in large numbers until the yanks joined in following the attack on Pearl Harbour!

Why would we want to stave off a body of people who worships a Jew?

Ireland shouldn't say a word, they act like a snake who eats its own tail, fighting amongst themselves and having their "troubles" spill over into England, they seem to forget the bombings and the misery they have caused in destroying umpteenth families. What do you get when you mix orange and green? a very ugly grey!

So now they want to add themselves to the extended list of Israel/Jew haters, marvelous! Israel has become a whirling dervish trying to stave off all surrounding lunatics. With all these homeopathic governments, watered down to an inch of their lives and yet telling Israel what to do, no wonder its a world gone mad.

This is the best Irish joke yet!

I am a "Northern Irish" Evangelical Christian (Not narrow minded as portrayed by many), with reasonable knowledge of (1) the Biblical definition of "christian". (2) The Irish, (Roman Catholic), attitude towards the Jews, and (3) Their ( the Irish) own skewed concept of "christian", Also (4) the very restricted understanding the Jews have of ALL of the above. What the Irish Times cannot do is display a balanced view of the problem, why?, well they are full of "cloaked" hate towards Israel and the Jews, hundreds of years of Priest/Vatican brain washing has seen to that. Part of the real solution is for the Israeli/Jews to understand who their real friends are, possible but not likely!!

That is true but Christians have many problems not only with Muslims but with Israel too.
The settlements in the West Bank are a serious problem for our communities and we are third class citizens in Israel.
We have not the same rights to access to education . If we go abroad to study or work then it is impossible to return to our towns and villages because the Israel authorities prevent us to go in the country.
Israel makes things really difficult for us to reform our temples
Muslims ... I don't expect anything from the Muslims but I expect a lot from Israel and I understand how much it means Israel for many of my countrymen.

Muslims discriminate against anyone that is not Muslim or from the differeing sect of Islam, Suni or Shia. Bethlehem, Israel was 80% Christian until Oslo, now is down to 10% and struggling. Christians are NOT being helped by the attitude of the Catholic Franciscans who chose to parrot the PA blame of Israel rather than where it belongs,on the Muslims. Apparently they would all be driven out of Bethlehem if they didn't keep up the lie. Is it any coincidence that areas of Christian Arabs, like Bethlehem and Nazareth/Galilee are being flooded with PA Muslims? Probably because Islamists know the world's Christians do a poor job of supporting their brothers in Israel and in all Muslim countries like Iraq.

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