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Tuesday, October 26 2010

Selective Outrage Over Provocative Photos

When I think of peace and humanitarian activists, I'd like to think of images like this associated with the Peace Corps and other well-meaning organizations.


Unfortunately, I think of so-called "humanitarian activists" from Turkey hamming it up in Gaza with their Islamic Jihad friends, thanks to pictures like this in today's  YNet News.


I should've learned my lesson a few years ago when International Solidarity Movement "activists" posed for this similar photo.


Without excusing Eden Abergil, are the Turkish IHH photos any less outrageous?


Do you think any Palestinians or Turks will denounce the new photos? Don't hold your breath . . .



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Good point!

Many Muslims and much of the world have no limit on the outrageous lies and statements they make when it comes to Israel or the Jewish people.

Despit the clear photos of Turkish goons attacing Israelis with metal poles, I recently read of one writer sayingf they were merety waving white flags.

It sickens me to know that some people will go along with this although it is impossible to actually believe it.

I keep wondering what can be done to oppose this type of lying.

Harvey Rogers

There is a fundamental lack of understanding of Islam.
In the West we fool ourselves with terms like "Radical Islam", "Islamism", "Extremists" etc.

The truth is that Islam as such is an ideology of the Arab colonialism and cultural imperialism.
The founder of Islam, was a 6th century warlord who raped countless women, killed unarmed prisoners of war, and committed all sort of other terrorist acts in the name of Allah.

Naturally today, the followers of Muhammad are not, and cannot be peaceful. That is they can be peaceful, only if they are lousy followers. Good Muslims are bound by the example of their "Prophet" and by the commandments of Allah to fight.

Now there are a lot of people who claim otherwise, without having even read Koran and the important Hadiths.

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