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Monday, October 11 2010

MSM, Stone Throwers Collude and Collide In Silwan

How did so many photographers happen to be in the right place at the time?

See HonestReporting's latest communique: MSM, Stone Throwers Collude and Collide In Silwan



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I think they scored an "own-goal" with this (ignore the Guardian). They should have arranged for the masks to be removed first. I looked at various papers where comments were allowed and the commenters were mostly urging the ambushed driver to drive on.

So an Israeli driver deliberately running over children was also staged, hm?

Even if they fully expected trouble to go down, the fact is the photo reveals the sheer level of hate going on with both sides -- and that includes you. You want this to be a conspiracy because it's too unpleasant to consider the possibility that the all-Palestinians-are-terrorists attitude you're fostering is leading people to reckless acts.

The stone thrower is lucky it wasn't me. I would have run over the scumbag Muslim Terorist and made sure he was dead.

I saw the video in the Jerusalem Post,then I read the article in the Telegraph an british paper with a picture from Al Jezzera, I wrote to them and told them that they told only one side of the story and that I felt that the whole thing was a setup,also told them that the british were always pro arab and showed only their side,whether it was true or not.

It's about time that Israel got smart and expelled these photographers. Anyone who colludes with the enemy should be imprisoned or expelled. There are more reporters per ca-pita in Israel than other country. These reporters have to create stories to justify their employment.

Hey Guardian----
How much BLOOD MONEY did you pay for these pictures?

It's so obvious that this was a staged "performance' set up by the enemies of Israel. .

The car was close to the curb. The kids placed themselves in front of the car. A well staged event.

Two points: In at least one of the videos available on YouTube it is clear that the injured boy ran directly at the car. There was no way to miss him.

Second, as the car drives away, it appears that its back windshield is shattered, which would certainly entitle the driver to fear for his life.

The media will continue to conspire with terrorists until they are sued as accessories to murder and/or attempted murder and civil dmagaes are awarded.

This kind of staged propaganda has happened before in Lebanon and other places and will happen again. It serves both the Palestinians and the leftist media. The Palestinians look like victims again and the media get their "cheap shots"; namely a cheaper way of getting these pictures than looking for real ones. This is "ambulance chasing" at its worst!

Regarding #3, Maybe the older guys with their faces covered, (and rocks in their hands), were there to "finish the driver off". Also, WHY (at the end of the video), was the kid trying his hardest NOT to be put into an arab car? Could it be he was scared they would kill him, and then blame his death on the Israei driver???

Thank you for the critique about the coincidental presence of press photographers and the obvious colusion.

From studying the first photagraph in your article (and looking at the video again) it is plain that the car had swerved to avoid the two kids on the left of the picture.

Some pal-supporting posters (or gleeful trouble-makers who seem to turn up like photograpers) are saying that the video shows the car deliberately swerving into the kamikaze-kids. Your photograph shows that this is not true and reveals the two kids the car swerved to avoid as well as showing the (possibly contrived) acrobatics of the kids who deliberately ran into the new path of the car.

When will a single member of the MSM have the courage to break ranks and report just what is actually happening in the Middle East? Not just about this latest Palestinian production, but on all of the other biased episodes we contantly see on our BBC and the like.
If any single journalist (and his editor) ever showed such courage they would have a Pulitzer journalism prize on their hands and their names would go down in history.
But maybe they feel it safer not to annoy the crocodile or poke the tiger?

In 1984 I was in the galilee visiting friends near a kibbutz. In town there was a group of young arab kids, just hanging around. I stood near the bus stop and watched for my bus back to Tel Aviv. While I stood there I saw an tv color truck pull up; I think it was ABCTV; a guy took out paper money, handed it to one of the taller kids, a boy about 17 or 18, they talked and then the truck parked up the street. Suddenly the kids started throwing over cars, pushing people on the streets, throwing soda bottles with something in them, fires started, smoke, I was terrified. Within a couple of minutes a couple of IDF jeeps showed up with young looking soldiers. They started to round up the rioting kids, while the truck pulled up taking photos. Then a water truck appeared, as the soldiers used water to break up the group. All the while the camera guy was filming. My bus had not come yet; I was transfixed even while terrified. As quickly as it started, the truck pulled off with its video, the kids dispursed who hadn't been arrested, the soldiers left and I was standing there alone on the sidewalk across the street. When I returned to the states I contacted ABC; I am still waiting for a response.

after looking at the video many times it looks to me that the kid jumped on the car.

Well, nothing exeptionally new about the reporters - during the Chrystal Night their colleagues from the Voelkischer Beobachter also were on the spot most timely to witness the rightful indignation of the German people with the Jewish crimes. The only thing which astonishes me in this article is the use of nice words "the kids" and "the children" about the murdering little thugs. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg,Russia

Response to this incident viewed in India was most heartening. Except for a very small minority most comments on the newspapers showed that people in India had a correct perspective of the incident. They felt it was stage-managed and that the driver did the right thing to first slow down and then race away to save his life. They felt that the photographers were in cahoots with the Palestinian stone throwers. The boy didn't seem hurt from the resistance he offered when being forced into a van that conveniently came on the scene. Sad that the world media has stooped so low to try to place Israelis in poor light.

Jonathan: do you think they were throwing stones to break the windshields to make peace and love? Had they stopped, they'd have been butchered without the slightest doubt. Remember Ramallah? Remember the cave at Hebron where bodies of two Israeli children were literally ripped to shreds?

Brilliant strategy. Either they get to butcher some Israelis (in which case the film gets hidden) or the Israelis don't stop, hit-and-run and they do publish the film.

The idea that it's right and proper for children to throw stones at cars, wear masks to hide their identities, put their bodies in front of moving cars... use your brains folks. No parent would approve of, allow, encourage or countenance such action in a civilized culture. And the Israelis and no one else is responsible for the Palestinian Arabs' descent into moral perversion: they are responsible for their own lives. They can make them better or make them worse. Since blaming Israelis for their own moral perversion in no way helps their situation, that act is also perverse.

If Daniel Pearl had been there, , , , but Daniel Pearl was whacked for telling the truth about Islam and their ways

Set ups like that - remember Mohammad Dura - can be organized and paid for by deal makers that can be found at places like the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem, famous for that in the media world.

Perfect analysis of the facts, the journalists built the news.
The news was published also in European medias, practically all western world was "informed". These are the things that really hurt : relevance, resonancy........this was the real case of an infamous news aimed to defame Israel and Judaism.

Jonathan Fingas - watch the video again. Was the driver deliberately running over the terrorist or the terrorist run directly head on onto the car? Your comment says it all about your even-handedness. You should apply for a job with the Guardian; you would be very successful as their reporter (and get rich on Jewish blood).

As I have posted before, Israel is years behind the Palestinian media machine. Honest Reporting does a great job at bringing incidents like this staged "incident". This is simply not enough. Two young men doing a terrific job is admirable, but Israel needs to take notes from what the Palestinians are doing, not staging false incidents, but covering them immediately with Israeli reporters at the scene, protected by police, getting the true story out on the net on YouTube etc, to Israels own and worldwide newspapers and radio and TV to counter the propaganda as soon as it happens. Time to play catch up with world opinion. At least that is a start. Keep up the great work guys, you are among Israeli heroes in my book.

Jonathan Fingas is at least subscribing to the notion of moral equivalency. Review of the video documents the fact that the driver intially swerved to avoid the two boys and then tried to escape certain injury and likely death, and also the death of his passenger, by accelerating. As he did one of the boys jumped onto the front of his car. The massive group of photographers positioned on the scene, the multiple near simultaneous reports from various "news" services and the boy's resistance to being placed in the van all together powerfully support the conclusion that this ambush was staged. This is outrageous, especially considering the previous many instances of successful collusion and staging of various events that make it appear that that Israelis are the wrong-doers. In some cases the collusions have immediately and directly led to casualties and deaths, as in the recent murder of an Israeli officer while his unit was trimming trees near the Lebanese border but within Israel. More often the events and the corrupt reporting of them incite the already over-the-top Palestinian and pan-Arab hatred of Israelis and Jews in general. These reckless and corrupt news services, their photographers and their reporters in Israel, Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon are fellow immoral collaborators of Arab propagandists. The public needs somehow to understand that if they are seeking accurate reporting the first step is to distrust the images and reports from the BBC, NPR, CNN, ABC, the Los Angeles Times, the AP, the Manchester Guardian and the New York Times to name a few. Not just Israel but the world will pay a price for the corruption of the "journalism" offered by these former icons of reliable reporting! Pathetic and frightening. Perhaps Jonathan Fingas is one reader/viewer whose excessive innocence has made him an unskeptical believer of the expertly produced distortions we are being confronted with week after week.

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