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Sunday, October 24 2010

Lauren Booth Converts to Islam

Lauren_boothLauren Booth, who was named Dishonest Reporter of 2008, has converted to Islam.

She follows in the footsteps of Yvonne Ridley, who converted after the Taliban kidnapped her while she covered the war in Afghanistan.

Both are vocal critics of Israel, have sailed on Gaza flotillas, and work for Iran's English-language Press TV, which means they're on the Iranian government payroll.

Bottom line: nothing's going to change.



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This is fitting in light of her pro-hamas, pro-jihad and anti-Semitic views. May she suffer the consequences of a miserable life as a subjugated muslim woman.

Mazal Tov to Ms. Booth! What a splendid decision! I spent too many a sleepless night thinking about the infidel working for Iranian TV (how could they allow it?) Luckily, my worries have been put to rest. There is nothing like the feeling of having one's doubts about the authenticity and seriousness of another's anti-Israel activities resolved through a quick conversion to Islam. Another thing we don't have to worry about is Ms. Booth's husband. He has suffered a brain injury in a recent motorbike accident-- he is in no position to protest Ms. Booth's new allegiance. What a dandy world!

yes she joins a long list of distinguished converts including
johan von leers
achmed huber
alois brunner
ramirez sanchez

in her case treachery is in the blood as she is daescendant of booth the traitor who murdered an american president

may she prosper in her new career of bringing sharia law to every corner of the british isles

Two member of the same family, both suffring from brain injury.

you folk are just cheesed off and jealous, eat your hearts out you so and so's

Are you people from this world? Your comments make me sick. How very modern and educated you all appear to seem.

Well said abed. Previous authors are shortsighted, bigoted, dangerous people.

I as a muslim congratulate that lauren booth entered into Islam . It is her luck and good fortune that now Allah bestowed his favour to her in acceptance Islam because Islam is the true and right path . I pray for my this new sister in Islam to Allah on her goodness and plreasure .

I would like to say Laurin Both chose the path of hell ,islam is satanical religion ,she came out of light to darkness.hasnt ever read the history of muhammad and islam,which is full of horrible massacres,raping,kidnapping,racicsm,hatred,and revenge.Muhammad was killer, moslems occupied middle- east countries like iraq,egypt,syria,lebanon jordan, palestine,Turkeyand iran.and killed their people and destroyed their civilizations.Laurin is defending Arab terrorists in Gaza who occupied the land of jews 1400 years ago.

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