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Thursday, October 28 2010

HonestReporting Attacked by Plagiarizing Palestinian Paper

Palestinian "news" websites engage in gross misinformation and anti-Semitism.

See HR's latest communique: HonestReporting Attacked by Plagiarizing Palestinian Paper



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Freedom loving people, around the world, WAKE UP!!!!
RADICAL ISLAM, has one goal, the destruction of WESTERN CIVILIZATION!!!!!
They hate freedom, they brain wash their children and adults, to become suicide bombers. What civilized people, would do such evil thing?????Those who support, RADICAL ISLAM, are no better than they are.

You miss the point. It is not ONLY Modiin that is an illegal settlement on "stolen Palestinian land." It is also Tel-Aviv, Bnei Berak, and so on. It is all of Israel. That's what the Palestinian press means.

The Qur'an permits Al-taqiyya, the act of deception/lying against your enemies. What else did you expect?

This is a true piece of investigative journalism which exposes the methodology and motivation of the so-called Palestinian Chronicle

Maybe it is the Modi'in Illit settlement which is on the West Bank that they are referring to.

Nothing surprises us any more, the propaganda that the antisemitic press and the terrorists just grab at anything to discredit Israel.
The world has to wake up and see what the extremists are doing !! Wake up every body !!!

Honest Reporting does an excellent job of pointing out key facts in the dispute between the Palestinians and Israel. It highlights the areas in which the Palestinians have been comprosing the truth through shoddy jouranalism. In doing so it calls for a response of support for Israel from the international commmunity. I fully aplaud the actions of Honest Reporting.

you guys at HonestReporting are hilarious. Modi'in is in Palestinian territory. If you get your HonestReporting information from Wikipedia, look elsewhere. Wikipedia is the most chopped-up, edited propaganda information source there is. Anyone can put whatever they want in Wikipedia.
If Modi'in is not on Palestinian land why did the Israeli Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Dorit Beinish,in 2007, rule the settlement was on Palestinian land and said to get the wall off their land. It seems to me you ignore your own court, your own laws, ignore international law, and simply do as you please.
HonestReporting won't post this because these facts don't agree with HonestReporting's made up facts.

How come anyone expects honesty and justice from people who murder,stab,kidnap and maim innocent people on every single day of the calender?
How any one can trust or support people that work hard to erase the entire humane race history by ignoring 1,000 years of Israeli life in the entire area of the middle east?

Noble white English turned quickly into sunny brown Moslems,still they consider it to be romantic.
British willing to ignore and distort ancient past just when it conerns Israel,ignor their own Cristian past even when it was woven with Israel's already 2,000 years ago.
Trying to get friendly with Arab and Islamic world for vain.

Reportage critical of Israel's policies is generally labeled anti-Semitism. Alas, something similar to an alarm continues to burn a bright red, flashing madly and sounding like unnatural death. I can only assume from the urgent pitch, this alarm is perhaps a warning that any time soon, the future will not go well for all people who practice and promote, "An eye for an eye."
Any ole eye will do.

logic and rationality have departed western civilization.political correctness has created an equal moral playing field between those who support freedom,democracy,and human rights,and those who wish to destroy these values to establish the calliphate.the bad news is the Trojin horse has made it into Europe.the good news, is Europe is waking up,as evidenced by the election of parties willing to address the existential threat to european and western civilization by islamism.

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