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Thursday, October 14 2010

Fitting Into Adrian Hamilton's World

IsraeliflagAdrian Hamilton, a columnist at The Independent, is against recognizing Israel as a Jewish state. Here's why:

The more closely you define Israel as a uniquely "Jewish" state, the less room there is for it to act as a co-operative member of a Muslim majority Middle East. Its role becomes that of an enclave which views itself as not just separate but in clear opposition to everyone else about it.

There's simply no point under these circumstances in pursuing peace negotiations.

Where in Hamilton's world can Jews go to "fit in?"

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So this writer is an advocate of islamic supremacy. The other countries in the region are entitled to be islamic states, but Israel cannot be a Jewish state. According to this sick writer, Jews have no right of self-determination and sovereignty in their own homeland. He suggests Israel should succumb to islamic supremacism because the Middle East is a muslim majority. Never mind that the region became a muslim majority through violent conquest and forced islamization. With such moral depravity on the part of Britain's media and political elite, is it any wonder that England itself is becoming islamized. How can you expect them to support Israel when they are so willingly surrendering their own country to islam?

Is Hamilton against the "Kurdish" substate of northern Iraq?

I am afraid it is useless arguing with people such as Adrian Hamilton.

Their blinkered naivety puts them into the IQ of bad tempered little children.

Correction:there are four Islamic republics, three Arab republics, seven Arab emirates and one Arab jamahirya (whatever that means). Everyone is cool with that. But one Jewish state? Hell no!

Amazing..He and the traditional Liberal world of hypocrits have no problem with all the Arab countries exclusive specificity of being Arab and Muslim..only the Jews and small Israel (the only Jewish country on the planet) must give up her "raison d'etre", historic and legal right, self determination and national aspiration. And all that for what? Just out of the West's fear of the Islamic imperialistic push towards their proclaimed intention for world domination. Israel is also "here" precisely to prevent that to happen. Start getting real and used to that fundamental truth...if you want to survive Islam yourself!

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