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Monday, October 18 2010

60 Minutes Visits Silwan

I just finished watching Lesley Stahl's report on Silwan for 60 Minutes. Overall, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting.

I do wish she had questioned the Palestinian activist about illegal construction.



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You are being very nice to Leslie Stahl. Jews are "infiltrating" Silwan: Israel should hold off the tourist park because of the ten year old Clinton parameters, etc. Her snarkiness with the Israelis and feeding lines to the Arabs ("your tax money" etc.) was repulsive.

Twenty years ago, 60 Minutes was known for doing hit jobs on Israel. Some things haven't changed

I was not surprised to see the bias, one sided reporting of CBS which is representative of the mainstream media.

What bothers me most is that
Americans watching an Israeli driver hit an Arab youth on TV elicits and perpetuates views and feelings against a little and beleaguered nation that wants peace with its neighbors. Irresponsible segment from 60 minutes reporter fanning the fire of hatred against Jewish people in their homeland.

The realities of normal life immediately fly out the window when it comes to reporting on Israel. While I'm sure Leslie Stahl would agree with demolishing illegal homes in her neighborhood and wouldn't be sympathetic if a local ethnic group in her town objected to paying city and state taxes for police protection (the so-called gun guards), and while I hope she would object if no Jews are allowed to live in her city -- all of this is apparently fine if it is happening in Israel and if it is Palestinians who are doing it.

Just as elsewhere, it is wise to have rule of law (I hope she'd agree). And Silwan is currently located in the state of Israel. I'm sure she'd be outraged if Israel refused to allow Arabs to live Tel Aviv or Haifa -- but doesn't apparently think twice about the fact that the Western World is enthusiastically supporting the formation of an openly racist state: Palestine.

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