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Tuesday, September 7 2010

Will MSM Followup on New 'Rape By Deception' Info?

After a judge convicted an Arab man of "rape by deception" in July, liberal commentators jumped all over Israel.

Andrew Sullivan, in particular, said the ruling was "about racism, religion and the risk of miscegenation." Reader comments on The Lede, and the Daily Kos further browbeat Israel, while The Guardian gave Saber Kushour a soapbox to share with the world how the conviction "ruined his life."

But newly released court documents are turning all the accusations on their head. I'll let Maan News sum up the newest revelations:

The Israeli weekly magazine HaIr on Friday published testimony given in court by the complainant.

Kushur was initially charged with rape by force, and the conviction of "rape by deceit" was a plea bargain formulated and agreed to by the prosecution and defense. According to the report in HaIr, Kushur's lawyers initiated the "rape by deceit" charge.

After the conviction, Israeli press reports on the court's verdict were quickly picked up by the international media, which cited the court's decision as an example of discrimination against Israel’s Arab citizens . . .

According to the report, the initial rape charge was reduced to "rape by deceit" to avoid further traumatizing the woman, who had come under aggressive questioning about her history of being sexual abused, and her former occupation as a sex worker.

Other than the JTA , Maan News, and a Haaretz commentary, I haven't seen any mainstream English papers pick up on the story yet. The MSM needs to update the record. Otherwise, they're partners in a deception that allowed Israel to be raped in the court of public opinion.

(Hat tip: Victor Shikhman)



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So an actual rape did occur. But anti-Semitic vermin such as andrew sullivan and his leftist ilk do not care about the truth, only in slandering Israel. I guarantee they will not make corrections to the story but either drop the story or continue to mislead their readers about the verdict.

The story of "Rape by Deception" had spread like a wildfire and was published not only by the "usual" Israel-haters, but also by the mainstream media. This shows that the world is ready for any negative news, any slander to throw at Jews.

It is up to us now to confront the media, so that the story is not only corrected, but that the lesson of media's vilification of Israel is learned.

Robert Mackey of the NYT's The Lede, an anti-Israel blog, refuses to concede that new information is available and thus will not retract his libel. See comment 28 and the response here:

Here's the exchange:

Madison, WI
September 7th, 2010
7:05 pm
Hey Mackey,
You going to retract that libel you posted about the so-called Rape by Deception? Turns out it was just rape but since you are intent in libeling Israel, doubt you'll bother with the correction.
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Robert Mackey
Reporter, New York Times
September 7th, 2010
7:05 pm
If new information about that case has been made public and you want to draw our attention to it, I'm grateful, but that does not make all previous reporting "libel." More to the point, the original reports on this matter in the Israeli press that I cited in my blog posts on the case said that the victim initially claimed that she had been raped by force, before changing her story during the trial to say that the sex had been consensual, so it is not clear if there is any new information here.

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