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Monday, September 6 2010

Why Time Doesn't Care About Israel

Time cover story claims decadent Israelis no longer care about peace.

See HonestReporting's latest communique: Why Time Doesn't Care About Israel



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I wish to protest about AP's choice of photos to illustrate a terrorist attack. This is outrageous. If AP did not have any picture of the attack itself in hand, it should have done without photos, if their aim was- as I rhought - to be scrupulously accurate.

Time did not care to interview non-complacent Israelis. Furthermore, pictures of folks lying on the beach are far easier and cheaper to obtain than those of folks working on the problems ensuing, e.g. developing offense and defense strategies at high government levels. These images just are "sexy" stuff.
Professional journalists at Time magazine should be ashamed of themselves and their professional colleagues.
Marjorie Richman

It is really too bad the digital media exists.
The tools available to the digital media are such, that anything can be massaged so that anything can be presented either positively or negatively. The media has a field day with anything that has to do with Israel,and depicts Israel in a negative way to cater to anyone who is anti-Israel (but not anti-semitic) Pictures can be cropped , emphasized, deleted , images can be imposed, etc., etc.

we are rarely shown images which depict Israel in a true light, perhaps honesty doesn't sell.

Israelis think peace is desirable but not possible. That Time can't tell the difference tells us a lot about the depths in which it's reporting has fallen.

The first question the Israel government, in any kind of "negotiations" with Abbas or whoever, is 'Do you recognize the State of Israel'? This will facilitate all of the b.s. that goes on all the time. I hope that the Israel government doesn't give anything away again because they will never get anything in return (with the exception of more rockets hitting innocents). That is why this question is all telling.

The mainstream media's anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, anti-human reaction to a brutal massacre by Arab savages, is unconsciounable.

We discontinued our subscription to Time magazine a long time ago. They certainly do not understand the plight of the Israelis. I found the cover despicable.

Stop calling the arabs palestinians!!! Every time they are called palestinians you legitimize them as a nationality.


Stop the lies!!!!

When AP attaches irrelevent pictures relating to the Israeli presence to an absoutely unrelated story about a Palestian roadside attack in which 4 Israelis were shot dead, the choice of photographs used is, at best, mischevous. Their publication is certainly unprofessional. Their use is mean spirited. AP news briefs will have little credibility in my mind. I hope that discerning individuals will feel the same.
B kopstein

Snap shot journalism.....superficial and slanted.
Maybe we should remind this journalist what a Palestinian claimed a few years ago "Jews love life, Muslims revere death"
In the middle of summer, the peace talks are jump started(nothing of course to do with the USA local political agenda) and the Israelies get cricised for having a good time......the journalist would rather see a miserable hand wringing dispirited people(so that he can feel better?)The strength of the Israelies is "Work hard, play hard and fight hard"
How many attempts have been made at peace and how many excellent offers were proffered in the past? Israelies are jaded, sceptical and determined that in spite of it all Life is meant to be Lived!!!!
Time magazine must really be short on material in order to deliver this "pretzel" piece of journalism.
Happy New Year!

How can you pare the article with those two idiots ?

What the article misses is that Israelis live day by day. Israelis care for peace but after so many tries they never have a partner with the Arabs.

This Vick fellow, and Time, is proof that attacking the Jews sells. The mendacity, mediocrity and incitement by the once larger news media is gratefully ignored by the majority.

Who is paying for all those ads the Palestinians are are placing in the Israeli newspapers?

The media is sick, blind, but mostly liars. If most of them can say, that the jews want to rule everything in the world and the arabs are peaceloving poor people,

Israel has a legitimate claim to the land they occupy. The evidence for this is captured in the oldest book of historical records available. The Bible. The current conflict faced by Israel, is because the Jews come from the line of Abraham and Sarah, (Abraham's wife and God's promise) and the Muslims come from Abraham & Hagar's line (Hagar was Sarah's maid, and was of the flesh). Muslims have always had a problem with this. There have been many attempts by evil people to rid the world of the Jews. This has not changed. Muslims want to take over the world. This is obvious for all to see and evidenced around the world.Israel is taking the pounding for the rest of us.

Couldnt believe my eyes when I saw that cover
sitting on the shelf at Smiths.

On the bright side it can only unite us against
these sort of things. We must all do our bit
to argue the case for Israel do not be complacent.


I am totally Flabergasted by TIMES audacious ,Flagrent Anti-semitic Point of view concerning the on going peacetalks. How can this individual call himself a journalist,and how can Time Magazine edit this SCANDELOUS" biased article? How dare this Pseudo journaliste say the Israelis do not care about any peace talks,,, After all the Wars and terror Israel has been subjected to ,by the Arab world and also now by the International Community,, How dare this Individual say ,that the Israelis are "More interested in soaking up the "RAYS on the beach ,,does he want ALL the ISraelis to Go to Washington for this peace Meeting What does he expect ??
And the Worst of all his referance to the Murdered Israelis as "SETTLERS" These Israelis have Names and Family's G'D damn it,,, These Israel that were murdered were human beings,and one was a pregnant Women ,, These were not just SETTLERS,,VIC,
If VIC was so sure about the Palestinians wanting peace,maybe he should of reacted to ABBBA'S speach when he said before the Palestinian Medias,, that HE DID NOT HAVE TO RECOGNIZE THE STATE OF ISRAEL TO GO FORWARD,,,
Shame on This Vic Individual and
Shame on TIME mag for allowing this UNPRO article to be published

If the pursuit of a comfortable lifestyle is indicative of an indifference to peace, then I would have to conclude that the great majority of Americans don't care about world peace. What an absurd piece of ignorant, biased writting. I couldn't use the word journalism. Who wrote the article? Was it Osama?

Time Magazine, a notoriously anti Israel rag, needs to be baned from working in Israel. "Begin rhymes with Fagin" - does anyone remember that beauty?

The difference between the Palestinian and the Israeli society is very clear:
Peacefull Israelis require to raise hands to vote and favor or else, peace moves with its neighbours.
Brutal Palestinians use a non stop: force,intimidations,kidnapping,murder at any given moment for more than 70 years.
Israelis are skeptical still,give peace a chance.
Every single day!!we have a rape,abduction. ,arson,thefts and murder.

It is hard to believe that there are still Jews who seriously believe Israel has nay interest in peace. They are interested in confiscating more and more land and are constantly setting up paramters that cannot be met. The TIME article is correct and we should be hearing more about the intransigence of this Israeli government. The days of propaganda are over. The Palestinians are calling for nothing more than is due to them and which is the position of the entire international community. Settlements are an impediment to peace and must end.If they do not, the US and rest of the international community must hold Israel to account and take very serious measures against a regime that has no interest in peace but dominance over the occupied territories and land confiscations. Enough is enough.

Lessons of blood paid by Israeli people!!!!

Lessons that the west start to learn only lately and still don’t understand the threat.
Israel is learning that the march to the so much desired peace will be a very long a dangerous journey.
Israelis learned that to maintain a level of normal life under the nonstop destruction pressures they have to concentrate on the daily normal life routine of people worldwide.

What lead to this Israelis approach?

1: Endless Arabs wars.
2: Endles Arab terror to conventional wars and a mixture of all types of wars.
3: Endless hate preaching and teaching by Arabs in schools, media, mosques.
4 : Endless attacks and fouls blame by media, UN and the so called human rights groups will continue whatever the defending Israel will do or not do.
5: Endless Arab boycotts attempts
6: Endsless refusal by Arab leaders refusal to accept a Jewish. Started 85 years ago and still in full force volume today.
7: Endless Arab leader's declarations that the political negotiations are only tactics that will lead to Israel destruction.

8: On the other hand:
8.1 Israel attempts to reach a comprehensive peace lead only to more blood shade
8.2: Understanding that the world is ready to pay for the Arabs petrol supply with their moral values and Israel blood coin.
8.3 : Understanding that the defending Israel is the only country worldwide phasing daily threats to be destroyed by powers 150 times larger and fabulous rich
8.4: Understanding that Israel has to relay on its own defense and on the same time to keep its interior living spirit of normal life.

How pleased am I that I stopped my subscription to Time for I felt that they were becoming not only anti_israel but also subtly anti-semitic. It seems that they are now showing their true image. If my memory serves me right, Time belonged once to the Hearst group, or something like that, a group that in the twentieth century featured Hitler as their Man of the Year. How about others cancelling their subscriptions?

I hold no brief for Time. That said, reality says that for many Israelis, it's not so much that they don't care about peace, it's that they are satisfied with the status quo, and willing to live with that. So, yes, they have become complacent. Their economy is booming, there have not been terror attacks (until recently; surely to disrupt the peace talks), and they know the history here: every time Israel has offered generous peace agreements, the Palestinians have turned them down. For me, the most important, and amazing statement in this story is that the Palestinian negociator said, "Shalom to you in Israel."
Wow, I think that's major, and no, I am not naive about Israel and the middle east. May it be a Shanah Tovah for them and all of us.

Time magazine is confused. Prosperity is what the Israelis are enjoying today.It does not mean that the Israelis lack the will to enter into serious and meaningful negotiations with the Palestinians.Time magazine should spend more time trying to convince Abbas that prosperity for his people will bring about a long and lasting peace . Instead of spending billions of dollars for armament and bombs,the palestinians should built their cities. Make Gaza another Las Vegas in the Mediterranean. Let them be preoccupied with work and improve their lives. The rest will come naturally.

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