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Tuesday, September 7 2010

Time Reporter Defends Controversial Cover Story

Time_cover Reporter Karl Vick defends his controversial cover story in Time magazine. He tells CNN's Kevin Flowers:

Vick, who was recently assigned to Jerusalem says the cover headline for the story was "meant to be provocative and intrigue" but defended the reporting. "There is always debate and criticism of anything that challenges conventional wisdom" he said.

"It was apparent to me that life here is really good and when security is good there is no urgency."

Vick still confuses Israel's jaded views on the peace process with disinterest in the overall goal of peace.

That nuance is why the Jewish world is outraged with Time, and not with Yossi Klein Halevi and the LA Times over a commentary similarly titled:

Israelis Do Not Have High Hopes in Peace Talks

You can read HonestReporting's response to Time by clicking here, or by clicking on the link Flowers cited in the CNN post.



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Roger Cohen's latest article in the NYT is basically an extension of the Times article. It would be quite amazing if this was by sheer coincidence.

Israelies are superficial and shallow occupiers who only care about their TV shows and cafe lattes. Of course, one could ask what does that make the palestinians with their continued violent incitment against Jews and Israelies?

The article puts the entire onus for peace on Netanyahu and Israel and no mention of the recent statements by Palestinian leaders of their intention to reject any compromise.

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