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Monday, September 20 2010

The Washington Post: An In-Depth Analysis

Is the Washington Post guilty of publishing anti-Israel propaganda?

See HonestReporting's special media study: The Washington Post: An In-Depth Analysis



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Here in the UK the BBC were accused so much and so long regarding their one sided reporting that eventually to placate the constant barrage of complaints they summoned a report on the matter.
They commissioned a Michael Balen to investigate whether bias was being broadcast in favour of the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah etc as against bad press for Israel.

I now forget how many years ago that was- but to date, even after court proceedings that report has never been published and the UK judiciary says it dose not have to be.
So much for the UK freedom of information act specially for a state owned corporation!

It seems that these newspapers are always the same ones . IOs it the publishers or the editors that are that anti-semetic.

You did not provide a way to contact The Washington Post.

Definitively guilty. I read several leftist orientated, PC articles.
Now, it is a mystery to me how and why the left is so pro-Muslim, anti-Israel orientated...
Because of this, please use the link below to read the effect of our media on our society. Are we committing cultural suicide???,com_frontpage/Itemid,33/

as always, a good job of bias-sleuthing.

a petition to the 'post' should be posted by you.

pro-Muslim-suicide and berka comming faster then you think.

Admittedly, I have been reading the WaPo for well over 1/2 century and I have seen a continual trend towards more and more bias against Israel. What I have also seen, and this may be more disturbing, is that there has been what almost seems to be a PR campaign to promote Islam.

The most obvious and latest example is this recent Rosh Hashanah. While, in the past, there would have been pieces explaining the meaning of the holiday and its importance, this year the only thing that was published was a couple of unusual recipes for traditional R.H. foods. At the same time, there were major pieces, accompanied by pictures, discussing Eid, which happened to fall (by some calculations) at the same time as R.H.

Even more disturbing was the fact that there was absolutely nothing special going on in the Muslim community (except maybe a slight toning down of celebrations due to the furor over the "9/11 site mosque"), while the revitalized 6th & I Historic Synagogue saw a significant blossoming of young people celebrating R.H. in downtown DC.

I have also had the sinking feeling that the Washington Post is no longer one of the few bastions of hope against anti-Israel bias blindness. Let's roll on HR's recent unmitigated success exposing CNN personnel antisemitism, and similarly, petition the Post. At the very least, they will know not all their readers are commatose. If not now, when?

The Washington Post no longer reports news without obvious bias.

You did not provide contact information so that people could email their protests. Please follow up with this information.

Thank you.

One short comment on building in East Jerusalem:
As far as I remember from what was discussed in Israeli media at the time, Arab houses passed to Jewish hands as taxes were not paid for decades (many Arab villages or towns in Israel are notoriously poor as Arabs pay no municipal taxes; not to mention wild, unauthorized building which goes unpublished...).

dear editor,most american,and european newspapers.
have turned into nothing but Rags.

I think the thing the holds a great deal of surprise for me is, why do people continue with their subscription? If this kind of reporting is supported by readership, then expect lots more of it.

There are many other ways to get the news. Maybe it is time to check it out?

Your detailed assessment of the Washington Post's coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was interesting and accurate. However, as a daily reader of the Post, I must point out the obvious: the Post is a left-wing publication that follows an ideology, which sees the ME conflict as oppressor (Israel) and oppressed. As such, it shapes its world view to conform with that prescription. Whatever does not conform is excised, distorted, or understated. I spent a year just collecting the headlines of Post stories about Israel; amazingly the hostility to the Jewish state is consistently reflected in these--you don't really need to read the stories. I have written and continue to write almost daily reminders to the Post of the bias, distortion, omissions, and factual errors as well as the frequent absence of context. it's generally a waste of effort because nothing substantially changes. Compare the coverage of the flotilla incident by the Washington Times to see what fair and balanced mean. The Post is hopeless. David Kross

The mess media and "our" muslim leader are in bed with the world's arab population to drive Israel into the sea and turn what the Israelis have accomplished into a muslim slum

The Washington Post needs to be more informed in its reporting. By choosing to focus on one aspect of a story they are promoting intolerance and hatred. Thus they need to be less biased towards the nation of Israel.

You did not provide a way to contact the Washington Post. Please include it when you want the public to write to the publication. Please make it easier to access the involved publication. THIS IS IMPORTANT

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