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Tuesday, September 14 2010

Israel As a Jewish State: A 'Relatively Minor Issue'

UPDATE: See HonestReporting UK for a more in-depth response: The Indie: Recogniton of a Jewish State - A "Relatively Minor Issue". Catrina Stewart's belittling of a key Israeli negotiating demand demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the bigger picture.

* * *

Independent-logo Who gave The Independent's Catrina Stewart carte blanche to editorialize in this news story?

Washington hopes to bring the Israelis and Palestinians to a framework agreement within one year, yet the two sides remain deeply divided over even relatively minor issues, such as the Palestinian reluctance to recognise Israel as a Jewish state.

It says a lot that Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state is trivial in the eyes of Stewart and everyone else in The Independent's editorial chain of command.

Last year, I blogged several reasons why it's important for Palestinians to recognize Israel specifically as a Jewish state. In short:

  • There's a profound difference between recognizing Israel's existence and recognizing Israel as an inherently Jewish state.
  • The Second Intifada and calls for Israel's destruction reinforce fears that a purely diplomatic accord will not leave Israel secure.
  • Jews have legitimate aspirations for national self-determination.

Read the whole post.



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This shows the desperation of both the Palestinian supporters, who must continue their war of atrition in order to justify their own bigotry and ignorance, and the world's journalists, who must continue to write about the "brutal, right wing, Israeli regime" in order to justify their jobs.

This is literally the most ridiculous article I have ever read.

Just to clarify - I am talking about the Honest Reporting article, not the Independent article in my comment above.

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