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Wednesday, August 18 2010

Selective Outrage: Israeli Facebook Photos Spark Media Circus

Why is the media so obsessed by one former Israeli soldier's Facebook post at the expense of major Mideast news stories?

See HonestReporting's latest communique: Selective Outrage: Israeli Facebook Photos Spark Media Circus



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oh....I think we all know why...the same reason that the "israeli" serial killer story faded away as soon as it was discovered that he was an arab.

Panorama may have got it right for once but where was the good news about removing the concrete blocks that stopped the residents of Gilo from being blown to bits by firing from Beit Jala? Not a word on the news. The only news about Israel carried by World Service radio was an item about an Israeli court granting compensation to a family whose little daughter had been killed by a rubber bullet fired by an Israeli soldier.

Outrageous is when Islam cuts the head off a kidnapped journalist for a recorded live or delayed feed. Only Muslims would feel outraged as these are women that have conquered deluded Islamic males. Go to for thousands of example of OUTRAGEOUS

So big deal,
At least we all know who's the bad people. U don't see Israelis as a terror prisoners, U don't see europeians as a terror prisoner, etc.
At least it's the note to all bad people and groups to know what is the end.

It seems like the New York Times has given this incident a lot of steam. I thought the story was fairly innocuous in comparison to the other headline articles and was surprised to see that it ran two days in a row. The photo was in poor taste, but all you can say is that this girl used bad judgment and should be embarrassed by her behavior, end of story.

Obviously the Israeli government needs to include the history of the Jews and the importance of the image of Israel (the refuge of the Jewish people) in its school curricula. Jews who were born before the State of Israel came into being understand the fragility of our security in the rest of the world. We are NOT like other nations and will NEVER be held to the same standards. With so many enemies (the media is the instrument) we cannot afford to be stupid.


C'mon guys. This is outrageous. She is a stupid little girl with no sense or sensibility whatsoever. Is it fun to abuse prisoners? Is it fun to TAKE prisoners? What if we saw pictures of Israeli soldiers blindfolded with smiling Palestinians posing next to them? Would we be outraged at that? You betcha! Let's not employ double-standards.

Indeed, if ever you needed definitive proof of the fanatical anti-Israel bias of the main stream media then yesterday was surely the day with its focus on the facebook story while ignoring so many other real stories. I did my own analysis of it here:

I don't see what the big deal is about this picture, It's milk toast compared to all the others we have seen out there. Not like she is grinning like a Cheshire cat over a dead person.

When I first viewed the vid from the IDF I was expecting to see some sort of pornographic debacle. I laughed when I saw what it really was.

Trouble is, Israel is constantly apologizing for everything they do. I'm so sorry I farted too loudly. Time to stop pandering to leftist bleeding hearts and Jew haters. It gets Israel nowhere, fast.

I'm a diehard sionist Canadian citizen/american resident living in Tel Aviv for the past 3 months. The pictures posted by Eden Abergil and the comments made by her facebook friends are in very bad taste and served only to fuel the fire of hatred against Israel and the jewish people. It is deplorable that a former IDF soldier should be so stupid ( and I am not using the word lightly) as to post material that would depict blindfolded miserable looking palestinians prisoners behind a smiling Israeli female soldier. Ms Abergil should be reprimanded severely for creating undeserved, unwelcomed and damaging propaganda for Israel and furthermore she should have her head examined... Seriously!

more of the same by the unfortunate left and media in its sad decline to self abasement because it cannot, by itself, take out the ten commandments. thats because it cannot destroy the judeo/christian society that gave it the education to ask, seek, knock. now the left media has to drop to the lowest level, ally itself with the totalitarian intolerant theology of political islam that does not contain the 10 words or 'love thy neighbour'. thru the left, islam will take out the west, then the left. enjoy while you can...

Sometimes you are pathetically biased. Of course the Israeli soldier with the blindfolded Palestinian prisoners is a good news story. She should be taken to court, almost for treason, for posting this picture on Facebook. There is no excuse. You should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to defend her. Of course there have been other outrages. They do not make her actions less despicable.

I'm at a loss as to why there is such an outcry about these photos. The prisoners are not naked, are not being beaten or kicked, nor are they bloody from torture. It is tasteless to put them on any website, but let's be honest, a lapse in judgment does not require such a global outcry and would probably not even be noticed if it were anyone except an Israeli or perhaps an American soldier. Palestinians and their supporters scrounge for any little tidbit to use against Israel in order to justify their own horrific and brutal treatment of any prisoners they hold.

The female soldier posing in front of the handcuffed and blindfolded prisoners is in no way, shape, or form remotely connected to Abu Ghraib! Prisoners are routinely hand-cuffed and blindfolded by captors around the world.

But when an incident like this one gets posted on the Internet, then Israel gets attacked by a lazy, biased press and readers are led to think that somehow something "bad" has been done to the prisoners! We don't even know why they have been rounded up.

Were they suspects in any kind of crime inside of Israel? Are they Hezbollah or Hamas operatives captured by the IDF?

Sadlly, the truth in these instances doesn't matter. The liberal controlled press continues its biased and distorted reporting in sympathy with the poor "underdog Palestinians".

Where are the stories about the new shopping centers in Gaza? Or the olympic sized pool recently opened? Or anything about the economic rennaiscance beginning in the West Bank?

It would appear that anti-Israel western press bashing is going to continue. Forget about the looming threat on the near horizon of the Iranian nuke! Who was the guy playing a fiddle while his city was burning around him?

He who points his finger toward the other forget that the fingers are pointing in his direction. And what is more simple then to blame Israel?

What's to be outraged about a soldier in front of some prisoners? Is it the fact that the prisoners are old men? That they are blindfolded? The fact that the soldier is smiling? Do we know the context of her smile?
Selective outrage indeed..

Gee.....what will the world press think(report)when Israel finally attacks the Iranian nuke bases?

I just hope that I am still around when this glorious event occures.

Displaying such a photo on Facebook is a childish act on the part of that Israeli girl. I hope that her superiors have dealt with her stupidity!
There is something odd about that photo, did she have her image superimposed on a photo of arrested Arabs in custody, as a boastful ply to her sophomoric friends on Facebook?
Her image is brightened while the images of the men are in deep shadow.

Any opportunity for the world press to junp on Israel,true or false,they do it.
These prisoners were merely blindfolded. No torture,no humiliation.

I am definetely pro Israel but you know perfectly that IS NOT JUST ONE case of abuse... There are hundreds but they go unnoticed.

the media needs to earn their HIGH INCOME jobs by keeping the world in turmoil. since Israel is believed to be the cause of all the evil in the world,they are easy to use for propaganda for the extremists.

The leftist media can't help but jump at any chance to bash Israel, not matter how trivial.

Should we as a species enable the abysmal stupidity of one person who is unfortunately able to share her idiocy with the world in an instant, state who we are. Maybe we should begin printing daily stories from the Darwin Awards books on the front pages of our papers as a statement of norm for us. Intergalactic travelers would be quick to depart our planet, should it be so.

Facebook is too public and posting these pictures there was of poor taste.

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