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Thursday, August 26 2010

Lancet Editor "Responds" to HR Critique

See HonestReporting's latest media critiques:



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How stupid and blind can one be?.........Did he visit all of Gaza or just the parts hammas wanted him to see?.

The only way to stop these self hating anti-semitic Jews is to call for an OUTRIGHT MASSIVE BOYCOTT of HAARETZ. Cancel all subscriptions and pressure advertisers to CANCEL ADS. I do not understand this despicable person.

I am saddened to see the Lancet, for many years considered the very pinnacle of medical journals, sink to such depths as a result of extremely biased reporting on Gaza. They can no longer claim objectivity nor dispassion in their articles or editorials. As a physician, I feel shame for their abandonment of truth and objectivity.

gideon levy is employed by haaretz. even if you do not buy haaretz, by going on to their website you are counted as a contributor and haaretz uses its website figures to attract advertising revenue,used to pay gideon levy's wages.
it would seem to me better not to support haaretz by reading it on line as long as they employ jew haters like levy and amira hass.
can this be pointed out to your viewers

I would ask the good editor whether Lancet would publish a scientific article containing a sentence of the form: "in the classrooms I visited there was no [insert name of disease]." And if not, why not?

Haaretz has always been a nest of Jews hating Jews. It's surprising it's been noticed now. The prostitutes at Haaretz are instrumental in building a wailing wall for the Arabs and being an instrument in destroying the little unity Israel is enjoying.

There's a reason that Menachem Begin chose as his Irgun code name "Michael" in honor of Michael Collins, the Irish freedom fighter. The Brits have long been biased in favor of the Arabs and against the Jews. It is a little silly to expect anything else.

Anyone who has read any of Gideon Levy's articles in Ha'aretz would not be surprised to see him "prostituting himself"; he is not a journalist but an angry anti-Israel activist and after reading a couple of his articles in Ha'aretz I could only wander why Ha'aretz finds of journalistic value in his work; he is not a journalist but a "bomb thrower."

I am an American of English Protestant decent, (350 years removed) and not a Jew or fundamentalist Christian. I have been "in public life" all of my life, I keep close tabs on the issues of the day, or in this case, the issue of the century. I have traveled a great deal, including the Middle East.

I am a great admirer of Israel. Everyone should read George Will's recent column on
Israel. It is truly alarming to see our benighted government, the press, academics and folks like Lancet's Editor turning on our only capable and reliable Mid-East ally. Whatever the merits of the world's decision to create Israel, since then they have been a meritorious and beleaguered people, fighting off one attack after an other, against great odds.

I wish Israel the best, and will support them in their quest for a just and lasting lasting and honest peace.


gideon levy is a trgedy for haaretz and for Israel. He has to work for the palestine propaganda.

Someone should tell Horton that the only way to peace is for both sides to discuss all their problems in an open fashion. Perhaps without hamas who will not talk to Jews anyhow, Abbas will be able to find an accommodation with Netanyahu and draw borders so that the west bank can get back to work and provide its inhabitants with a decent standard of living. Not everything in Israel is rosy and with an ally such as USA in financial straits neither Egypt nor Israel and Jordan can rely on the grants and loans provided by the Yanks. The removal of the majority of western troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, will provide a vacuum which will be quickly filled by Iran much to the chagrin of many arab nations but this may eventually result in the realisation that it is not the Israelis who they should worry about. What surprises me is that so much evil rhetoric is spat out by 1.5 billion Arabs against only 5 million Israelis/Jews whose little or as Chirac once said shitty little country also supports a population consisting of 20 % gentiles.In recent years I have had the pleasure of visiting Israel and can only marvel on how much they have achieved despite an ongoing state of war for over 62 years which still exists with at least 3 of its neighbouring countries. Like the Londoners during ww2 they have suffered rockets from Saddam and Iranian paid for missiles from hezbollah and hamas as well as suicide bombers, but have still found the time to make the desert bloom.
I have this gut feeling that the anti semitism that exists even amongst some peculiar jews as well, is based on jealousy. Religion in the west of europe has lapsed to a large degree, so we cannot blame the churches. Hitler and Stalin were not religious christians so we cannot blame all of the hatred on Christianity. Even Mel Gibsons film exposes the brutality of the crucifiction performed by the Romans, whose occupation of the land certainly did not provide its enemies with food fuel and humanitarian aid. Of course the Romans were not under constant bombardment of missiles and morttars, so that may have altered their perspective of the occupied. How times have changed !!

As I recall, it was Gideon Levy who disgraced himself buy talking about his dreams of Israel being forced by the US to do something. Only there was a word preceding the "dream".

Everybody choose there way to celebrity.
You can't clean dirty soul to shine...

It is very unfortunate that certain members of Lancet were gagged by their bosses. The racial hatred their comments have produced has now brought into disrepute the whole Medical profession. Even a blind man could see what they are trying to do to the inregrity of Israel. What is needed is a mandatory truthful history of what has happened and is still happening to the Jewish people throughout the world. Ask the question; where did all the 'Palestinians' come from in the last 60 years? As an eyewitness I watched as Arab countries first interned their own then forced them across the border into Israel to claim 'refugee' status. Where is the Arab money to aid the alleged starving and sick people who claim previous Israel citizenship. What has happened to the multi-millions given by the UN from other western nations?

I have been to more anti Israel meetings than I care to remember but listening to the treacherous incitement of a very hostile anti Israel audience by Gideon Levy has to rate as one of my worst ever experiences
To hear the murmurings of approval as he said "Israelis care more about their dogs than Palestinian people" and Israel keeps Palestinians in unsanitary and dire conditions so they can dehumanise them and act as if they don;t existas people" plus his wholly false allegations about the situation of Israeli Arabs and his reference to the Palestinians being driven out at which point the woman next to me added "Yes when the Ashkenazim came!cellation of \H!" made me feel physically sick
The sooner there is a massive cancellation of Ha'aretz subscriptions and people stop buying it as a protest against Levy and Amira Hass the better
Add to that him telling the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and BRICUP which promotes boycotting Israel what wonderful work they are doing, and to "keep up our great work" and that rounded off a truly horrible experience

Refer them to todays issue of the Israel National News, and have them look at the photos of Gaza that were not suppose to see.

Yet another Jewish anti-semite. Let us all remember, no Zionism , no Israel. Zionists were busting their butts, to develop a sovereign state, where future despicable Jewish anti-semites could practice their crap. Where would this and other so-called "human rights' advocates ( also known as losers)of the Jewish faith reside and generate their garbage if they could not hide in Israel?
What a slap in the face to all those who died and suffered so that Jews could say "never again"

Served as Professor of Educational Psychology at Tel-Aviv University for 34 years. (Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA). Gideon levy is indeed a well-known and long-time anti-Zionist (and consequently an anti-Semite as well). In principle I am opposed to violence. In his case however he deserves capital punishment.

Wonderful, concise and illuminating reporting. Keep it up and keep the spotlight on the modern day Mengeles who, while they operate with keyboards instead of surgical intruments, have the same motivation and impetus.

Nice work!!

Isn't this the medical journal that published that debunked article espousing the vaccine-autism link which has caused so many to not vaccinate their children adding to the resurgance of deadly childhood illnesses like measles, whooping cough and rubella? It only took millions of dollars and a decade of alternate research by reputable agenices and researchers to get them to disavow that article. How many were harmed and how many died because of their inadequacy?They are an embarrassment to the medical community to begin with and their shoddy research critieria proves it across the board.

As with all other aspects of life, when journals are caught, as the Lancet has now been, demonstrating flagrant bias, nothing else they publish is credible. What a shame that a publication as famous as the Lancet will now be relegated to the ranks of "junk science". Anything that appears in its pages will now be assumed to have no basis in fact. I, for one, will never read it again.

Why don't we just ask about OIL? I think it's time. Anyone can look back when this was set up. I'm not refering to 1918-1920 but - read Churchill's books if you don't know. My interest is that Israel becomes the "tech brains" for the world like the Swiss are the financial brains?

Professional jealousy motivates the "Lancet" Establishment: Jews are prominent universally in medical practice and research, particularly in Israel, which is a world leader in the field. Many non-Jews cannot tolerate this "affront to humanity."

I believe that some of us are in front of the change that has to take place if we are going to survive as a world. What I observe is a waiting for the sky to fall and because some of us are better equiped to fly around it, why not let it happen? Doctors in the US are so beaten down by insurance companies and administrators - their lievly-hood depends on them - they subscribe to anything. It must have been that way during the holocaust.

How do the times we live in differ from anytime over the previous 1500 years? Hardly at all! The Jew hatred is alive and well. The only difference (I assume), is that some of the crazy blinded haters are actually Jewish. How did that happen? Could it be that some Jews have caught the 'sickness'. To me, this was always a sign of intellectual inferiority plus a bloodlust that comes from somehow having become an emotional cripple. It's scary that our gene pool/ intellectual foundation has become so diluted that we now have lame Jews like Gideon Levy, Noam Chomsky, and too many others. How sad for the Jewish people.

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