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Monday, August 2 2010

Gaza Missile Hits, UK Press Misses

How did the UK press cover a Palestinian missile attack on Ashkelon and the Israeli response? Who got it right and who didn't?

See HonestReporting UK's latest media critique: Gaza Missile Hits, UK Press Misses



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You know for a moment the BBC were playing "Straight".
During the Flotilla event their reporting was, as it should be, even handed.

Then the anti- Israeli brigade started to flood the BeeB with complaints-Picketed their studios -
So the BBC running scared of the Islamic lobby have resorted to the tactics they know best -to vilify Israel.

Why must Israel immediately bomb every rocket launching pad in Gaza?

Fact: One Qassam rocket is inaccurate (it is not self-quided); but thousands of them will statistically achieve their fatal task.
Fact: The moment a rocket is fired, IDF knows immediately and exactly its launching spot.

Everybody who has served in any army in the world knows very well that any inaccurate fire from a still point to a given still target (be it by a shot gun, rocket, or artillery) will eventually becone accurate if only three chances are given: After every shot an aim correction is performed and this only takes about three shots. From then on, all fires become accurate.

That's why IDF must bomb the launcing spot before a second rocket is launched. That's why the terrorist fire the rocket by remote control and don't bother to fire a second one. That is why one qassam rocket is innacurate. (But thousands of them?)

The IDF's prime role is to protect the people of Israel - isn't it the role of every army in the world? - and they do it pretty well.

Who cares if the world of nations hates Israel no matter the circumstance? It is more important that the world respect Israel and its military might than to love the Jewish people.

Those who hate the innocent have always received their just due in time. Israel must take the action to remove all Muslims and Arabs from its land just as every other Arab country has done with impunity.

But that requires backbone and the understanding that which is right does not translate into love for those who take action against those whose only mission in life is to destroy.

The BBC needs to be more dilligent in ensuring it gives the best possible journalism and does misrepresent the facts. Israel needs to defend herself from those who attack her boarders and must not constantly be required to give up her right to self defense.

either by BBc or skye the retaliation for the attack on Ashkelon was made by
ISRAELI WAR PLANES. an AIR STRIKE AGAINSt taliban forces was made on or about the same day........never by WAR PLANES. The slant of the coverage is suggest Israel as the agressor.

The first reportage of events in Lebanon said specifically that Israel forces had penetrated the soverignty of Lebanon. Skye and BBC
aaron cohen

One might think that a nation that suffered the V1s and V2s during WWII might show some understanding when civilian populations have rockets fired into civilian centers. But then one would be wrong.

One must remembet that inside every englishman, hides a small Laurence of Arabia. This is endemic.

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