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Monday, July 12 2010

Times of London's Mavi Marmara Revisionism

It's been a few weeks since the Israeli navy intercepted the Mavi Marmara. Although videos of Turkish "activists" have been viewed all over the world, the Times of London is still in doubt about the incident:

The report is expected to be tough on the military decision-making process and focus on the intelligence failure that led Israel to send its commandos one by one into a crowd of activists allegedly armed with metal clubs and knives, and whom Israel accused immediately after the killings of being linked to global terrorism.

For the benefit of the Times of London staff, here's the viral video of so-called "activists" attacking commandos with "alleged" metal clubs and knives.



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Perhaps I'm mistaken but I think the Times of London was at one time supportive of Israel. Look how far it has degenerated.

Whilst it may be entirely the fault of the flotilla activists that 9 of them were killed and dozens wounded nevertheless it is wrong to base your assessment of the incident or the Times's reporting on the video footage that the IDF have shared with us. I would like to see video footage of the boarding of the other ships in the flotilla to see whetehr excessive force was used by the IDF and of the aftermath of the activists' attack on the soldiers. So far we have seen a very small portion of the events. If video evidence is being released then we should be given the complete picture and not edited highlights

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