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Monday, July 19 2010

The Thanks Israel Gets

Israel busted a Hamas terror cell responsible for the drive-by shooting which killed Israeli police officer Yehoshua Sofer in June.

According to the Jerusalem Post, two weeks before the attack, one of the cell's leaders took his six-year-old daughter to Hadassah Hospital where doctors removed a tumor from the girl's eye. The operation was funded by an unspecified Israeli organization.

Veteran Israeli journalist had a similar situation two years ago. While filming a documentary about four-month-old Mohammed Abu-Mustafa, the baby's mother ruined the mood -- to put it mildly -- by telling Shlomi Eldar she hoped her son would grow up to be a shahid. Haaretz explains that whopper:

From an innocent conversation about religious holidays, Raida Abu Mustafa launched into a painful monologue about the culture of the shahids - the martyrs - and admitted, during the complex transplant process, that she would like to see her son perpetrate a suicide bombing attack in Jerusalem . . .

And Eldar was angry. "Then why are you fighting to save your son's life, if you say that death is a usual thing for your people?" he lashes out in one of the most dramatic moments in the film.

"It is a regular thing," she smiles at him. "Life is not precious. Life is precious, but not for us. For us, life is nothing, not worth a thing. That is why we have so many suicide bombers. They are not afraid of death. None of us, not even the children, are afraid of death. It is natural for us. After Mohammed gets well, I will certainly want him to be a shahid. If it's for Jerusalem, then there's no problem. For you it is hard, I know; with us, there are cries of rejoicing and happiness when someone falls as a shahid. For us a shahid is a tremendous thing."

Golda Meir's quote comes to mind:
We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.
In spite fof it all, Israel will continue treating Palestinian children because they're humans and we're humans and it's the right thing to do.



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These killings should stop. The world is getting very violent every minute and we should help each other out to solve this massive mess.

Mark, How the hell can you help people who are brainwashed that to die a martyr is better than living?

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