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Thursday, July 22 2010

Stupid Headline of the Day

After spotting figures approaching the Gaza border fence, the IDF fired a shell that killed Mohammad Al-Kafarneh. Islamic Jihad identified him as one its "fighters."

And yet this headline in The Guardian a) identifies Kafarneh as a militant, and b) in quote marks, as if to cast doubt that Kafarneh was even that, even though c) Harriet Sherwood's article notes that Islamic Jihad called him a "fighter" and d) the IDF Spokesperson blog says Kafarneh's group was preparing to fire a rocket.




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As usual the BBC headline sinks even lower:

Man killed and child injured by IDF strike on Gaza


The BBC has carried out a "stealth edit" - the date and time is unchanged but the headline now reads, "Palestinian shot dead in West Bank by Israeli soldiers".

Note that "man" is replaced by "Palestinian" (still not a "militant"), "killed" is now "shot", "IDF" is now "Israeli soldiers" and the injured "child" isn't mentioned.

Good to see they read this blog! ;-/

I stand corrected - the original piece I linked to with the original headline "Man killed and child injured by IDF strike on Gaza" is still there.

My last comment refers to another story covering an incident in the "West Bank".

It's in quotes because it's unconfirmed. Just because the Israeli government says it's so doesn't make it confirmed as true. Governments have been known to make mistakes.

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