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Sunday, July 4 2010

'One of Hezbollah's Giants I Respect A Lot'

Octavia Nasr, CNN's senior editor of Middle East affairs, is going to get a lot of grief over this tweet about the death of Hezbollah's Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah.


What is it about Fadlallah's record that earns Nasr's respect?

  • Fadlallah's approval of the Hezbollah manifesto, which describes "the necessity for the destruction of Israel?"

  • Fadlallah's links to the 1983 truck bombing of the US Marine barracks, the 2008 Mercaz HaRav Kook massacre, and his support for the 1979 seizure of the US embassy in Tehran?

  • A fatwa to boycott Israeli and USA products?

  • Holocaust denial?

As far as all-time sympathy for the devil goes, Barbara Plett's tears for Arafat still tops the list.

Related reading: Hizbullah in Lebanon

(Hat tip: dejerusalem)



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CNN long ago sold its soul to the sheikhs. I watch CNN from Israel and the only mention of Israel is war and violence while the Emirates are portrayed as heaven on earth. Not surprisingly CNN recently opened a new middle east headquarters in Dhubai.

I do not think that is true Max, coz CNN has been trying very hard to state both sides of the story as well.

I watch CNN here in the UK-
In all the years it has never given Israel any credit for surviving- Much like the BBC-
However the BBC for the first time showed impartiality over the flotilla incident- I am not giving them praise for it- Impartiality should be their remit-
CNN needs to follow suit.

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