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Wednesday, July 7 2010

NY Times Shocker: Colluding with Radical NGOs to Upstage White House Summit

The Gray Lady becomes a politicized vehicle for a campaign timed to cause maximum embarrassment and target pro-Israel advocacy groups.

See HonestReporting's latest communique: NY Times Shocker: Colluding with Radical NGOs to Upstage White House Summit



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The New York Times would serve the USA better if it concentrated on the so-called charities and NGOS that are supporting terrorism and aim to eliminate the democratic western lifestyle.Otherwise if the paper choses to continue to blow in the wind,it will sooner or later run out of hot air.

No doubt about the timing and objectives. After all, its the NYT ! I am disturbed by the fact that 2 of the authors are Jewish. Am I naive ?

I knew that the talks between Obama and Netanyahu had gone well when neither the NYT nor National Public Radio featured the talk as a headline/lead-in that day. Both organizations have made it their cause to feature negative news about Israel, whether it be this NY Times story that you mention in your post, or some irrelevant story on NPR about several Israeli's wishing to change street signs so that they no longer carry the Arabic name for the street as well as the Hebrew name. It is very sad, since both these organizations have talented staff who should be covering stories that really effect our world, from the genocide in Sudan to the corruption taking place in Russia, to the recent boat attack in North Korea that left 46 sailors dead. Instead, Israel has become an easy target. While both organizations proudly feature positive articles on the Jews during the holocaust - Jews who did not defend themselves against the opposition - neither organization seems to like it when it comes to Jews actually defending themselves from their adversaries.

"Grey Lady"? Try ugly old bag!

The NY Times has never been objective when they report on Israel. In the past I have noted many Palestinian organizations,and Mosques that support terrorist groups receive tax exemptions. I have wondered why this is permitted. The emphasis in the column, once again indicates unfair treatment. If we go down that road then, essentially every charitable act should be judged on a political basis. We should make sure that when we give charitable funds, the country in need should be a democracy or conform to our beliefs. Do we really want to go that way?

When I read the article I had the same reaction. I wonder if the Times will publish a letter that takes them to task for publishing the article on the very same day that Netanyahu was to meet with Obama.

This is nothing more than Islamic propaganda pushed by a bunch of due good extremist.
For over 3,000 years Jews have had Jerusalem as their capital not until 1984 did a bung of cowards and murders decide they also wanted Jerusalem.

They are entitled to nothing!

What have these cowards and murders given up for Peace nothing?

The Arabs have been fighting to through Israel off the map – they have started each war and lost – to the victors goes the spoils -

The "grey lady" would serve the public well if it closed. It has long ago shredded its reputation. To be more precise, IT LIES!

Nice opening for the the coming nine days.

I wonder if the New York Times made as concerted an effort to look into the Muslim/Arab ILLEGAL buildings that are going up without any "building freeze" to stop them. Who is supporting those illegal projects? I've heard no protest from anyone in the UN, nor from the liberal press....and certainly nothing from the New York Times. And yet, who really is supporting them financially?

Why all the fuss? Everybody nows which way the Times leans.

The only shocker is that so many are shocked- after all NYT led the charge for Obama in the election. Lets not forget the something like 95% of MSM journalists that are registered Democrats, and the now obvious fact that the fix was in- they and their editors actively participated in the managed media operation led by, in a variety of ways, the most obvious being the bias on the printed page and boob tube that any competent adult could see. There was clear collusion behind the scenes, some of the most easily discovered only now coming out in Journolist, and there will be more, less obvious ones- the non-profit community is rife with these sorts of self-dealing collusions - witness the IRS cracking down, and the panty-wadding and twisting there over having to simply disclose basic financial info.

who owns/controls media such as New York Times , CNN and many other news ouputs ???? All appear to be
biased and deliberately predjudiced against Israel. Propaganda is one of the main instruments of war.

The NY Times aka the "Grey Lady" masthead should feature a photo (or pinup!) of Helen Thomas. Same objectivity and journalistic integrity.

The grey lady? wrinkled old bag like Helen Thomas. Why should I be surprised? The NY Times steps in it and I would think be gracious enough to apologize. Money talks and no one can shut these people up that blather like this. They go on and on about the "illegal Israeli buildings", but nothing about the buildings which are built without permits on Jewish land. They need to take a step back and look at the big picture.

The New York Times and other media sources need to be more open minded and not interpret the world through their own lenses. One group is not always completely wrong or right. Thus the good deeds of Israel must be remembered and acknowleged.

How can anyone be surprised at reading lies in The New York Times? Personally, I don't even trust the baseball scores which I read there.

Mah nishtano?

The Los Angeles Times has been so pro Arab that some of us have taken to calling it Al Jazeera West. When State.. Fadlallah died their main Middle East reporter Richard Boudreax had a half page Obituary on his hero fadlallah. He repeatedly referred to him as a "moderate" and to his greatness. But this is not a first.. When second in command to Yassir Arafat died, he was lauded as a great poet and hero because he wrote wonderful poetry about Jihad against Israel and how they would destroy that State. As if that wasn't bad enough a few day later the L.A. TIMES actually had a lead front page story about this great poet and war hero FRONT PAGE.
They will not publish letters to the Editors, in my experience, opposing these views. The Arabs have done a bang up job infiltrating and propagandizing and we have been utter failures in getting truth out. We could start by letting the world know that forcing Israeli's to destroy housing just because they are Jews is segregation and apartheid of the worst kind. To have a black President pushing these Civil rights violations is reprehensible beyond belief.

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