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Wednesday, July 14 2010

Israel Skewered by Medical Journal

The Lancet publishes a multi-article series on Palestinian health written by Israel boycotters that goes way beyond accepted medical norms.

See HonestReporting's latest media critique: Israel Skewered by Medical Journal.



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Great research as usual. However, I did not see any reference to the content of the article or its dates of publication. Also, why limit your request to complain to the Lancet to medical professionals? I realize that it is a peer journal but surely the attitude and response of the "masses" has an impact. JAMA articles in the US are often critiqued and cited in the mainstream press.

Re: Israel Skewered By Medical etc.

What else can be expected for the Palestinians; have they ever spoken positively about anything Israel has done for them?

Media around the world has taken the Palestinian side, probably out of fear. Is this truly journalism?

Thank you Honest Reporting for your hard work to get the actual facts. True journalism is NOT dead, thanks to you.

Re: Israel Skewered By Medical etc.

What else can be expected for the Palestinians; have they ever spoken positively about anything Israel has done for them?

Media around the world has taken the Palestinian side, probably out of fear. Is this truly journalism?

Thank you Honest Reporting for your hard work to get the actual facts. True journalism is NOT dead, thanks to you.

For several years now the Lancet has been a platform to bash Israel. I agree that as a Medical publication it is and has always been one of the world's foremost publications but they have long abandoned pure science for cheap politics. This together with others, such as the BBC, are potent anti Israel and antisemitic organizations, not in fact unlike the U K and much of western Europe in the thirties and early forties. It took a Winston Churchill to change the sentiment there, at least the appearance of such. There is now no recognizable Churchill on the horizon so we had better brace ourselves for much more of the same.

the usual anti Israel claptrap from the Lancet. Why don`t they enquire how many from Gaza and Hammas receive medical treatment in Israel? I think we all know the answer

I haven't had time to read fully through the published articles, but it would be interesting to compare the language used to the language used in a study of mortality and other medical issues in Darfur. Here is a link to that article (it is long):

It seems like everything coming out of the UK is now "infected" with the disease of anti-Israelism (may I say that the consistency of that propaganda is nothing but old fashion antisemitism.) That disease spread from the leftist media (Guardian, BBC etc.) to the UK academia and has now infected their leading medical journals.

Thanks for the great reporting. It would be helpful if you could provide some concise and specific ways for us to comment to the Lancet. Not being a subscriber to that journal, I was unaware of their obvious bias.

I suggest that we in the west stop calling these people Palestinians. Arafat created this title in 1964. It is time to call them by their real name.
Jordanians, living in the West Bank and
The supporters of these people in the Western World will learn a lesson when they will be forced by the Muslims to convert to Islam. The women will be surprised at what they will be forced to do. It will be fitting for them for their support of the Muslim Hitler Lies.

the lancet was a medical journal once upon a time,its now at the same level as the triumph and champion m agazine for boys of yesteryears.

In 2009, 10,544 patients and their companions left the Gaza strip for medical treatment in Israel. 4,883 tons of medical equipment and medicine were brought in, including wheelchairs, crutches, first aid kits, heart monitors, baby feeding tubes, dental equipment, ambulance emergency equipment and artificial limbs.

Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem donates $3 million in aid annually to treat Palestinians in Israel.

Israel transports 100 trucks of aid into Gaza on a typical day - 10,000 tons weekly,coordinated with UN or Red Cross; ONE MILLION TONS in the last 18 months. That is almost ONE TON PER PERSON for each of the 1.5 million in Gaza."The Financial Times" reports there is such a "glut" of goods in Gaza, that prices for food, luxury items, and clothing are plummeting."

Philadelphia ZOA researches and reports these facts which are unknown,or ignored, by "journalists."

Perhaps the Israeli medical association can offer The Lancet's dignitaries a fact finding mission. This would, I am sure, enable them to get the true picture of Israel's unending help to Palestinians even Hamas terrorists who require medical attention.

I immediately searched for all the other lancet health alliances with peoples and countries in distress like with the university of Tibet, or Nepal, or chechnia, because I assumed it cant be true that the lancet only allies with the `refugees`that receive allready more money from the UN for their health improvement than all the refugees in the world together.
But no, I could not find any other health alliance of this sort.
This kind of selective attention is just racist.

Unfortunately, it's working. The World is ready to de-legitimize Israel. Even the media in the USA totally ignored the fact that Israel was not only among the very first responders to Haiti's earthquake, it had a hospital on the ground that even included a maternity center. No one reported it. Or even cares. Do you know that Haiti still has about 150,000 SLAVES! Yet Israel is condemned for Human Rights violations and Apartheid.
Thank you for being willing to work so hard for Israel. It's time for us, Jews and Gentiles, alike, including Moslems who are not Zombified by their "leaders" to ask GOD to intervene. Man lies too too much to be depended on.

When will we ever wake up to the fact that the garbage people, who have been helped by Israeli doctors, will strike back at Israel, no matter what Israel does for them. When will Israel awaken to it's own safety and not help it's enemies?

Your comments would be more useful to me if I could quote them, but many claims are not backed up, and so the opposition can argue this is just propaganda.

Israel is always bad in whatever it does in the eyes of the Arabs. The want to kill us and declare this on every opportunity but we do give them medical care and you can find this in every hospital. Why don't they bother to build their own hospitals with the millions donated to them? Better buy arms to eleminate us?

I have one more comment on this subject, the one below that I am sending to the Lancet ombudsman:

" Can you add to your Palestine series the fact that even before the independent Israel was declared, Jews in Palestine built one of the most advanced health systems under British occupation and Arap terrorism."

Can you also add that - there are tens of Palestinian physicians training in Israeli hospitals to help their people.

Can you also add that the lives of hundreds of sick Gazzan children were saved in Israeli hospitals even after Israel leaved the 100% of Gazzan soil.

Why does the UN & Red Cross not disclose the fact of the Medical aid we give to Gaza. If we disclose it is viewed as an Israeli Lie. Is it the fact, that they do not disclose this, as, if they do, they are favouring Israel?

A brief review of the aid provided to the Gazan citizenry by the Israeli medical establishment would be in order if a fair review of the real situation was wanted. I have been in Barzalai hospital in Askelon and have seen and spoken with Israeli physicians about their providing medical care of an extremely sophisticated nature to Gazans. As a matter of fact, an Israeli-Gazan liason between Barzalai and Shifa hospital exists and facilitates transfer of patients to Israel for care. The only restraints on the transfers are often Hamas stopping ill Gazan citizens from going to Israel for care because of political reasons.

Lancet has adopted the standard British academic anti-Semitic stance and should be ashamed of itself. However, the academics who chose the Nazi side in pre-war Germany provided similar "fair and scientific" support to the Nazi movement, only to now emerge under the guise of humanitarian physicians. A great disgrace and shame on the British medical and intellectual establishments that tolerate this gutter racism.

The Lancet does a disservice both to the general public and its readers by failing to objective and impartial in its reporting. They foster and encourage bitterness between Israel and Palestinians by neglecting to mention how Iarael has acted fairly.

THE GOVERNMENT OF ISRAEL must respond to this assault. No lesser body has this responsibility. This is an internationsally co-ordinated attack. Those involved include many who are not indigenous to their communities, and have access to like-minded anti-Israel associates world-wide. Of course assistance and grass roots enthusiasm are a necessary back-up. However, these attacks on Israel and Jews are coming from mainstream institutions of high standing in their communities - particularly sophisticated intellectual communities where people are susceptible to pseudo-liberal persuasion, Europe and the US. As the South-African Chief Rabbi Goldstein said yesterday in Jerusalem: the government of Israel must give this issue "as much attention and thought and planning and budget as the military". No less is needed.

The Lancet isn't worth the paper it's printed on. These are the same jokers who published that Autism was caused by childhood vaccinations, scaring parents into leaving their children vulnerable to several deadly viruses.

I don't want to even think how many preventable deaths were caused by the Lancet's irresponsible publication of that paper which was based upon completely fabricated data. Why they are taken seriously is beyond me.

Sadly, the Lancet is a political journal.
I wouldn't want to see pro-Israeli nor pro-palstinean "articles".
Shame for the Lancet,
Shame for the medical profession.
Indeed, the fact that such a journal allows himself writing unreliable data (MMR, politics) does not add to it's credit, dignity or honor.

The purpose of these untruthful articles is to poison the minds of medical professionals against Israel. Israel is at the cutting edge of medical research and is the source of many new treatments and much innovative medical equipment.

As a mere NHS patient, I do not want my medical care to be compromised because these lies have bullied the people treating me into avoiding medical innovations that originate in Israel. It is extremely irresponsible of the Lancet to publish articles which might result in the care being given to patients being compromised. Given that many of these innovations also offer cheaper alternatives to standard treatments it is also counterproductive to needs of the NHS at a time of budgetary stringency.

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