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Wednesday, July 28 2010

Israel 'Ethnically Cleansing' Bedouin Arabs?

The demolition of an unrecognized Bedouin settlement in the Negev attracts some foreign media looking to fit the story into their own one-sided agenda.

See HonestReporting's latest communique: Israel 'Ethnically Cleansing' Bedouin Arabs?



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yo yo 2much 4 the arabs bedoin or not
we jews need more land and BDW give me back my house from tunisia

Nothing Israel ever does will be treated fairly. I do believe that most of the world wants to destroy Israel. Therefore, in every situation, including Bedouins in the Negev, Israel should do what is best for the Israelis. Perhaps they should consider the way the US treated American Indians (and still do). It would be great if there were some reciprocity for Israel but there isn't and probably never will be.

Thank you for reporting on this story. I had seen CNN's harsh coverage and am thankful to you for providing the fuller picture.

Those who assail Israel for enforcing laws regarding land use are the very same who castigate the United States for inforcing it's borders against illegal intrusion. Neither Israel nor the U.S. are human rights violators. It just doesn't serve these journalists(?) ideological ends to be fair and objective.

It is easier for me to sympathize with the Palestinians. Their homeland saw a rush of outsiders and they were displaced from their own homes with violence. The entire world decided to ignore this.

It is similar to a mass influx of illegal aliens coming into a country. Except in this case the illegal aliens are armed and have the American army backing them up.

The foundation of America was created from many factors including taxation without representation. For Palestinians this is government without representation. Not only were they kicked out of their own homes but they have no place else to go.

Both sides have their extremist and they both do idiotic things. However the constant deaths in the Israel/Palestine area could have been avoided by the Jews simply becoming legal citizens of Palestine.

No one complained when Jewish settlers were forcibly removed, from Yamit and other settlements in the Gaza strip...

The Negev is a desert with limited water resources, mush of which is pumped from the north. Many of the Israeli farmers have been having their livestock slaughtered by Bedouins who seem to have their own set of laws. They refuse to live in villages with running water and other facilities, preferring to build on land that does not belong to them. Let's face it: many of them would be happy to engage in the favorite Arab sport of Jew killing. Only a very few have joined the IDF

It really is getting boring to see the fantasies of people like Neve Gordon played out in the international media.
Illegal building is usually illegal in most organized countries. It is all over the rest of Israel. Why would Israel want to "cleanse" itself of Bedouin. They do Army service, that is they particiipate in the regular responsibilites of Israel citizens. Their sons fall in combat. If some of them decide to become a law unto themselves, as many other Israeli citizens do, they have to deal with the consequences. Who is Neve Gordon anyway?

The situation is similar to that in England.
Where maily Irish gypsies or tinkers as they are knon as, illegally park their caravans on land not belonging to them- Then of course due to the ridiculous UK laws the owner of the land has to obtain a court order to have them removed- This of course can take months.

Obviously the Bedouin lifestyle does not fit easily in the fairly European Israeli world. On the other hand neither do various Orthodox lifestyles. Bedouin people don't pay municipal taxes and probably don't want state services. Orthodox groups don't want to join the army but want support from a state they don't all recognize. So yes, every issue is complex in Israel. Bedouin communities don't want to live in towns and villages, much as Gypsies don't feel comfortable in cities. Communication and compromise is needed on both sides of all issues, as well as justice and kindness. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the police uproot olive trees belonging to the Bedouin? That is strictly forbidden in Torah.

Honest Reporting is like the "Five O'Clock Follies" in Vietnam.

Google the "Five O'Clock Follies" and you will see that it was the American military press conferences in Saigon, where false and misleading information was passed by the American military on the status of the Vietnam War.

Similarly, Honest Reporting just spouts selective and misleading information that covers up a larger picture that the Israeli government and lobby don't want you to know.

The village of al-Arakib had been there before 1948. Academic researchers testified on behalf of the Bedouin in court.

Why, it is asked, were busloads of civilians brought in to cheer the demolition?

The government story about Vietnam eventually came to an end with the revelation of specific information about the failures in the war. The Israel-Palestine situation is similar. Take the time to use the internet learn individual facts, and ask "why"? You might find yourself having a Walter Cronkite moment, when, like Walter Cronkite did, you will see that all that the Israeli government and Honest Reporting is not right, doesn't add up, is one sided, and lead you to turn away from this never-ending logic of oppression and war.

What the article doesnt tell is that the Beduins have illegally annexed land in the Negev and built houses on it but the government is too afraid of criticism to take back the land. Maybe because it has to go to court and the judges usually side with the Arabs.

CNN, and others need to be more factual in their coverage. Thank you Honesty Reporting for reporting the issue fairly.

Neve Gordon would rather continue to vilify Israel than address the real issues in this own country, England. He does not have the guts to address the UK's Muslim problems. My question to Gordon is "who bombed the London subway's and buses??????
When he states false information he is worse than the Muslim terrorist he so loves.

Gaza today is ethnically cleansed 100% of Jews. Hamas even has a law, that anyone selling or renting land to a Jew will get the death penalty.
Why is the world not concerned about the hypocrisy of these writers?

Did Neve Gordon or anyone from the BBC, CNN, or LA Times express outrage about the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Gush Katif, from northern Shomron, or from Sinai? Did any of them express outrage about the treatment of Jews in Syria or demand compensation for property of Jews from Arab countries? Why is it that Jews are said to be building "illegally" but nobody bats an eyelash when Arabs, Bedouin or otherwise encroach upon land that is Jewish-owned and plant and build? Yes, the Palestinians--the Hebrew Palestinians, that is--saw a rush of outsiders in the early twentieth century: Muslims from Bosnia, Arabs from Syria, and other parts of the Ottoman empire . . . they were the illegal immigrants.

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