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Monday, July 26 2010

Hate Mail -- From the UNRWA

Unrwa_logo Hate mail from a UNRWA email address arrived in my in-box today. I'm omitting the first half of the email address so this person doesn't get bombarded with emails.

From: A/RAHIM, Saadi
. . .
Date: Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 10:21 AM

Dishonest reporting, That’s your true identity, and your true character. Thank God that many people; including Jews, all over the world even inside Israel, whom you like to call self hating Jews; have started to see the big lies of Zionists including yours. I wonder how many truly of those around. If you really want to be fair and honest about it, which I doubt, go back and read history with a fair and nonbiased mind.

I did some Googling, and found on LinkedIn a Saadi Rahim who works for the UNRWA -- as an officer in charge of transportation and logistics in Jordan.

What unstated big lies of the Zionists (and HonestReporting) is Mr. Saadi Rahim referring to? These?

UNRWA: Perpetuating the Misery
UNRWA Knew Camp Was Infiltrated, Did Nothing
UNRWA's Hamas Employees
What Else is the UNRWA Not Telling Us?
Extracurricular Activities

More importantly, by using a UNRWA email address, he may technically be representing the UNRWA. Do Rahim's views of Zionism represent the UNRWA? What does this say about the organization Rahim works for?

Even if Rahim's views don't technically represent the UNRWA, he did use an official email address the same way Octavia Nasr had CNN written all over her tweet.



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"Does Rahim's views (sic) of Zionism represent the UNRWA? What does this say about the organization Rahim works for?"

Need you ask?

I shouldn't worry too much if I were you - you are doing excellent work. You are plainly causing considerable discomfort to the main beggars for the most accomplished professional victims in the world, and who don't have to account for a penny of the trillions of dollars of aid they get from the gullible public.

My guess is that, because of the world economic situation, governments who routinely donate to UNRWA are pinching every penny before they do so and probably contributing a lot less and demanding that their donations be fully accountable. That is good - it should have happened long ago - but, naturally it's all the fault of the Jews... oops! sorry, "Zionists."


Did you check the smtp header of the message to confirm that it actually came from a UNRWA email server? Most likely it did, but you should check just to make sure.

Andrew Cohen

No, actually, you should have published his email address, so we could complain to his supervisors and CC him.

This is not a hate mail because he does not wish harm.
It is pathetic mail, unproven allegations on his part, no historic examples. But it is clear that HonestReporting ticked him off.

UNWRA’s existence is an abomination because it enforces and support the Arab league never to absorb the Arab refugees it created. Alone among all word refugees Arab refugees have a UN organization dedicated to them financially, in education, health and politically. All other refugees world wide are absorbed in the countries they end up in even if they do not speak the language, have a different religion, eat a different food. Arab refugees should be at home in any Arab country and yet they are refugees in Arab land. This is caused by Arabs controlling the largest voting block at the UN making the UN a tool of Arab effort to destroy Israel.

I noticed that the email included an urging to re-read history. HR is doing a good thing with shining light on how the media works, manipulates, and is manipulated... An additional concern I have is not the re-reading of history, but the remaking of it. How many children (and adults) are being taught, evangelized, or coerced into accepting a different history from the real one? That alone could have far reaching negative impact and I hope attempts to re-write the true history of things fails.

My reply to this is a check and a blessing to HR for a remarkable job. As we say in Hebrew: Chazak V'ematz (be strong and courage) & L'echu michail el chail (go from strength to strength).

What would happen if Israel decided to withdraw from the UN and "go it alone" It is far from a "democratic" organization. It seems to me that the UN is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the third world countries who are enjoying the hospitality of the United States.

Commend the suggestions of; 1/ checking the URL; 2/ publishing his [?her?] e-mail.
UNRWA has been notorious, and ignored, since almost its inception.


Why are we wondering about e-mails and any other communications coming out of URRWA ?
UNRWA stand for: Un-united Nations Robbing of World Assets
UNRWA is basically an organization by which the Muslim world takes advantage of the free world and should be abolished.
Corruption and political affiliation with Marxist and Terror organizations such as Hamas and Hizbalah is their calling card.

I would not call this hate mail, although it seems remarkably unprofessional. We need to be careful about labeling any disagreement as "hate." Negative, yes, perhaps poorly informed. Not hate.
The reason the distinction is important is because it is exactly the sort of thing that people try to pin on Israel: If measures are taken to protect Israelis from internal and external enemies then it is "hatred" or "ethnic cleansing."
If we become as careless and inflammatory with language as our opponents tend to be, I feel that in a way they are winning.

1. The implications of this email are far-reaching. A UN-sponsored, and UN-run organization that has repeatedly denied its involvement in terrorist activities has one of its members perpetuating a particular hate-message could spark international outcry and condemnation. This email, along with all particulars should be sent to the UN General Secretary for perusal and inquiry. This could be the end of UNRWA.

It is extremely serious, and should not be regarded lightly at all.

As far as history is concerned, I suggest this individual read books written in the late 1800's by then travellers thru Palestine. This is even before the first Zionist coming there. These travellers describe fully (?) whatever and however desolate the entire are was. Here and there a few tents and goats. These were nomads, NOT PALESTINIANS.
The PLO and others can invent whatever stories they wish, facts are facts.

You must be doing something right. Keep up the good HONEST reporting that you've been doing! Shalom!

What can i say that hasn't already been said most Arab
countries have no problem with inventing lies to stir up their people, anyone with intelligence knows this and Iran claiming there was no Holocaust proves it.Gen. Eisenhower said some day it would happen and he sure was right.

This is not hate mail (at least what you published is not) and it is a bit reactionary to call it that. It is mail from someone who believes as strongly in his/her cause as we do in ours.

Unfortunately, that person is also representing UNRWA, which places an additional burden of doubt on the objective value of that organization.

Remember also that UNRWA will be disbanded in a minute when there is peace, so the status quo keeps everyone there working.

He reflects the UN views perfectly. and since he is apparently an Arab depends on UNRWA not only for a job, but for some support for his policies as a "Balestinian" Hate mail is to be expected from such people.

It is wonderful hearing the voice of HR a courageous entity against terrorism, antisemitism, and for the democracy of the United States.

There are now many people in the U.S. who feel that the UN is a controlled, corrupt and failed organization.

Kol hakavod for *not* publishing the email (although with standardized email naming conventions it shouldn't be too hard to figure it out) - it's responsible actions like these that put the "honest" in HR, much to the detriment of those who would like to ascribe "bullying" to your efforts.

Enough and enough to appologise
to the world and ear the arbs complaints. You cannot talk with unsaines!

Just the title "United Nations" is a misnomer. This organization is nothing but a joke. You should have provided his e-mail address. I also have a history lesson or two for this guy. But if anyone out there thinks that this is just "anti-Zionism" not hatred of Jews, think again. Anti-Zionism is just an excuse for anti-Semitism. This guy is just gushing with hatred. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's a duck!!

I believe that the moment we effectively make the case for the Mizrachi Jews, refugees from the Arab countries,UNRWA and the encamped Palestinians, it will make evident the century of Arab claims and liesregarding what they refer to as "the Zionist entity." The world seems to have a limitless appetite for more and more of those artful fabrications. The unresolvable problem is how you disabuse folks of their fantasies(lies) when their whole culture is predicated on fantasies of all kinds.

The UN is morally corrupt. I know this not just from their actions, resolutions, etc, but also from people who currently work there and/or used to work there, but quit in disgust.
The whole UN building should be cleared out. Let them meet in Riyadh. They can afford it better. But first let NYC collect all the money for illegal parking by people with DPL plates.

Since my retirement, I've been spending lots of time writing to countries, newspapers, organizations, in an effort to bring truth and some sensitivity where none exist. I'd welcome receiving this guy's email address because, no matter how you perceive this (hate or misinformation), he is doing something ethical, and perhaps illegal within the rules of his org. Don't tie our hands; we might be able to be effective in some way.

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